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Antropogenic landforms identification and analysis of their relation to medieval castles
Sýkora, Martin ; Hasil, Jan (advisor) ; Mazáčková, Jana (referee)
This Thesis focuses on the anthropogenic geomorphology in the vicinity of eight selected castles in the Bohemia region. The first part of study gathers information about already known archaeological features in the castle areas or hinterland. The first step of the survey uses LIDAR data combined with both historical and contemporary maps. Next, a surface survey helped to prove the existence of selected archaeological features, mark their location and get their written description and photographic documentation. Thanks to the information collected this way, we can possibly interpret former use of the features, as well as their origins in relation to the existence of the castle itself. The last part evaluates efficiency of the used method and reflects of the state of the examined castles areas and surroundings. Key-words: Medieval archaeology - Non-destructive methods - LIDAR - Castle - Anthropogenic landforms
Smart cottage
Sýkora, Martin ; Dosoudilová, Monika (referee) ; Marada, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design and implementation of a smart house system. The system is controlled by a logic module SIEMENS LOGO!, which provides object monitoring or continuous temperature measurement. System status is regularly logged. A web user interface has been created to transmit information and control the system by user.
Tests of Semiconductor Detectors for ATLAS Upgrade
Sýkora, Martin ; Kodyš, Peter (advisor) ; Mikeštíková, Marcela (referee)
This thesis is focused on beta source tests of prototypes of ITk Strip modules at IPNP in Prague in the framework of the ATLAS Upgrade project. New expe- rimental apparatus will allow comparison of beta source test results with other testing methods including laser or test beam. I participated in the assembly of the whole apparatus, script development for a number of automated measurements using specialized ITSDAQ software and ROOT. Finally, summary of obtained properties of tested end-cap R0 DAQload with mini sensor is provided based on beta source tests and characterization of the readout chip. The resulting collec- ted charge value corresponds to 3.1 fC and together with often referred quantity signal-to-noise ratio, which equals 35, it is one of the most important results of the thesis. The experimental arrangement including overall analysis of results will be usable for the future production phase of the project. 1
A posteriori error estimates of the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
Sýkora, Martin ; Dolejší, Vít (advisor) ; Vlasák, Miloslav (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to examine discontinuous Galerkin method for solving ordinary differential equations of first order. After introducing the method, we choose a convenient basis of a space of test functions, which simplifies the calculations. Next we derive so called optimal step, using a posteriori error estimates. Finally, we compare the method with the optimal step to the method with a constant step in numerical experiments.
Tests of Semiconductor Detectors in Prague Laboratory
Sýkora, Martin ; Kodyš, Peter (advisor) ; Řezníček, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is focused on automatisation and synchronisation of newly installed devices in Prague laboratory. The devices will form an experimental arran- gement not only for laser tests of ITK modules for the ATLAS detector, but also for tests of other types of semiconductor detectors. In addition to ensuring of a central control of the devices the goal of the thesis was to understand the principle of particle detection in high energy physics as well as to get acquainted with the construction of pixel and microstrip detectors. I participated in the development of a script for cont- rolling a laser, 3-axis motorised translation stages, an optical attenuator and a pulse generator via RS-232 and GPIB communication interfaces from an object-oriented program ROOT. Finally, all installed devices were put into operation and a detailed description of their bundled software and internal control commands was included. The apparatus will participate during upcoming years in the research of the new generation of ITK modules for ATLAS upgrade.
Mechanical Design of 110 kV Overhead Line
Guliš, Tomáš ; Sýkora, Martin (referee) ; Orságová, Jaroslava (advisor)
When designing overhead lines we must respect many influences that act on it. These are electrical effects and mechanical effects, caused in normal conditions by wind, frost and temperature. This bachelor’s thesis is mainly focused on comparison of calculation of separate load cases and comparison of parameters obtained by mechanical calculation of particular overhead line according to standards ČSN 33 3300 and ČSN EN 50341-1.
Overhead Line Protection against Climatic Effects
Sýkora, Martin ; Topolánek, David (referee) ; Orságová, Jaroslava (advisor)
The outdoor overhead lines are influenced by additional load pressure of wind and frost. These can have adverse reaction on outdoor conduction of the electric power. My bachelors' report deals with separate climatic effects and possibilities of their resolution. It it also concentrates on removing the negative influences caused particularly by wind and on the possibilities of liquidation of the frost that had already originated.
Modifying the intersection of I/50 x III/3836 Velešovice
Sýkora, Martin ; Nohál, Viktor (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
My thesis is about intersection which is very dangerous, because there is´t lighting so intersection is unclear and drivers don´t to abide speed limit. There are serious accidents so I had to modify it. I designed three versions: First with concrete barriers, second is in trims and last one is spiral roundabout. Last version is more refined. Every version is with LED lighting in all area.
Modern web applications
Balák, Václav ; Buršík, Filip (referee) ; Sýkora, Martin (advisor)
The objectives of this project are to analyse systems for content or data managing, and to find suitable system for realisation base functions of multimedia content portal. The project contains comparison of systems in use, selection of suitable candidate and parts of realization of this project – multimedia content portal. This portal is a part of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic project evid. nr. FT-TA3/121 "Research and verification system for record and longtime archiving multimedia data with intelligent searching".

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