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Education Quality in Care of Newborn at Neonatology Department.
Saxlová, Jaroslava ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Šulcová, Eva (referee)
The subject of the graduation thesis is a quality education of the newborns in the Neonatology departure .The thesis composites two parts. Theoretical part describes and explain terms - education, procedure of education, quality of care, nursing position in the system of quality of the care, problems of prematurity, mother's problems after delivery, family of the sick baby, parent's supporting. Practical part of the thesis describe realization of the research plane. There are used the quality method and semi- structures interview during the conversation with four mothers, which took a part in the research. Practical part described step by step arrangement, methods and procedures of interview. Last but not least there are research worker questions and mother's answers. Results were evaluated and solution of solving a problem was suggested. The main problem dealing with organization - technical concern and insufficient communication among nurses and foreign mothers.
Compensation for damage to health: a comparison of Czech and German legislation
Saxlová, Jaroslava ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
- Compensation for damage to health: a comparison of Czech and German legislation This diploma Thesis deals with the theme of compensation for damage to health in Czech and German legislation, which was one of the inspirations during the creation of the Czech Civil Code. The aim of this study is to explore the issue of civil compensation for damage to health (and in the case of death) with an emphasis on medical-legal relations arising from the provision of health care, in both these legal systems. This study is divided into three parts. In the first is examined the legislation of Czech Republic, in the second the German one. The third section briefly summarizes the differences and the congruent aspects of both legislations, supplemented by suggestions for possible changes and improvements of the Czech law de lege ferenda. The area of compensation for damage to health is strictly bond with the civil liability, therefore the study deals with this issue as well. Within the Czech law, both of these areas have undergone a fundamental change with the entry into force of the new Civil Code on January 1, 2014. By the civil liability the unified conception of tort was left and now contractual and tort liability is distinguished, also the whole conception of civil liability tends to active and not penalty...
Care about immature newborn of HIV positive mother
Marianová, Sandra ; Fajt, Martin (referee) ; Saxlová, Jaroslava (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to the care of immature newborn HIV positive mothers. Work is conceived as a theoretical - practical. The theoretical part is devoted to HIV infection, their transmission, including transmission from mother to child, diagnosis, treatment options and preventive measures. Although there is enough awareness and prevention programs aimed at preventing transmission and transmission of HIV infection, a large number of HIV positive women diagnosed during pregnancy, resulting in considerable risk to the fetus. Then the paper deals with the care of HIV positive women during pregnancy and during delivery. Another section is dedicated to the care of newborn immature, are mentioned aspects of medical and nursing care for these children. The practical part contains a case report of immature babies who are born HIV positive mother. Case report describes the course of hospitalization for Neonatology Intensive Care Unit. There is comprehensively described for newborn care, focusing on the specifics of treatment of immature children. It also mentioned the proportion of parental care, including their education in the care of these children.
The Risk of Penetrating Injurie and Their Prevention
Králová, Lucie ; Saxlová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor)
This thesis deals with injuries of healthcare workers with sharp objects. Nurses injured by used needles is a very serious and timely topic. The theoretical part focuses on occupational diseases, mode of transmission of infectious diseases, to protect Nurses from stab wounds and protective equipment. Research was conducted in two hospitals, at the University Hospital Bulovka in Prague and Klatovská hospital and was attended by 109 nurses and midwives. Data obtained by the quantitative research confirmed that the incidence of stab injuries is high among health professionals. Contrary, knowledge and adherence to preventive measures against a sharp object injuries and professional awareness of the diseases is inadequate.

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