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Articulated vehicle kinematics
Roman, Matej ; Glos, Jan (referee) ; Pohl, Lukáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis, is to create a kinematic model of an articulated vehicle. The first part deals with finding equations of state of this system and its control driving in reverse. The second part is dedicated to implement the model in the Matlab Simulink environment and to simulate and demonstrate the functionality of control on simple examples, typical for driving in reverse. In the last part a real model is created to test the functionality of control.
Morphology of thermal-contraction-crack features and their pattern
Dufek, Jaroslav ; Křížek, Marek (advisor) ; Roman, Matěj (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with phenomenon of periglacial landscape of continuos permafrost such as thermal-conctraction-crack polygons and forms of their secondary infill - ice, sand, soil and composite-wedge pseudomorphs. Upper Pleistocene thermal-conctraction-crack polygons are located in mid-latitudes all across the Europe. Most common geometry shapes of these polygons are orthogonal and hexagonal patterns. Pseudomorphs are commonly situated in areas of lowlands, river terraces, floodplains on slopes with angle up to 4ř. Their distribution is closely associated with the maximum extent of past permafrost during the last glacial episode (~17-25 ka BP). This pleistocene phase is known as last periglacial maximum (LPM; Vandenberghe et al. 2014). Creation of ice-wedges is primarily bound to present continuous permafrost, which the southernmost Pleistocene limit in Europe has been established to 47ř N (Black 1976, Vandenberghe et al. 2014). However, some research suggest, that with favorable local conditions, ice-wedges can develop also in arid climate and discontinuous permafrost zone and they can occur together with sand-wedges (Kasse 1998). It was also found that cold arid climate is not the only factor for sand wedge development, but great importance has also local variability of microrelief such...
Provenancing of drugs based on their elemental composition determined by Neutron Activation Analysis - Feasibility Study
Kučera, Jan ; Kameník, Jan ; Sabol, J. ; Šesták, B. ; Kolář, P. ; Roman, M.
We analyzed five samples of heroine and five samples of cocaine seized in the Czech Repulic using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). In the heroine speciments, we determined 16 trace elements in at least one of the samples analyzed, in the cocaine speciment, 9 trace elements could be determined. We have found remarkable differences, up to several orders of magnitude, in contents of the elements Na, Cl, Zna and Br, especially in the heroine samples. The accuracy of INAA results was proved by simultaneous analysis of a certified reference material NIST SRM 1547 Peach Leaves. The results of trace element determination in heroine samples are compard with those published by autors from abroad. The results obtained show a high potential of INAA for the drug elemental characteriaztion aimed at determination of their provenance, procedures used for their manufacturing and purification and cutting for the end users. The results achieved also suggest that it is desirable to analyze more samples with the final aim of establishing a database of elemental composition of drugs seized in the Czech Republic, which could possibly be extended later, in cooperation with foreign drug abuse and police bodies, at the international level.
Holocene climate changes in the High Arctic
Prochová, Dominika ; Vondrák, Daniel (advisor) ; Roman, Matěj (referee)
Climatic changes are nowadays frequently discussed subject in the scientific, political and public sphere. For better understanding of their causes, development and possible impacts is one of the basic prerequisites for investigating such anomalies, that have taken place in the past. In natural archives, it is possible to find records not only about their parameters but also about the mentioned impacts - ecosystem changes, earth surface's geomorfological transformartions or the impact on human society. The most studied period of geological time is Holocene. It is about the most recent period and we currently live in its third stage. Thankfully, due to relatively sufficient knowledge of its climatic anomalies we are able to study the climate's contribution with enough complexity to valorize the currently much observed global warming, witch is often connected to human activity. The Arctic is probably the most sensitive place to climate changes on the planet. The warming, that is currently observed around the globe, is there noticeably higher - by the end of the 20th century, the average annual temperature increased twice as fast. The aim of this thesis is, in the form of literary research, to describe and examinatie the climate development in high Arctic areas, potencially the most sensitive...
Correlation of abiotic proxies in Holocene lacustrine sediments of Peri-Atlantic Arctic
Roman, Matěj ; Nývlt, Daniel (advisor) ; Sedláček, Jan (referee)
The peri-Atlantic Arctic, one of the most sensitive components of the Earth climate system, experienced pronounced climatic fluctuations during the Holocene. Several external forcings were considered responsible for these variations, including decline of insolation on the Northern Hemisphere, changes in distribution of land ice mass, explosive volcanism, or changes in atmospheric and oceanic circulation. In order to explore the driving mechanisms of the peri-Atlantic Arctic environmental variability, three sites located in different parts of the region were selected for palaeoenvironmental reconstructions with focus on extracting the climatic information. With this intention, sedimentary cores from i) Lake Garmaksla, Central Svalbard, ii) Jarfjorden, northeastern Norway, and iii) Kobbefjord area, southwestern Greenland, were retrieved and subjected to multi-proxy investigation. The absolute chronostratigraphic framework was established by comprehensive radiocarbon (14 C) and short-lived radioisotopes (210 Pb, 137 Cs) dating. Further analyses include measurements of magnetic susceptibility, grain size distribution, element composition by means of X-ray fluorescence (XRF), and elements bound to organic matter, i.e. organic carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and biogenic silica. The relationships between the...
Holocene history of Arctic lakes
Roman, Matěj ; Nývlt, Daniel (advisor) ; Kavan, Jan (referee)
Holocene history of Arctic lakes Abstract Palaeolimnology in the Arctic has achieved a considerable progress in the last decades. The Arctic has changed markedly since the Last Glacial and glacier retreats caused formation of a great number of diverse lake types. Lakes of glacial origin, thermokarst lakes, fluvial lakes and lakes on raised beaches occur most often here. Palaeolimnological methods applied to the high latitude areas are used for the study of the history of individual lakes. Methods of correlation of sedimentary cores and basic interpretation of proxy records such as magnetic susceptibility, diatom biostratigraphy and content of carbon and sulphur were applied on sediments of Garmaksla Lake, Svalbard Archipelago. Climatic and ecological shifts including the Little Ice Age termination and recent warming were registered in proxy values. Keywords: lakes, palaeolimnology, palaeoclimatology, environmental changes, Holocene, Arctic
Information System Assessment and Proposal for ICT Modification
Hynek, Miroslav ; Roman, Marek (referee) ; Klusák, Aleš (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyze the current state of the information system and to propose changes. In the first chapter of the bachelor thesis we will explain the basic theoretical basis, we will learn important information about the information system, IT equipment, security and analysis. We will need this information to implement the work. In the second chapter we will focus on analysis of company processes and analysis of the current state of the information system using HOS8 and SWOT methods. The third chapter will be a separate proposal for changes to the company's requirements and suggestions for system security. Finally, we will review the work with SWOT analysis and summarize what we have achieved in the work.
Toxicological Aspects of Chemical Accidents
Roman, Michal ; Vičar,, Dušan (referee) ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (advisor)
The master's thesis focuses on the toxicological aspects of chemical accidents. The aim is to determine the main acute risk of dangerous toxic chemical substances that can be escape in chemical accidents and determine their impact on life and damage to the health of the population and characterize the factors affecting the spread of these dangerous chemicals. The practical part focuses on the toxicological aspects of selected industrial pollutants.
Analysis of Utilize of Web Sites of Offices from Municipal Disrtricts of City of Brno to Provide for the Information to Citizens in the Area of Population Protection.
Roman, Michal ; Doležel, Ludvík (referee) ; Svoboda, Bohuslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on analyzing websites run by authorities of individual Brno quarters to provide information to citizens in the field of protection of population. The aim is to assess the extent to which the authorities of city districts use web sites to inform the public in the field of protection of population. In this work, analysis of approaches to solve this issue and its evaluation with a proposal to remedy the situation was done.
Possibilities of using Business Intelligence tools in the cloud
Roman, Martin ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
Thesis is devoted on Business Intelligence tools in cloud, as one of the main trends of this area. BI tools in cloud have become widely used after companies begin to realize importance of data analysis for getting a competitive advantage. The high cost for implementation of a BI caused, that companies started discovering tools which can be implementing and operating with significantly lower costs and outside of their own infrastructure. The practical part of the thesis is focused on analysis and comparison currently using BI cloud tools. The analysis is based on practical examples which should test selected solutions for using at corporate sector of small and medium enterprises. Each of selected solutions is analyzed from several points of view and rated. Beside analysis is the next main goal of the thesis evaluation of best solution for companies and define potentials benefits and limitations which can follow implementation and operation.

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