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The Ethical Obligations of Humanity towards Refugees
Radcliff, Douglas Meade ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The thesis examines, philosophically and practically, what duties humanity has towards refugees. As the foundation for the thesis, a philosophical background related to human development is provided. Next, a control group of countries in the European Union is used to investigate how refugees impact societies in reality in order to analyze whether countries have an ethical duty to protect their own domestic population, overriding obligations towards refugees. Continuing in this vein, certain political ideologies and religious doctrines are examined in order to determine if there is an underlying theme towards refugees. Stemming from this is an analysis of various international treaties in order to understand what the treaties require and permit countries to do legally. Finally, everything is combined, and the ethical and moral argument related to helping refugees is thoroughly explored. The aim is to uncover the problematization of the current literature and to establish that everyone has ethical duties towards refugees. Refugees are shown not to be a group of people damaging society; not helping refugees in any way damages the human development of a refugee and the inherent moral duties of the person/state/community not providing assistance; all religious doctrines and political ideologies push for...
Violence as a Philosophical Problem
Garrett, Erin ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
Liberal democracies sit on a foundation of popular sovereignty and the values of equality, liberty, and fairness. While some coercion by the state is necessary in order to maintain state sovereignty and provide a stable government, and excessive use of state coercion violates the liberty of its citizens. The harm and offense principles provide the boundaries of acceptable state coercion, but if these laws are unfairly enforced by police as the domestic arm of state authority, then the equality of liberty has been violated. United States' law enforcement has unfairly enforced just laws against black Americans, resulting in black Americans' overrepresentation in police brutality and killings. The implicit threat of police brutality against black Americans limits their liberty below that defined by the harm and offense principles. The unequal liberty between black and white Americans causes a potential lack of equal participation in political life, furthering an imbalance between races. Therefore American law enforcement should be considered a threatening obstacle to maintaining a healthy liberal democracy in the United States. Keywords​: liberal democracy, liberty, state coercion, police, United States Range of thesis​: 90,458 characters
Life meets Enemy: A conceptual inconsistency in understanding the political between Carl Schmitt and Giorgio Agamben
Kuchar, Jakub ; Franěk, Jakub (advisor) ; Salamon, Janusz (referee)
The thesis concerns itself with the discrepancy in the understanding of political and exception between Carl Schmitt and Giorgio Agamben. Interpretation of their selected works is accomplished through the employment of the hermeneutical method by Hans-Georg Gadamer, while the comparison is drawn along the lines of the comparative textual method by Kerry Walk. Thesis answers the question of posed conceptual discrepancy, as well as the question of validity of the use of the method of circular movement in the research of contemporary political science.
Transformations of Dutch Populism
Počtová, Tereza ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Salamon, Janusz (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a strongly resonating topic, populism, specifically with its changes in the Netherlands, especially since the beginning of the millennium, as it was a turning point for populism there. Populism itself has more interpretations, so the first chapter of this thesis deals with its theoretical definition. The next part of the thesis is dedicated to the actors of Dutch populism, especially to Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders. Therefore, the chapters deal with the analysis of these politicians, their manifestations, ideologies, controversies and their subsequent comparison. The aim of this thesis is to find out and compare what these actors have in common, the emphasis is put on their political topics and manifestations. In addition to comparison, the aim of this work is to map the gradual success of populism in the Netherlands, which has been on the rise since 2002. The last part of the thesis deals with the impacts of populism on Dutch politics as such.
The Challenges and Prospects of Democratization in the Muslim World: The case of Pakistan
Bari, Mazhar Hassan ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Bibliographical Registration Form Master thesis in the programme I E P S 1. Given name and SURNAME of the author: Mazhar Hassan Bari 2. Title of the Thesis: The Challenges and Prospects of Democratisation in the Muslim world: The case of Pakistan 3. Subordinate title: 4. Year of defence: 2019 5. Number of pages: 64 6. Summary of the Thesis (extended abstract): Debate on the compatibility of Islam with democracy has gained momentum between academic circles in the recent years often in the context of a "clash" between Western and Islamic civilization. The main objective of this thesis is to contribute to this debate by trying to identify main challenges and prospects of democratization in the Muslim world. The theoretical framework of this thesis will be based on modernist and reformist theories of Islamic political thought. The concepts of Ijtihad (independent reasoning) and Ijma (consensus or agreement) will be applied in order to answer key questions research "Are the key principles of Islam compatible with core values of democracy?" or "Is Islam inherently authoritarian?". The theoretical outcomes will be applied on the case study of Pakistan, country that has just achieved another significant democratic transition of power through general elections....
Arguing against the Universality of Liberal Democracy: The Case of Singapore
Devillers, Ploy-Païline ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
Presenting an authoritative one-party rule since fifty years, the case of Singapore does not concord with the various theories of democratization. After proving that Singapore is not a Liberal-Democracy, we argue that the country manages to create a model of stability both in terms of politics and economy, that act as trade- offs to liberal characteristics. The approach uses a qualitative analysis of the electoral framework, a cultural comprehension of contemporary elements and data on its economic success. Ultimately, this thesis aims at studying the idea that Liberal-Democracy is not a model that necessarily needs to be implemented for the functioning of all nations.
Neoliberalism - Governmentality or Hegemony?
Rut, Václav ; Franěk, Jakub (advisor) ; Salamon, Janusz (referee)
This thesis deals with theoretical approaches to neoliberalism, with focus on their application in the case of Czech transition to democracy. Neoliberalism is a form of governance that seeks to extend market relations to the whole of society. Both theoretical approaches have common post-structuralist foundations, thanks to which they understand power as an ineradicable part of interhuman relations. The term governmentality comes from the work of Michel Foucault and helps us understand neoliberalism as a complex form of governance, which seeks to transform individual into neoliberal subject - ​homo oeconomicus​. Discoursive theory, presented by the work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, is influenced by some of Foucault's concepts, but radicalizes discourse as such, and connects it with marxist notion of hegemony. Neoliberalism is then understood as a hegemonic project which seeks to contain discoursive totality. In the analytical section of the thesis neoliberal discourse is illustrated on public speeches of the two most prominent political figures of Czech politics of the 1990s, former prime minister Václav Klaus and former president Václav Havel. What is illustrated on these speeches is the emergence of Czech neoliberalism and also the advantages and limits of both theoretical approaches to...
Social Inequality and Green Energy: The Case of India
Rakshit, Shoumyadeep ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Paulus, Michal (referee)
The problems of social inequality has plagued the Indian society since the history known. The caste system and its intersection with other religions have compounded the situations even further. This study focuses on the issue of marginalization between the three religious communities of India, namely Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Furthermore this investigation try to propose a solution to this ensuing problem of marginalization by involving the case of green energy sector and its components. The potential that green energy entails for the economy will be studied at close quarters and evidences will be portrayed to see the positive effects. The creation and realization of the fertile grounds for the intersection or the juxtaposition of green energy over marginalization will be studied by combining the two philosophies of complex equality and equality of condition. The investigation reveals that marginalization can be solved by introducing Green energy on a large scale. The proposed model under the architectures of the conceptual frameworks of Spheres of Justice and Development as Freedom creates Green Energy as an independent sphere of influence that shows positive effect in reducing Inequality by interacting with other spheres of influence. Keywords Social inequality,green energy,HDI,Capability...
Organ Trade in India - The Grey Area
Ramesh, Pavithra ; Salamon, Janusz (advisor) ; Benáček, Vladimír (referee)
Master Thesis Abstract Institute of Political Studies Faculty of Social Sciences Charles University in Prague Author: Pavithra Ramesh Supervisor: Janusz Salamon, Ph.D. E-mail: m E-mail: janusz.salamon@univ- Phone: +420774960096 Phone: +420731816202 Specialisation: IEPS Defense Planned: June 2017 Topic: Bioethics is the study concerned with the implications of medical procedures, technologies and treatments from the perspective of ethics, philosophy, law and its implementation. It encompasses a wide range of ethical concerns in relation to organ transplants, genetic engineering, artificial reproduction, euthanasia etc. My thesis is an attempt to probe into certain ethical nuances amidst the technological advances in the field of medicine. Particularly, with respect to organ trade in India. Since the origin of medicine the primal goals have followed the Hippocratic Oath of "Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always." (Adams 1891). The questions this perception of early medicine leaves us with are: Have we withdrawn from the compassion and ethics prescribed with the advent of advanced lab technology? What are the issues around organ trade in India? What causes these issues? And how can this be dealt with? The approach to pursue the answers for the above, revolves around...

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