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Moment and Autorship in Photography
Šarkadyová, Lucie ; Petříček, Miroslav (advisor) ; Váša, Ondřej (referee) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
Most of the work on photography is about image and trying to understand photography as an image. Contrary to this approach, this paper deals with the experience of the photographer at the time of taking the picture, and also the influence of photography, understood as a medium, on our perception. The main topic is the photography of movement, where we can best demonstrate how photography changes both our perception and our understanding of (objective) reality. The beginning of the work is devoted to one of the greatest Czech photographers, Josef Sudek, who describes the method of his work. Sudek's definition of the moment involved in taking the picture is "when everything fits together"; the impossibility of returning to the same moment is a central feature of photography as presented in this work. Consequently, the basis for the thesis is that (1) photography and camera change the way we perceive, and that (2) photography is an actualization of the possibility of how we see what we see. The actualization of the possibility is discussed mainly in the context of Barbara Probst, whose work "Exposures" fundamentally enters the history of photography, and who - once again - does not put emphasis on the image but rather on the photographer as the creator of the image.
The Problems of Visual Content on Social Networks: An Analysis of User Filters Implemented on Instagram
Huněk, Filip ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
Bibliographical Reference Hunek, F. (2019). The problems of visual content on social networks: An analysis of user filters implemented on Instagram. Prague, 2019. p. 123. Dissertation thesis (Ph.D.) Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism. Lecturer: Doc. Mgr. et MgA. Filip Lab, Ph.D. Abstract In this dissertation, I am mainly focusing on photographic social network Instagram. It is the photograph that plays a crucial role in shaping the awareness of one's own identity and belonging to a community. Through photographs, on the one hand, we perceive the world and store our individual (Van Dijck, 2005) as well as our collective memory (Pink, 2011). On the other hand, photographs serve as a means of self-expression (Tinkler, 2008). Moreover, today's time is greatly fragmented, discontinuous, and episodic, which, on the other hand, leads human individuals to constantly legitimize themselves as unique and authentic individuals (Bauman, 2002). Furthermore, this constant communication via photographs requires a continual adaptation to the media messages, which puts an increased emphasis on visual communication as a field of social sciences, tightly connected to media studies. In short, the main goal of this dissertation is to introduce an analysis...
Youth in photographs in Mladý svět magazine (1959 - 1989)
Teplá, Jana ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
Youth in photographs in Mladý svět magazine (1959-1989) Jana Teplá Abstract: The aim of this study is to analyze the way youth was visually represented in the photographs in Mladý svět magazine and to find out whether and how this representation has changed during the period from 1959 to 1989 depending on the changes of discourse practices and socio-cultural practices. The study also aims to uncover how the discourse of news photographs has mingled with the discourse on youth in socialist Czechoslovakia. The specific objective of this research is to analyze the photographs of Czechoslovak youth on the front pages of the magazine with focus on the news values and the ideological messages they mediate. For the analysis of photographs were used mixed methods. Quantitative content analysis was applied to determine the news values, social semiotic analysis was applied to identify the ideological messages and oral history method was used for the extension of the contextual framework. The research part is divided into three periods of time with respect to changes in the wider socio-cultural context: the 1960s (January 1959 to December 1967), the period of the Prague Spring and shortly after the occupation by the Warsaw Pact troops (January 1968 to March 1969), and the period of "normalization" (April 1969 to...
Role krajinářské fotografie při zakládání národních parků
Aslanidou, Georgia ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (advisor) ; SILVERIO, Robert (referee)
The first part of this paper examines the fundamental principles of landscape photography starting with the formation of landscape as a concept and a painting genre, up to landscape photography and its various identities as an art medium, a document, an imperialistic weapon, a tool of identification. The beginning of landscape photography is presented with special focus on mountain photography. The theme moves American West where the first National Park was born, an institution that can be both praised for bringing people closer to nature, and blamed for keeping people away from direct natural experience.
Preventive Conservation of DOP Gellatine Prints
Vokounová, Daniela ; JŮN, Libor (advisor) ; SILVERIO, Robert (referee)
Work solves the problem of long-term storage DOP želatinostříbrného positives. The first part focuses on identifying material composition based on the description of the production and manufacturing process. In the second part defines the factors influencing climate in the depository, description and causes harm DOP želatinostříbrného positives and fundamental questions of the issue of preventive care. Work is a study of contemporary literature technological DOP in the range of 1880-1950 years, the issue of preventive care is handled by specialized research studies domestic and foreign literature, between the years 1970-2015. Processed were books, articles in professional periodicals, anthologies of texts, and grant research reports, guidelines and standards. The result is putting conditions for long-term storage DOP, current recommendations for long-term storage DOP želatinostříbrných positives by comparing the approaches of professional institutions focusing on preventive care for the photography.
New Means of Photography
Aregger, Adrian ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis gives an overview over the di erent wave bands of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) beyond human perception and the means to capture them, as well as their use in science, industry and art. With the revelation of light being an electromagnetic wave and the discovery of the EMS in the late 19th century, technology made an unprecedented leap, revealing the light beyond human perception. Todays technology is able to visualise the light of di erent wavebands with shorter wavelength than the visible spec- trum, such as micro waves and infrared radiation, as well as the bands of longer wavelengths like ultraviolet, x- and gamma radiation. ere are scienti c elds, such as archeology, astronomy or geology, that make use of the special characteristics of each band, industries that use them for improving products and artists, that discovered the unique worlds. In this thesis a brief summary of the historical events and theoretical back- ground needed for understanding the wavebands of infrared, ultraviolet, x- and gamma radiation and its applications.
The Liberation of Pilsen 1945 in Photography
Křenová, Tereza ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with liberation of Pilsen in May 1945 by american army in photography. The aim of this thesis is finding and collecting archival materials and placing them in a historical-political context. Communist regime changed the portrayal of historical events and directly influenced the amount of exisiting photographs, documents and lives of those who created them. Important part of this bachelor thesis is working with those archival materials – particularly with photographs capturing arrival of Americans and their stay in Czechoslovakia at the end of WW2. Both professional and amateur photographers created valuable photographs as they witnessed the liberation of Pilsen. These photographs became in spite of communist propaganda a clear evidence that Pilsen was liberated by american army.
The Finnish Landscape Photography and Its Role in Helsinki School
Bureš, Mojmír ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; Ledvina, Josef (referee)
In my bachelor thesis I am focused on the images of the Finnish landscape photography and relationship to nature due to the harsh geographical conditions. I will describe the political and cultural influences that affected the aesthetic thinking about perception of scanned landscapes. Furthermore, I would like to deal with the influence by art that have shaped and inspired the Finnish authors and compare it with the perception of the country abroad. For example Dieseldorf photography school (Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky), Japanese photographers (Hiroshi Sugimoto, Rinko Kawauchi) Czech photographers (Josef Sudek, Josef Koudelka) and the others . List of the authors: Into Konrad Inha, Caj Breme, Ismo HÖLTTÖ, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Ilkka Halso, Maija Savolainen, Eeva Karhu, Kalle Kataila, Jyrki Parantainen, Elina Brotherus, Maanantai Collective, Mikko Rikala, Sandra Kantanen, Tiina Itkonen, Jorma Puranen, Susanna Majuri, Petri Juntunen, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Nanna Hänninen, Pentti Sammallahti, Karl Emil Stahlberg, Riitta Päiväläinen, Marja Pirilä, Ritva Kovalainen, Sanni Seppo, Juha Suonpää
Introduction to bio art
Šperanda, Nina ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; JANOŠČÍK, Václav (referee)
Bio art is a contemporary art practice that works with living organisms (except humans) or is created in cooperation with living organisms. It is relatively new art movement that is rooted deeply inside the history of evolution, domestication of animals and plants, technological discoveries, their development and science. Never before was art questioning its ethics and aesthetics in such profound, molecular and sub-molecular way. In this work I will consider the historical influences and conditions that led to current developments in the field. I will also try to explain the problematics of defining what bio art is and try to clarify the associated terminology. Most relevant and ground breaking works in the field will be mentioned as some new recent developments. Aesthetics of bio art is also an important subject often set aside by the ado around ethics of it. It is an extremely important subject to be considered when talking about bio art and I will try to sketch out a brief outline of it with references to philosophy and contemporary bio art theory.
Mask, Disguise and Role Play in Worldwide Contemporary Self-Portrait
Helfertová, Žofie ; SILVERIO, Robert (advisor) ; DVOŘÁK, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the role of mask, disguise and playing with the roles through self-portrait in worldwide contemporary photography. In the first chapters it follows the general development of the self-portrait and a brief history of photography and its forms and tendencies from beginning to the present, it is also focused on the mask in general and role of masks and disguises in the history of photography. Main part of this work is the last chapter, which is devoted to the youngest generation of contemporary photographers. In their self-portraits we can follow tendency which reveals use of mask and disguise for change of their identity. However, they do not create a new identity but takes over, or form the illusion of existing already defined identities. The aim of this thesis is to present the mask as an instrument for role play through a self-portrait.

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