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Communicative Strategies in You Tube Broadcasting (with Respect to Adolescent Viewers)
Augustinová, Anežka ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Šormová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with communication strategies in original Czech videos on YouTube. The aim of this thesis is to analyse means of language and language procedures used in communication especially for influencing. The aim is also to identify fields which are targeted by the influence. The correlation of communication strategies in the given area and reflection of them by a group of adolescents from 11 to 18 years of age is part of this research. A transcript of the introduction and conclusions of seven selected videos was prepared for the analysis of communication strategies. Reflection of researched group is obtained by a semi- structured questionnaire. Its results are discussed with the results of video analysis. Our research has discovered that means of language and language procedures are selected to develop the YouTube community. This is usually positively reflected by studied group. The main contribution of this work is a basic insight into the issue of influencing adolescents by original YouTube videos. Based on the results, other topics suitable for more detailed research are suggested.
Communication and approach to language in multilingual children
Šoltésová, Tereza ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Homolková, Kamila (referee)
The thesis "Communication and approach to language in multilingual children" is focused on language production of bilingual children, 7 to 13 years old, living permanently in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, who attend the local "Czech school without borders". Its first part presents a theoretical introduction to the field of study, defines all relevant concepts and terms, especially those regarding: child development, the Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency analysis, unprepared speech and other linguistic terms used in following research. In the practical part the empirical execution of aforementioned analysis will be presented. It involves all relevant data about the participants in the research and describes how the interviews were transcribed. The practical part also shows all transcribed interviews of 15 participants of the research. Each participant was monitored for 6 months prior to the interview by the author of the thesis. The abstract of the observation of their language behaviour at school is a part of the practical part as well. This introduction is followed by a detailed Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency analysis and its summary. The end of the thesis provides a table with results of all participants in all parts of the analysis and describes what can be concluded from it. The aim of...
Specific language impairment in Czech preschool children
Matiasovitsová, Klára ; Smolík, Filip (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to verify sentence imitation as a clinical marker of specific language impairment while controlling memory and morphological richness account as an explanation of problems with acquisition of grammatical markers in preschool children with SLI (basis of these assumptions is explained in the theoretical part of this work). The practical part of this thesis is based on the existing research in Hungarian (Leonard et al., 2009). In contrast to results in Hungarian research the support of morphological richness account is only limited in Czech. Children with SLI were as accurate as younger typically developing children in completions of target forms of verbs and nouns, while completions of target verbs were more successful than completions of target nouns. Near miss errors were prevalent, but not without exception, and relationship between substitutions and frequency in non near-miss errors was not proved. The sentence imitation turned out as a good clinical marker of SLI.
The Style of Contemporary Advertising Texts on the Internet
Průšová, Pavlína ; Mareš, Petr (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis studies the style of contemporary advertisement and advertising texts published on the internet. The theoretical part is focused on theory and function of advertisement. It describes the specifics of each type of advertising and proposes several classification options. It also presents the dynamic internet environment with typical features. The last section of the theoretical part is devoted to the language and style of advertising texts and the commonly used linguistic aspects and stylistic devices. The practical part deals with examples of real contemporary advertisements published on the internet; the texts are analyzed to find answers to three research questions. The first concerns features which ads use to engage recipient's interest. The output is a table containing an overview of all identified features and their frequency according to the form of advertising. The second research question focuses on persuasive means that advertisements use according to their function. The third part is devoted to linguistic and stylistic features typical for certain target groups. Results of the analysis and the success evaluation are summarized at the end of the thesis. Keywords: advertising text, language of advertisements, style of advertisements, advertisement on the internet, contemporary...
Communication of children with Tourette's syndrome
Jurková, Sára ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Homolková, Kamila (referee)
The thesis deals with the communication of children with Tourette's syndrome. The first part of the thesis, the theoretical part, defines the basic terms concerning specifically the manifestations of Tourette's syndrome. An integral part of Touret-te's syndrome are psychiatric diseases, behavioral disorders and learning disor-ders that children suffer from. The theoretical part of the text is mainly from the study of literature. The second part, the analytical part, is composed of semi-structured interviews, with mothers who are willing to share their experiences with children having Tou-rette's syndrome. All mothers agreed with to beeing recorded and and anonymous proccesing of results for the purpose of the thesis. Keywords Tourette's syndrome, communication, vocal tics, children communication
Selected Aspects of Colour Semantics in Folk Texts Collected in the 19th Century
Nováková Tomášková, Tereza ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Vaňková, Irena (referee)
The thesis deals with the subject of semantics of colours in the Czech folk texts using theoretical and methodological framework of culturally oriented and cognitive approaches to language. In order to contribute to the research of the colour domain in linguistic picture of the world in Czech, semantic structure of colour concepts is examined using qualitative analysis of the occurrences excerpted from the corpora of the selected compilations of folk songs of the 19th century. The topic of radiance and visual salience of colours and their manifestations in the source material is discussed as well. Furthermore, the thesis examines if conclusions concerning the usage of colour terms in folk texts drawn by the studies based on the folklore of other Slavic languages can be applicable to the Czech material.
Language Games Developing Competence in Czech Language for Schoolchildren with a Different Mother Tongue
Lisá, Markéta ; Škodová, Svatava (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The master's thesis deals with didactic games in teaching Czech for schoolchildren with a different mother tongue. The aim of the thesis is a set of didactic games which is divided to three parts: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Firstly, the cognitive and language development of schoolchildren are characterised, primarily in relation to game. Afterwards, there are described game and its characteristics at schoolchildren. It is defined as a part of teaching methods and put into context of teaching foreign languages. The master's thesis theoretically deals with the situational sylabus which was created for the practical part. The games, which are introduced in the practical part of thesis, are adaptations of games intended for different school subjects. These games were pre-tested by group of schoolchildren, they were changed on the basis of teacher's feedback if needed and then made to methodical description.
Poison and Poisoning in the Czech Linguistic Worldview
Pohorská, Iva ; Vaňková, Irena (advisor) ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the semantic sphere of poison and poisoning in Czech language. It is based on theoretical and methodological principles of cognitive linguistics and ethnolinguistics. In connection with the natural, common, (naive) perspective of the linguistics worldview, the beginning also briefly outlines the scientific perspective since the naive perspective refers to it and reflects it. The first part of the text focuses on data collection and description of data dictionaries of Czech language followed by analyses of Czech jed, otrava, trávit lexems (and their word-forming and semantic derivates). The second part of the text outlines, based on the analyzed data, connotations related to the main lexems of this sphere. The attention is also paid to conceptual metaphors that are related to this semantic sphere.
Mutual communication of students of Czech as a foreign language during their work in pairs
Rosenová, Anna ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Valková, Jarmila (referee)
The following MA thesis is concerned with the interaction among students of Czech as a foreign language in classes of low proficiency and working in pairs. It mainly concentrates on the process of overcoming obstacles that arise during communication. The objective of the thesis is to examine the students' choice of communication strategies and describe the process of negotiation of meaning. In order to achieve that, an analysis of transcribed recordings of interactions during a language lesson was made. During the lesson students had to complete two two-way tasks, which should offer as many opportunities to negotiate meaning as possible. Keywords: Czech as a foreign language, interaction, negotiation of meaning, communication strategies, pair work
Methods supporting self-awareness and cultural awareness of students in lectures of Czech as a foreign language
Jonášová, Alena ; Saicová Římalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Šormová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis deals with the integration of the cross-curricular topic of personality and social education into the teaching Czech as a foreign language for pupils of the elderly school age, especially at the second level of elementary schools and in grammar schools. The first part introduces personality and social education, its aims and its importance in learning. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the teaching and integration of pupils of elderly school age with a different mother tongue in the Czech educational environment. The second part of the thesis contains a description of model teaching lessons combining the teaching of the Czech language with personal and social objectives and their evaluation. Another content of this diploma thesis is a set of other activities that teachers can use to integrate personal and social education into the teaching of Czech as a foreign language and possible suggestions as to work with personal and social education in teaching Czech as a foreign language. The aim of the diploma thesis is to make a proposal to involve the methods of personality and social education in the teaching of Czech as a foreign language in order to develop together with the language competence also the self-awareness and cultural awareness of the pupils and to offer activities...

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