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Phenomenology of touch. Ethical Readings of Discontinuous Paradigms
Molina García, Erika Natalia ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee) ; Schnell, Alexander (referee)
Phenomenology of touch. Ethical readings on discontinuous paradigms. Touch is not only the sense that allows us to appreciate shapes and textures. It is also the sense that allows us to feel the tenderness of a caress or the violence of a punch. It allows us to feel temperature and pain, balance and the position of our body, feelings of itching and tickling, vibrations and sexual arousal. In recent years, research on touch has blossomed in the most diverse fields, and these works are unanimous in saying that touch is a crucial factor in our lives and on our health: interhuman cooperations, pain endurance, empathy, compassion and care are all touch depending activities. Starting from a scenarisation of Western philosophy in terms of opposition between continuism and discontinuism, we reinterpret the phenomenological method, by a radicalization of the meaning of its tool (epoche), to put it at service of the analysis of touch phenomena. In this context, our work is presented in a double duality: On the one hand, it unfolds around two main thematic axes, discontinuity (self- thematization) and touch (thematization). On the other hand, it takes the shape of two distinct textual bodies, a purely philosophical one and a philo-performatic one, which intersect and thus aim to perform in the writing of the...
The Sublime Revisited: The Kantian Sublime in the Historical Context
Narimani Ghahnavieh, Golnar ; Sepp, Hans Rainer (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
it focuses on a close reading of Kant's pre nt's pre chronological approach towards Kant's predecessors, or treats Kantian sublime as the major focal historical context, in order to both find out Kant's specific contributions to the discourse of question addressed by this research is the influence and impact of Kant's moral theory for and on his aesthetics. The sublime is a pivotal element of Kantian aesthetics which reveals how Kant's theorists to one with a priori grounds, based on Kant's pure practical reason; moreover an analysis , but as independently crucial to Kant's philosphy. Kant's moral theory's development. Next, we have explored
The innersong as a condition of possibility of interpretation
Moysan, Ellen ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
Description about the phenomen of Innersong thanks to the phenomenological tradition, other sources like hermeneutic, traductology, or musical litterature but most of all interview with professional musicians. Key words: Innersong. Interpretation. Intentionnal object. Philosophy of life.
Between phenomenology and psychoanalysis: corporeity and affectivity in M. Henry
Alvarado Cabellos, Angel Emilio ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
Our work seeks to examine a confrontation between phenomenology and psychoanalysis, which will be assessed in two movements. The first movement will carry us from a "representational unconscious" that interprets subjectivity in terms of a dialectics between drive and representation towards an "unconscious of life" that finds its primary essence in an "auto-affectivity". The second movement will address the problem within life itself of the relationship between life and the living one. This "architectonical problem" questions the possibility for life to phenomenalise itself in the world, that is to say, to "trans-appear". Nonetheless, this possibility will be understood by M. Henry by means of the phenomenon of "anguish" not so much as the "trans-appearing" of life in the world but, on the contrary, as the "trans-appearing" of the differentiation of life and world in the world itself. This "negative" approach towards "trans-appearing" must be confronted with the place that occupies the "erotic body" in Henry, which will allow us a "positive" approach towards "trans- appearing".
Das wahrhaft Unendliche und das göttlich Endliche - Hegels Kritik an Solgers Ansicht über die Versöhnung zwischen Gott und dem Menschen
Zhang, Dawei ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
In this thesis I will discuss how Hegel made the critique of Solger's opinions about the conciliation between God and the human being. Because Sogler opposes according to Hegel's opinion God as the infinite and the human existence as the finite, the conciliation between God and the human being in Solger's philosophy is not successful. Through the interpretation of Hegel's opinions about the Greek tragedy and the Crucifixion of Christ it is pointed out, that the true conciliation between God and the human being can according to Hegel happen, only when the human existence is completely perfected.
Phenomenological method, ethic and sensitivity by Henry and Levinas
Garrera, Nicolas ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
Mémoire de Maîtrise Méthode phénoménologique, affectivité et éthique chez Henry et Levinas Nicolás Garrera Abstract Our M.A. thesis is a prolegomena for our vast project of building the foundations of a phenomenological ethics. The thesis examines - focusing on the works of Michel Henry and Emmanuel Levinas - three concepts that are at the core of such an ethics: phenomenological method, affectivity, and ethical experience.
Khalilizand, Mansooreh ; Tengelyi, Laszlo (advisor) ; Romer, Inga (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Fakulta humanitních studií Faculty of Humanities Mgr. Josef KRUŽÍK, Ph.D. EMM EuroPhilosophie Coordinator U Kříže 8, 158 00 Praha-Jinonice tel.: +420 251 080 335 e-mail: fax: +420 251 080 363 "Tato diplomová práce byla obhájena v rámci navazujícího magisterského programu Filosofie, oboru Deutsche und Franzosische Philosophie in Europa (Europhilosophie) akreditovaného jakožto program Erasmus-Mundus na univerzitě ve Wuppertalu, která nepožaduje abstrakty v písemné podobě. Práce byla obhájena v souladu s příslušnou meziuniverzitní dohodou." Mgr. Josef KRUŽÍK, Ph.D. Proděkan pro studijní záležitosti

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