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Training methodology for staff handling genetically modified organisms
Pátek, Miroslav ; Dostálová, Hana ; Rucká, Lenka
Methodology includes presentation providing the complete important information for consultants for handling GMO and the respective staff. Moreover, it includes instruction cards for direct use at working places, where GMO are handled. Methodology was approved by Ministry of Environment and was published on web pages of the Ministry as methodology for organisations handling GMO:
Monitoring of microbial communities in the environment (DGGE method)
Rucká, Lenka ; Vosáhlová, Jolana ; Vránová, Alena ; Brennerová, Mária ; Brenner, Vladimír
Denaturating gradient gel electroporeses is one of techniques used in milecular biology e.g. for detection of pointmutations.
Use of DGE method in ecological studies
Vosáhlová, Jolana ; Rucká, Lenka ; Vránová, Alena ; Brennerová, Mária ; Brenner, Vladimír
DGGE (denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis) method was developed a few years ago as a powerful tool for detection of even sigle base pair mutations.
Construction of bacterial strains containing fluorescent and bioluminiscent makers
Jindrová, Eva ; Rucká, Lenka ; Nováková, H. ; Jurčová, Irena ; Brennerová, Mária ; Demnerová, K. ; Brenner, Vladimír
One of the most effective method for removal of organic pollutants seem to be construction of permeable barriers, allows removal of mixed contaminants with consequent utilization of rhizosphere systems.

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1 Růčka, Lukáš
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