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The effect of air pollution on the incidence of asthma symptoms
Velická, Helena ; Štípek, Stanislav (advisor) ; Bencko, Vladimír (referee) ; Rychlíková, Eva (referee)
The effect of air pollution on the incidence of asthma symptoms MUDr. Helena Velická ABSTRACT The aim of the thesis was to establish the effect of short-term ambient air pollutant concentration changes on asthma exacerbation and symptom variability. The study concerned 147 child patients (age 6 - 18 years) and 304 adult patients (age 19 - 62 years) with confirmed diagnosis of asthma. Their respiratory symptoms and other complaints were recorded in diaries during the heating season (November 2013 - February 2014) in the high- polluted industrial city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. The concentrations of PM10, NO2 and SO2 were measured and provided as smoothed daily maps. GPS coordinates of two addresses of each respondent (the residence and the school/work) were linked with the maps and 24-hour exposure of the respondents to each pollutant was determined, regarding the individuals'daily pattern. The relationships between exposures and health effects were analyzed using Generalized Additive Models (GAM) and expressed as odds ratios per 10 µg/m3 increase in the mean 24-hour exposure at the same day, and also in lag days (1-5), both separately and as moving averages (1-5). Significant associations were found between increase of one- to several days exposure to air pollutants and asthma symptom incidence both in...
Epidemiology analysis of the effect of air pollution on health at regional scale
Rychlíková, Eva ; Šrám, Radim (advisor) ; Bartoňová, Alena (referee) ; Holcátová, Ivana (referee)
Epidemiology analysis of the effect of air pollution on health at regional scale MUDr. Eva Rychlíková ABSTRACT Work involves a health impact assessment of the air pollution of aerosol particles at the some important steps. It describes evidence on air pollution exposure in vulnerable groups of population and searches for the effects. An exposure is a component of causal chains of diseases coming from external origin. And just because it is the main condition. If there is no exposure, there is no health risk. For a possibility to prevent disease we need to know an exposure. We investigated exposure with an activity questionaire in the three groups of population whose would be to the environmental factors, mainly air pollution, vulnerable. The personal exposure was monitored in a group of children. In preparing the questionnaire, we respect the recommendation of US EPA and WHO. Sensitivity is determined by the properties of the organism, specific period of its evolution, lifestyle and behaviour, the circumstances under which exposure to pollution occurs. We evaluated the effects on health which included short-time mortality, long-time mortality and respiratory morbidity in children.The air pollution and its development were evaluated in the Ustecky Region, Region of Prague and Moravskoslezsky region. The...

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