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Civil disputes between the doctor and the patient
Saidamová, Suzan ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Elischer, David (referee)
Rigorosa title: Civil disputes between the doctor and the patient Medical law is a progressive interdisciplinary law linking both public and private law. Health is one of the most important attributes of human life. The existence of possible harm resulting from an unlawful act of a doctor may be extremely sensitive to the patient. Then the patient facing the specific issues in dealing with such a harm. There is a high rate of informational inequity between the patient and the doctor. The patient as a plaintiff needs to be balanced with available and effective instruments. These are, in particular, procedural instruments of a civil court, but also alternative dispute methods can correct this imbalance about informational inequity. This rigorous consists of three main chapters. The first chapter deals with the definition of the substantive relationship between the doctor and the patient and its content requirements, and further defines the possible violations of the duties on the part of the doctor and their consequences. The second chapter deals with the civil disputes between the doctor and the patient in the provision of health care. In this part there is the procedural relationship between the doctor and the patient defined as well as the evidence in civil process, including the description of...
Civil liability in medical law
Saidamová, Suzan ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
1 Abstract Thesis title: Civil Liability in Medical Law The main topic of this thesis is to analyze individual cases in czech medical law after the civil law codification. I would like to perform complete concept of civil liability in medical law, especially the liability for the damages. Different types of civil liability will be eleborate in detail, mainly though scientific literature and case law. The thesis consists of seven chapters. In the first chapter, I describe medical law in historical context relevant for the topic and also I introduce current legislation of medical law at all hierarchical levels included international agreements. In the second chapter, I desribe one of the most important concepts in medical liability law - concept called lege artis. The next chapter gives a brief introduction in the healthcare issues and is divided into several subchapters. In first three chapters there are also define the basic terms about health and disease. The fourth and fifth chapters are devoted to the actual liability for damages. The sixth chapter deals with civil protection of doctors and other medical employees. The last chapter is summary. It is evaluation of selected issues in health care. The aim is to introduce a new law conception and present particular types of obligation to compensate. The new...

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