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Role komunitní sestry v péči o novorozence, kojence a matky
The main purpose of the research was to explore the role of the community nurse in the care of newborns, infants and their mother and how this kind of care could be included in the current system of preventive care for newborns and infants in the Czech Republic. The research was developed by qualitative and quantitative design. In the first stage of the research, interviews with nurses from the PLDD outpatient department and mothers of infants in the South Bohemian and Pilsen Regions were conducted. Non-standardized questionnaires for nurses and mothers were created from the obtained data. The statistical processing was carried out with MS Excel, where absolute and relative frequencies were calculated and the relationships among the variables at the significance level ? = 0.05 were tested by the use of the chi-squared test and the Pearson correlation coefficient was used. For the needs of the qualitative survey, a research group of six mothers of infants and seven nurses from the PLDD outpatient departments in the South Bohemian and Pilsen Regions was chosen by deliberate selection. For the quantitative survey, a research group of 254 mothers of babies aged 12-24 months was chosen by deliberate selection. The research group of nurses was chosen by deliberate selection and consisted of 196 nurses working in PLDD outpatient departments for more than one year. Multiparas have provably more information at leaving the maternity hospital about breastfeeding techniques, breast milk pumping, nappy changing, hygienic care and bathing, dressing, sleeping, umbilical cord care, and safe handling of the baby. Information about the prevention of sudden infant deaths or the storage of breast milk is at the same level for primiparas as for multiparas. It was found out that there is a statistically significant relationship between the level of awareness and the occurrence of problems in the first year of the child's life. The personal experience of nurses with the visiting service has an influence on whether they attach importance to this service. The current model of preventive care of newborns and babies needs to be critically analysed and appropriately complemented by interventions of the visiting service.
Nursing Care Particularities in Children Admitted to Hospital with Autism
The topic of the thesis is the Nursing Care Particularities in Children Admitted to Hospital with Autism. In the theoretical part is found the description of autism causes, clinical manifestation, diagnostics, basic therapeutic measures and nursing care in such children. The thesis has set three goals: Goal 1- finding out problems concerning the hospital admittance of an autistic child. Goal 2- determining the specific features of nursing care in children with autism. Goal 3- creating an informative brochure that would help nurses to gain basic information necessary to provide expert nursing care to autistic children. To gain these goals, a method of qualitative research and the technique of standardized interviews were used. In the frame of the research, two research samples were used. The first one consisted of nurses who work in children´s psychiatric wards and children´s neurologic wards. These nurses were chosen deliberately as they care about autistic children regularly and have a lot of experience in this branch. Altogether ten interviews were conducted and were recorded on the record keeping sheet and consequently processed. The other research sample were mothers of children in whom autism was diagnosed and who experienced hospital admittance either as a diagnostic stay or in connection with acute treatment. Also here ten interviews were conducted. After the completion of qualitative research answers to the set research questions were gained: Research question 1 finds out what are the specific features of nursing care in children with autism. On the basis of the research, it was concluded that nursing care in autistic children has some specific features such as communication, observing rituals, the necessity of a parent´s company, as well as the psychical burden both of children and staff. Research question 2 focused on finding what problems are connected with the hospital admittance of an autistic child. On the basis of the conducted interviews, it was concluded that the biggest problems concerning hospital admittance apply to children´s aggressivity, difficult adaptability to environment changes and problems that occur after the experienced admittance. Further on, it was concluded that also children´s individuality is a serious problem that has to be taken into consideration during nursing care. Research question 3 found out how nurses assess parent´s presence during the admittance of autistic children. All nurses perceive the parent´s presence highly positively. They see the most benefits in passing important information to nurses, accompanying the child during the whole period of admittance, helping with the adaptation to a new environment, providing the common daily care including spending free time and giving the child the feeling of safety and assurance. Research question 4 deals with nurses´ feelings when nursing autistic children. The provided information is individual. The research has found that nurses feel well, do not see problems and the work is routine for them. Negative feelings are influenced by circumstances concerning mood, tiredness or demanding communication with parents. Further, it was concluded that nurses feel insecurity in the period when they start working with autistic children or during the first contact with the child. With regard to high disorder prevalence in the population, it is essential for nurses to know basic information concerning autism and adopt the basis of nursing care in children with this disability type. In this connection, an information material was created that has to help nurses to acquire basic information necessary to provide expert care to autistic children.
Living standard risks evaluation of secondary school youth by program Nutrifia
The lifestyle quality of every person influences their health and the health of the society overall. It is known that the majority of habits that we have as adults originate in our childhood. Therefore childhood and adolescence are a suitable period for the upbringing towards health and healthy lifestyle. A large number of people affected by civilization diseases evidences a low quality of inhabitants' lifestyle. The lifestyle of young people includes lack of movement, abuse of addictives, an improper diet but also various adrenalin activities. It is necessary to motivate young people to a change and in this way decrease the number of clients with civilization diseases. The bachelor thesis concentrates on the evaluation of secondary school students' lifestyle. The aim of the thesis was to determine the lifestyle level of secondary school youngsters in the field of diet, alcohol consumption, smoking and movement activities. The following hypotheses were set: H1 BMI figure in secondary school students corresponds to overweight H2 Secondary school students perform sports activities 1-2 a week H3 More smokers occur in grammar school students than in special secondary school students. H4 Fruit and vegetables are represented adequately in secondary school students' diet (more than 4 portions per day). H5 Secondary school students' diet corresponds to nutrition pyramid. The research file was made up by 97 secondary school respondents, namely students of the fourth grade of Secondary Medical School and Medical College in České Budějovice, specialization in the field of medical assistant, laboratory assistant and dental technician assistant. Further on by the fourth grade students of Grammar School in Prachatice. The research survey was carried out in a quantitative way with the questionnaire method. The research survey results can be used for the presentation in the frame of lectures concerning healthy lifestyle for the general public.

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