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Hormonal civilization
Matušková, Anna ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Hák, Tomáš (referee)
Submitted thesis deals with the topic of synthetic hormones and human perception of this matter. The phenomenon of the endocrinal disruption that contains synthetic hormones as well is presented in the theoretical part. Then the attention is paid to the negative impacts on human body and on the environment as well as to low effectiveness of the wastewater treatment plant to deal with those pollutants. The practical part of the thesis contains survey among respondents of the Social and cultural department and Electronic culture and semiotics department on the Faculty of humanities of the Charles University. This survey deals with the awareness of this topic, consumer behaviour and opinions on the attention that is paid to this matter in the Czech Republic as well as on the ideal solution to this topic. Key words: hormones, environment, endocrine disruption, human perception
Pěčín dam as a way of adaptation to drought
Nehasilová, Michaela ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Just, Tomáš (referee)
Climate change is currently one of the most discussed and burdensome global problems. One of its impacts is drought. The drought is already noticeable in the Czech Republic and its effects are supposed to increase. Hradec Králové and Pardubice Regions are also dealing with this danger. One of the possible measures to provide sufficient water for this area in the future is a construction of a new dam. However, the Pěčín dam creates many contradictory reactions. Most criticized is its location. The dam affects not only the first and second zone of the Protected Landscape Area, but also one of the Sites of Community Importance. This thesis summarizes important information about the intended project and its alternatives and evaluates their pros and cons. The thesis is based on qualitative research. The research was conducted with semi-structured interviews with interested specialists from two opinion sites - for and against the intent. The conclusion of this thesis is that there is no need to build a dam or any other alternative in the present, because there is enough water in the examined area. According to the analysis, it is even possible that the predicted future deficit will not even occur. If the deficit occurs after all, it is necessary to proceed with the evaluation of the alternatives and to...
Reflection of environmental issues in czech post-war prose
Zachystalová, Linda ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Hořejší, Michal (referee)
The focus of this diploma thesis is the reflection of environmental issues as reflected in post-war Czech prose. I'm doing so through several titles which were chosen on the basis of my resarch. Firstly I introduced their environmental content and character, then I juxtaposed these titles through hermeneutic approach. The comparison brought up several motives and characteristics these titles have in common, I also described which environmental issues are presented, and how they are depicted in these text. I put an emphasis on the context of the observed period (especially the political situation) in which these texts were created. This context is also presented in the chapter about environmental situation on the Czech territory and in the chapter focused on the historical course of Czech post-war prose. I'm introducing an ecocriticism as a part of a literary science and discussing the reception of environmenal issues in Czech prose in general. Key words Czech post-war prose, environmental issue, hermeneutics, ecocriticism
Place Identity A Case Study of The Solidarita Housing Estate
Hodúlová, Tereza ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Říha, Cyril (referee)
The master thesis deals with the study of the relation between man and his surroundings. The thesis solves the issue of the place identity and the process of identification with the example of the Prague housing estate Solidarita. It analyses the surroundings from the perspective of a concept of identity which has a multidimensional character. For this reason, the case study approach has been chosen to allow a comprehensive study of space from a variety of perspectives. It deals with the history of the housing estate, its residents, social connections and the perception of space. Because of the presence of green vegetation and public facilities, the Solidarita housing estate is presented as a place which provides a high-quality space and supports the production of social interactions. Surrounding of Solidarita housing estate respects human scale and provides stronger social interactions. The thesis also accents the importance of sociological and anthropological research of a space, that should be a part of urban processes. Key words Architecture, Identity, Housing Estate, Neighborhood, Place, Place Attachment, Place Identity, Solidarita Housing Estate, Space, Urbanism
Waste policy of Japan, the European Union and the Slovak Republic in terms of sustainable development
Nemcová, Mária ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Manhart, Jaromír (referee)
In the context of current urgent environmental and social problems is waste management policy increasingly moving from plain safe disposal of waste toward integrating systems, where waste is recognized as an important resource and is being incorporated into the material circle again. This thesis is tracks three particular political responses to the challenge of sustainable waste management. It discusses the strategies and applied policy tools in Japan, European union and the Slovak republic. The main focal point for their analysis is the sustainable development paradigm, the pursue of which is evaluated from the sustainability perspective in time and space using the SWOT analysis. This element of the sustainable development is supplemented and reinforced through an identification of the application of the key principles for pursuing the sustainable development. Apart from the evaluation of the strong and weak point of the particular policies from the viewpoint of sustainable development, the outcome of the thesis will be as well to identify eventual possibilities for a positive inspiration in the European context. Last, but not least, the thesis brings forward basic points of departure to steer the policies in a positive direction, with a special emphasis on the case of Slovak republic. Key words:...
Comparison of manipulation in totalitarianism and neoliberalism
Smolík, Peter ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Tollar, Václav (referee)
This study tries to compare processes of social manipulation in totalitarianism and neoliberalism. The main objective of the study is to identify common scopes and aspects of manipulation in totalitarian and neoliberal ideology. In chapter about hermeneutics author describes the method of approach and manner of thinking he used, when he worked with chosen texts. In theoretical part author will set frameworks, which will be crucial for correct understanding of the study. First of all, will author in detail describe phenomena of manipulation. The next part of study sets totalitarianism and neoliberalism in to historic context of modernity ̶ more precisely author distinguish hard and liquid modernity. Author also describes difference between concept of totalitarianism and democracy, as they are crucial for understanding the different political contexts of both ideologies. Main part of the study describes, how both ideologies approaches social manipulation as a tool of governance. Author will do that on the base of detailed description of how both ideologies function. In this description, he will focus on structural role that manipulation has. In discussion author discuss common structural aspects of manipulation, but also, he tries to clarify differences of how both ideologies uses manipulation and...
Phenomenon of walking
Hlaváčková, Jitka ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Lapka, Miloslav (referee)
The thesis is focused on the phenomenon of walking and it's influence on the human perception of the environment. Walking is conceived here as a sustainable way of life and is discussed in three different dimensions: social, environmental and spiritual. It therefore maps the meaning of walking in the human life and it's impact on the environmental concern. The social, environmental and spiritual dimension of walking is presented in the theoretical part of the thesis. There is an analysis of the influence of walking on human health, formation and evolution of hiking trails and ways of the human life within them. In addition, it also deals with the concept of the perception of the nature and the human relation to it. The empirical part of the thesis introduces quantitative research of the pedestrians environmental concern which was carried out in the form of a questionnaire survey. The data from this research is then compared with the data from a representative sample of the population of the Czech Republic obtained in the framework of ISSP Environment III research. Key words: walking, sustainable way of life, perception of nature, environmental concern
Future development scenarios of Jilemnice City
Jíra, Vojtěch ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Havránek, Miroslav (referee)
Man is a part of the landscape and in permanent interaction with it. Almost each our activity has more or less impact on the landscape and the place where we live. For centuries we have been transforming the landscape to our own image, and therefore the scenarios of the possible development which I am trying to predict, are to show how such a place could or should be changed in the years to come. In the last years man has eventually begun to realise that his impact on the landscape can have catastrofic consequences and that those scenarios are very good impuls for the town, which is able thanks to them look at its own potential development, precede threats and take advantage of the occasions which might arise in the future the best. This theses devotes especially to prognostic methods. The main topic is then creating of four particular stories which are to outline how a life of a small town Jilemnice, which is considered to be a gate to Krkonoše/Giant mountains and cradle of cross-country skiing, may be developing in following twenty-five years. Briefly it introduces us the town which is the key issue for whole this work. As next we will learn more about prognostic planning and particularly about those which were used in the work or is closely connected with it. Main stress is put on arising...

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