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Photocatalytic activity of printed hybrid layers of titanium dioxide
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Krystyník, Pavel (referee) ; Veselý, Michal (advisor)
The main aim of this thesis was to optimalise composition of the titanium dioxide with a silica binder deposited on a PET foil. Emphasis was put on achieving maximum possible adhesion and hardness of the layer and the effect on photocatalytic activity. For the evaluation of photocatalytic activity comparative experiments with prepared layers were performed. Benzoic acid, dimethyl sulfoxide and azo dye Acid Orange 7 were used as model pollutants. Photocatalytic activity was investigated using UV-VIS spectrophotometry, formal rate constants and degree of conversion were also determined. The study results can be used for removing water pollutants from the water solution.
Multimedialization of production of Czech news agency focusing on audio and video service
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Trunečková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Moravec, Václav (referee)
Diplomová práce Multimedializace produkce České tiskové kanceláře se zaměřením videoservis se zabývá proměnami, které se v agentuře udály v nástupem digitalizace, internetu a moderních technologií. ČTK se působením těchto vlivů stala konvergovanou multimediální agenturou nabízející kromě tradičního textového a fotografického zpravodajství také infografické, zvukové a audiovizuální zpravodajství. Práce popisuje, na základě rozhovorů se zaměstnanci ČTK, jak probíhal vznik a vývoj audioservisu od roku 2000 a videoservisu od roku 2006 do současnosti. Zároveň průběhu let transformoval objem těchto servisů. Pomocí kvantitativní obsahové analýzy zjišťuje, jakým způsobem se proměnili mluvčí ve zvukovém zpravodajství a zastoupení zdrojů ve videozpravodajství.
The relation between hair characteristics and personality in humans
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kleisner, Karel (referee)
Numerous studies have described that physical traits correlate with psychological personal characteristics. However, associations between congenital hair characteristics and personality have not been studied yet. Such studies have focused only on the association of hair color with a few specific psychological characteristics or emotions. The aim of this study was to reveal whether people with different hair darkness, redheadedness or curliness vary in personality and sexual traits. We have found significant connection of these traits with hair darkness and especially with redheadedness and curliness for men and women. These hair characteristics were associated with self-rated personality characteristics, Big Five personality traits and sexual orientation and preferences. We have excluded the mediating role of some physical and psychological factors for many associations. However, in many cases the connections disappeared when controlling for these factors, thus there is a possibility of a mediating role of these factors in observed associations. The hypothesis concerning the effect of stereotypes based on different types of hair and self-fulfilling prophecy was also considered.
The relation between morphological and personality traits in humans
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Třebický, Vít (referee)
In humans, as in animals, associations or correlations between morphological and personality traits can be observed. Some of the most conspicuous and well describable morphological traits in humans are eye color, hair color, body height and body mass index (BMI). These traits can correlate not only with temperament or character, but also, for example, with intelligence. Relations between morphology and personality can have an origin on a genetic or an environmental level. The human psyche, which can be influenced by social factors, can also have a role in the chain of causes and consequences. In this study, known relations between morphological traits and personality are discussed and mechanisms which could be responsible for these relations are mentioned. This study also focuses on the possible role of the environment which could explain some associations between the traits. Further, there is an attempt to identify environmental factors contributing to the morphological and personality traits which could therefore be a cause of some correlation between these traits.
Mercury in stream sediments from a mining/smelting area: Sampling campaigns 10 years apart
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Ettler, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Navrátil, Tomáš (referee)
This master thesis compares mercury concentrations in 64 samples of stream sediments from the Břehové Hory ore district (Příbram, Czech Republic), where lead and silver were mined and processed. Sampling took place in May 2003, September 2012 and October 2013 with intention to assess the influence of floods in August 2002 and June 2013 on changes of the level of mercury contamination in the stream sediments. In all three sampling campaigns, the background concentrations near the headwaters of the stream were about 0.2 mg Hg/kg, as a consequence of the weathering of geological units. Because of draining the historical mining and smelting region, the highest concentrations reach 3.2 mg Hg/kg downstream the Březové Hory ore district. The source of this contamination are probably former ore processing plants and the failures of tailing ponds. Extensive transport occurs especially during flood events and as the result, contamination can occur not only in the stream, but also in the alluvium materials. The main point source of the contamination in the area is the secondary Pb smelter, but its influence on the concentrations of mercury in stream sediment is insignificant. Nevertheless, it is a possible source of the contamination of the stream sediments with lead, cadmium and zinc. The concentrations up to...
Publishers - differences and similarities in
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
Bachelor thesis describes the development of publishing houses in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic in the years 1948-2012 with a focus on the legislative definition of their activities. It describes the different phases of Czech history, which had a major impact on the transformation of publishing houses, as the communist overthrow in 1948 and the following fifties and related nationalization of publishing houses, imposing of censorship and control of issued periodic and non-periodic publications; the sixties and the year 1968 and the Prague Spring, when there was a brief disengagement of these restrictions; subsequent normalization, which brought a "consolidating of relations" in the sense of political and ideological dictates; recent historical milestone is the year 1989 and following period until about 2012 with the emergence of democracy which brings the transformation of the market, privatization and the new legislative framework for publishers. The aim of this thesis is to compare the evolution of publisher houses in the pre-November and the post-communist era using a descriptive method.
Issue of using ICT in the work of pedagogical staff in kindergartens
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis strives to describe the current tendencies in the relation between using ICT in the work of pedagogical staff and the computer literacy of pedagogical staff in kindergartens. The aim of the thesis is to find the relations between the current cognition of the present values of education in ICT, modern managerial terms, including situation and tendencies in pre-school education and the real state of computer literacy of pedagogical staff in kindergartens itself, which is a prerequisite for using ICT in the work of pedagogical staff in kindergartens. The first part defines intentions in strategic documents which are topical in this environment, namely the Main educational policy strategy, information society, learning organization, human resources, including delegation. In the second half it deals with implementation of information technologies into schools, curricular reform, data in strategic documents, information technologies in kindergartens and ICT for educational organization and requirements of the modern age. The research part deals with the current state of computer education and delegation of certain activities using information technologies depending on refutation or confirmation of hypotheses. Based on the study of expert literature, my own practical experience as a...
Use of geochemical archives for the investigation of historical Hg deposition
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Ettler, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Zuna, Milan (referee)
Human activities affect fluxes of mercury into the atmosphere and modify its biogeochemical cycle. Current emissions, concentrations and deposition rates of mercury are measured by a series of monitoring networks. For the estimation of historical deposition rates of mercury, we use numerous geochemical archives, which represent long-term records of atmospheric pollutants Trends in concentrations and accumulation of mercury well correspond to trends in burning of fossil fuels, industrialization and use of mercury during the 19th and 20th century. Peat bogs as geochemical archives are suitable for studying these trends. Further research will be devoted to deciphering the processes of sequestration and cycling of mercury in peatlands, especially the role of vegetation in these systems.
Transplantation issues knowledge among staff nurses in "Pardubická krajská nemocnice, a.s."
Sýkorová, Kateřina ; Pařízek, Jiří (advisor) ; Navrátil, Pavel (referee) ; Langrová, Eva (referee)
Bachelor's thesis presented here determines nursing staff knowledge in issues of organ transplantation. The focus of this thesis is a quantitative survey made among nursing staff on the issues of organ transplantation legislation in Czech Republic. The thesis contains information from Transplantation state law, information about the National Registry of persons who disagree with post-mortal use of their organs and tissues and information about the Coordination Centre of organ transplantations. It also considers the determination of death act. The examined sample of population is formed by staff nurses from "Pardubická krajská nemocnice, a.s. "

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