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Fundamental Milestones of Life in Judaism
Salačová, Lucie ; Rybák, David (advisor) ; Jirásková, Věra (referee)
This diploma thesis named Fundamental Milestones of Life in Judaism deals, as the title of the diploma thesis suggests with the main transitional rituals in Judaism in terms of religious studies such as birth, bar / bat mitzvah, wedding and death as all these milestones are very important in the life of every Orthodox Jew or Jewess because each of these transitions means for them a certain position in the world, that means, that they know and realize their position in the world. One of the aim of this thesis is to characterize and describe these particular and specific milestones of Jewish life and also, the diploma thesis depicts their history and their development over time. To the beginning, we will describe the history of the Jews, because without this context, life in Judaism, as the Jews live, is really hard to understand. This chapter is followed by the characteristics of Judaism as a religion and then the thesis will focus on the transition rituals themselves and their importance for life in Judaism. The description of these key moments in a Jew's life should then lead to an understanding of the meaning of life as perceived by the Jews themselves.
Good practice of departments of social and legal protection of children in the care of children at risk
Laubová, Lenka ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Salačová, Lucie (referee)
This paper deals with selected conditions of good practice of the Department of Social-legal Protection of Children (OSPOD) in the current system of care for children at risk and their families. Currently, this system finds itself in the early stage of transformation. Its starting point is the trans-sectoral "National action plan for the transformation and unification of the system of care for children at risk for the period 2009-2011" (NAP). NAP is a set of key measures in the form of visions, among which an idea of OSPOD as a core body of multidisciplinary cooperation stands out. This thesis addresses the cooperation of OSPOD with other subjects in practice. The first chapter identifies key concepts; other chapters analyze specific areas of cooperation of OSPOD (multidisciplinary cooperation, social planning, cooperation with clients) and highlight the potential risks and opportunities. The thesis closes with a research, which aims to find examples of good practice in OSPOD in the Central Bohemian Region in the Czech Republic.
Motivation of volunteers working with seniors in non-profit-making organizations in Prague
Matějková, Tereza ; Salačová, Lucie (referee) ; Holda, Dalibor (advisor)
The main target of my thesis is to chart the motivation of volunteers working with seniors in non-profit-making organizations in Prague. The theoretical part of my thesis targets the explanation of theory of motivation and possibilities of motivating people in practice. Next it targets the work with seniors, its difficulties and specifics. I also illustrate volunteer work in non-profit-making organizations, first of all activities which they can do and then possibilities of working with them. The last chapter of the theoretical part describes activities (services provided for clients, work with volunteers) of four Prague's non-profit-making organizations in which my research was made. The results of this research are analysed and elaborated in the practical part of my thesis. The research was made by a qualitative method, in the concrete by semi-standardized interviews with informants - volunteers from the above mentioned four Prague's non-profitmaking organizations. I consider the research by this method really good for the theme of my thesis because we can get a lot of interesting information about the theme motivation from different points of view of the informants. I investigated their motivation for volunteering and motivation for work with seniors. Next theme was how volunteers face difficulties of...
The economic development of Czechoslovakia during the Fourth Five-Year Plan (1966–1970)
Salačová, Lucie ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the economic development of Czechoslovakia during the Fourth Five-Year Plan (1966-1970) taking into account political development concerning mainly the formation of the second economic reform in Czechoslovakia. The theoretical section of the thesis deals with the political and the economic situation in Czechoslovakia between 1947-1965. It also looks into the characteristics of mechanisms of the functioning of the Czechoslovak economy. The analytical section deals with Šik´s Reform including its most important economic documents. It analyses the Fourth Five-Year Plan focussing on the most significant indicators of the national economy - national income, investments, industry, agriculture and forestry, transport and communications, water management, international trade, construction industry, standards of living, research and development. Despite the continuation of Šik´s Reform which had little influence on changing the economic progress, and despite the political tensions culminating in August 1968, the economic development during the Fourth Five-Year Plan can be regarded as quite successful.

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1 Salačová, Lenka
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