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Prices of water and sewage in the Czech Republic
Rubeš, Ondřej ; Nowak, Jiří (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the problems related to the operation of water supply and sewerage systems in the Czech Republic. Due to the wide scope of the topic, the view is focused on the calculation of the water price for the customer. The bachelor thesis also describes the technical development of water management infrastructure, ways of operating water supply and sewerage systems, the development of water prices in individual regions and a description of the application for calculating water prices.
Magnetic Energy Harvesting Device for Low Excitation Vibration
Szabó, Hugo ; Singule, Vladislav (referee) ; Rubeš, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor theasis is focused on a concept of a magnetic energy harvesting device for low exitation frequencies. The device is made out of mechanical and electrical part where mechanical part is made out of two levitating magnets that repent each other and an electrical part is made out of magnetic circuit and a coil whose relative motion induces voltage in the coil. Mathematical model is made in Matlab, Simulink and FEMM. Construction model is made in Inventor.
Experimentální určení tlumení nosníku
Fučík, Ondřej ; Hadraba, Petr (referee) ; Rubeš, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with structural damping of metallic materials. The first part is research of damping properties, ways how to discover damping properties and short description of how to simulate viscoelasticity of materials, using mathematical models. The second part is focused on an experiment with beams of different lengths and materials. Mathematical models making is also part of solution. The third, last part is focused on results processing. Using mathematical models, damping ratios of beams are determined.
Analýza vibračního generátoru s přidaným nevázaným tělesem
Moravčík, Patrik ; Rubeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis is focused on analysis of piezoelectric harvester, with unattached mass, finding out best combinations of masses, which would be the best for desing this type of generator. Adding different masses on this beam, we can see different responses to the sinusoidal harmonical signal excitation as well as the pulsating signal. The resulting most suitable combinations will also be subjected to simulations with the piezoelectric layer, the results of the output voltage and power evaluated.
Analýza Duffingova oscilátoru
Sosna, Petr ; Hadraba, Petr (referee) ; Rubeš, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis analyses the simplest model of nonlinear oscillations, the Duffing oscillator. Methods of nonlinear dynamics are used for analysis of the Duffing equation which describes such oscillations. Numerical solution focuses on the dynamics of twin-well potencial oscillations. The effect of all the parameters of the Duffing equation on the system is shown. Coexisting periodic and chaotic attractors are discussed as well as possible bifurcations of the system. A bifurcation diagram for a specific system is created. The thesis concludes with simulation of basins of attraction for different values of excitation force and frequency.
High resolution digital light source design for automotive industry
Machač, Petr ; Rubeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Věchet, Stanislav (advisor)
Digital high definition light sources are a new way of communication between car and other road users. By intelligent switching of high beam or projection of various warning or information symbols on the road a lot of even tragic traffic accidents can be prevented. The purpose of this thesis is to explore contemporary automotive lighting technologies, then to choose the appropriate technology for high definition light source and design a prototype of mechatronic lighting systém.
Design of hot-swap of main accumulator of mobile robot
Kandera, Tomáš ; Rubeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Krejsa, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis analyzes issues and available solutions of a hot-swap device, which allows the primary supply of mobile platform BREACH to be swapped without interrupting the operation of its components. The first part describes methods of redundancy and electrical phenomena during the hot-swap event. Second part describes creating schematics and PCB design of hot-swap controller, choice of backup power supply and design of its dedicated charger. Last part describes testing of the subsystems and complete system from multiple aspects.
Hybrid Energy Harvesting Device
Rasocha, David ; Rubeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor theasis is focuses on the design of a hybrid piezoelectric vibratory genera-tor. The main idea is to place a permanent magnet on the end of the piezoelectric beam and to place the coil appropriately in order to make a electromagnetic generator. The coil will generate a electrical voltage on load, when the magnetic field is passing throught coil. The piezoelectric beam will also generate voltage, depending on its deformation. For modeling, Femm, Matlab and Simulink will be used.
Energy harvesting generator for train track side
Pribulla, Daniel ; Rubeš, Ondřej (referee) ; Hadaš, Zdeněk (advisor)
Cieľom tejto práce bolo navrhnúť alternatívny zdroj energie pre riadiacu jednotku, ktorú obsahujú komponenty traťového zabezpečovacieho zariadenia v rámci európskeho systému riadenia železničnej dopravy. V porovnaní s predchádzajúcimi harvestormi bola vďaka použitiu lineárneho elektrického generátora eliminovaná mechanická väzba, ako napr. prevodovka. To by malo zvýšiť životnosť a spoľahlivosť zariadenia. S pomocou analógie magnetických obvodov a softvéru využívajúceho metódu konečných prvkov FEMM a Ansys Maxwell, boli navrhnuté tri rôzne synchrónne generátory s permanentnými magnetmi. Simulácia v prostredí Matlab Simulink dokázala, že výsledný návrh generátora je schopný dodávať priemerný výkon 5 W počas prechodu vlaku zo stlačenia pražca väčšieho ako 2 mm.
Control of power inverter with active rectifier
Klusáček, Jan ; Knobloch, Jan (referee) ; Rubeš, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with design of control algorithm and control electronics for frequency converter designed for operation control of induction generator in small hydro power plant. The thesis consists of basic description of scalar control of induction machines by method of constant magnetic flux, suitable control electronics overview, user and integrated development environment overview and detailed description of user code. Validation of functionality of the user code by measurement with induction machine is also included.

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