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Use of sports massages in the sports clubs in the region of Mladá Boleslav
Sobotková, Kristýna ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Rotková, Hana (referee)
Name of thesis: Use of sports massages in the sports clubs in the region of Mladá Boleslav. Author: Kristýna Sobotková Tutor: PaedDr. Ladislav Pokorný Department: Department of physical education Aims of the thesis: The main aim of the thesis is to map and compare the usage of regenerative procedures. with a main focus on sports massages in sport teams in different kind of sports which are taking part in the highest level of competitions in the region of Mladá Boleslav. Methodology: Methods used in the thesis are analysis and comparison. The results of the thesis: The result is a detail exploration of professional sports clubs in Mladá Boleslav with an emphasis on regeneration and usage of sports massages. Among these sports clubs the football players and the hockey players have the widest possibilities for regeneration. These two clubs have similar facilities for regeneration. They can choose from a vast variety of regeneration's techniques and the masseurs are there every day for them. The floorball players have their own masseur, but they don't have sufficient facilities. They have an improvised massage room in a fitness and a vat with icy water in a changing room. They also receive benefits for attending public wellness in Mladá Boleslav. The minimal opportunity for regeneration have the girls...
Catering and physical activities at elementary school.
Sauerová, Dana ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Rotková, Hana (referee)
This work deals with the issue of eating and physical activity of children in elementary school by comparing two categories - younger and older school age. The aim of this work is first to map the situation, to find out what is the level of eating habits and physical activity and whether the results differ in relation to the child's age. To provide the background to the research, a set of questionnaire questions for pupils was devised, focusing on two aspects of this topic - morning and afternoon meals and leisure activities with an emphasis on physical activity. The main finding is the fact that both children and parents are well informed about good eating habits and the importance of physical activity and they are usually trying to apply them in practice. The result is a negative answer to the question whether the age of the child is directly related, respectively. the influence of parents on children, the quality of eating habits and the intensity of physical activity. KEYWORDS A healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, physical aktivity, younger school age, older school age, nutritional and movement recommendation
Exercise motivation for 4th and 5th graders, using mobile application
Zemanová, Aneta ; Přibyl, Ivan (advisor) ; Rotková, Hana (referee)
5 ABSTRACT This diploma thesis deals with exercise motivation for 4th and 5th graders, using mobile application The theoretical part of the thesis deals with physical ability of children about 10 years old. It describes motor development of younger school-age children. It focuses on the specifics of school maturity and children's needs. It points out consequences of lack of physical activity. It deals with motivation. It researches leisure activities for children and organizations involved in them. In the practical part, the thesis uses survey to answer question. How much free time children spend using mobile phone and what kind of application they use. It offers list of application with a methodology of use and overlapping into the school environment. The list of applications serves for teachers, educators or parents, as a guide to active leisure activities with children using modern technology. Individual applications have been tested within one class. The result is a comparison of the individual applications among themselves and the suitability or effectiveness of their use. KEYWORDS movement, mobile application, motivation, free time
Nature field trip from a teacher's point of view
Karasová, Jana ; Kuhnová, Věra (advisor) ; Rotková, Hana (referee)
Thesis is focused on all aspects of having pupils of a younger school age participating in a nature field trip, as percieved from a teacher's point of view. The theory section concentrates on the definition of basic terms on given issues, legislation and organisation of the nature field trip. The practical part is formed of a questionnaire section and a discussion with the aim to find out whether schools in the Czech Republic organise these trips and if so, what experiences teachers come across. If not, what reasons let them to that decision. The object of the thesis is to analyse the outcome of the inquiry and to summarise the benefits and disadvantages which emerge for teachers from such nature field trip. Both part sof the thesis highlight the challenges teachers are facing in thein profession not only during the preparation stages but also throughout the course of the nature field trip. Additionally the practical section features actual examples of previously completed trips, including the reflection of participating teachers.

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