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Multiple-Context Trust Model for a Social Network Using Personality Analysis
Švec, Tomáš ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Samek, Jan (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce navazuje na bakalářskou práci, ve které byl vytvořen model důvěry pro sociální síť Facebook. Do tohoto modelu jsou zapracovány připomínky z konference UMAP 2013 a ověřena jeho škálovatelnost a flexibilita. V další části práce jsou uvedeny základní termíny z psychologie osobnosti a zkoumána závislost důvěry na osobnosti uživatele. Je vybrán model Big Five k reprezentaci charakteru uživatele a navržen dotazník, u nějž bude zkoumána korelace s modelem důvěry. Tato korelace je na základě sociologických poznatků odhadnuta a později ověřena na reálných uživatelích sociální sítě Facebook.
Online Tool for Monitoring and Processing of Searching Engine Results
Sedlář, Petr ; Samek, Jan (referee) ; Martínek, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this work was to design and implement the application that is easily, quickly and effectively able to determine the position in the www search engines based on the given World Wide Web pages and theirs key words. The application is accessible by the web interface and it enables comparison of the position statements from the archives, comparison of the graph outputs, as well as sending of PDF format files containing regular results statements. Together with the position it is stored the number of references of particular word in the search engine. Furthermore, it is possible to display also the position changes compared with the former statements. As stated above, it is possible to store the outputs in the PDF format documents and therefore it is easy to shore the entire development in your personal computer, in case online system is insufficient.
Web Interface for Data Administration
Samek, Jan ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issue of proposing and implementing a web application designed for data administration. This application enables the administrator to create and graphically modify presentations of data configurations, which are consequently presented to the end users. The application also contains a template subsystem that makes the process of creating the presentations more efficient. This system provides the end users with tools by dint of which it is easy to organize the displayed information and to manipulate it. The logical part of the application is implemented in the PHP programming language and the database uses the MySQL technology. The programming languages utilized for realization of user space consist of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Using Wearables for Medicine Applications
Abraham, Lukáš ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Samek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis contains digest of interesting weareable devices which focus or are usedin medicine. Information about the applications for mobile devices and medicine which aremade for usual wearable devices can be found in this thesis as well. The solution which isapplied on weareable devices which are used in medicine is also described here. The solutionis made for wearable device (watch) Garmin VivoActive Hr and a mobile phone which runson Android platform. Watch VivoActive Hr is placed around the wrist and it takes a shotof the movement and the pulse of the person. Thanks to the accelerometer it can identifythe number of steps which were taken during the day by the person. These data are sentfrom the watch to the smart phone which runs on the Android platform and the applicationwhich evaluates these data is able to send an SMS or an email if the situation is evaluatedas an emergency.
Path Planning Algorithms Visualisation
Rusnák, Jakub ; Samek, Jan (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
Thesis describes library for algorithm vizualization. It helps to create user interface for application with algorithms. It’s usage is demonstrated on some pathfinding algorithms.These applications are presented on web page.
Smart Sensor Network with Using Mobile Devices
Tomčík, Milan ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Samek, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the use of mobile devices as sensors of various activities. Different types of mobile device sensors are used, in particular the gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. The thesis tackles the possibility of utilization of mobile devices as part of the nodes in a sensor network, while employing mobile device and fusing data obtained from their sensors.
Teaching of Foreign Languages on Mobile Devices
Janča, David ; Samek, Jan (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the development of foreign language teaching applications for mobile devices. The applications teach phrases and words using effective adaptive algorithms. Educational algorithms adapt to the user by using information from the course of learning in order to maximize teaching effectiveness. The thesis presents educational algorithms and programming in XCode for iOS. The creation of an educational application is composed of several disciplines and so the thesis deals with topics such as the theory of teaching, choice of target mobile platforms, an overview of popular educational applications and user testing.
Communication between the Android OS and Arduino Platform
Mychko, Maksim ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Samek, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with creating a library for the Android OS which enables efficient wireless communication with platform Arduino. The target is to create an application for Android OS, using a created library that allows you to capture data from various sensors and control effectors. The work describes basic wireless interfaces for Android OS and Arduino platform. The main benefits and drawbacks functions are also introduced. The comparison of current consumption for modules HM-10 and DIGI S1 has been carried out as well. Possibility of data acquisition and effector controlling exercises have been tested and verified.
Trust and Reputation in Distributed Systems
Samek, Jan ; Návrat,, Pavol (referee) ; Šafařík,, Jiří (referee) ; Hanáček, Petr (advisor)
This Ph.D. thesis deals with trust modelling for distributed systems especially to multi-context trust modelling for multi-agent distributed systems. There exists many trust and reputation models but most of them do not dealt with the multi-context property of trust or reputation. Therefore, the main focus of this thesis is on analysis of multi-context trust based models and provides main assumptions for new fully multi-contextual trust model on the bases of them. The main part of this thesis is in providing new formal multi-context trust model which are able to build, update and maintain trust value for different aspects (contexts) of the single entity in the multi-agent system. In our proposal, trust value can be built on the bases of direct interactions or on the bases on recommendations and reputation. Moreover we assume that some context of one agent is not fully independent and on the bases of trust about one of them we are able to infer trust to another's. Main contribution of this new model is increasing the efficiency in agent decision making in terms of optimal partner selection for interactions. Proposed model was verified by implementing prototype of multi-agent system when trust was used for agents' decision making and acting.
Study of Using Wearable Devices
Hlavačka, Martin ; Dalecký, Štěpán (referee) ; Samek, Jan (advisor)
In recent years, the amount of wearables and level of their interaction with users is constantly increasing and deepening. This fact is followed by this thesis, in which I aimed on creating a overview study of best known and available devices on the market. In subsequent chapters the various options available for developing applications for these devices are analyzed. Based on the acquired knowledge content also contains development of demonstration app for the selected smartwatch Motorola Moto 360 sport. Created overview and analysis of development options provide knowledge for orientating and information required either for selection of wearable device or software development for it.

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