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Time and sound in cinema
Richtr, Jan ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; REJHOLEC, Pavel (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is perception of time within the audiovisual work. Particular attention is paid to the audio component of the audiovisual work, from which perspective is seen the phenomenon of time. First there is briefly introduced understanding of time evolved within the philosophical context. The next part presents film as a medium that, from its formal nature, brings new impetus that further develops the thinking of time. After this introduction work focuses on the way of perceiving time within the sound itself, respectively in music composition. It is based on the findings of psychoacoustics and, above all, on the theoretical considerations of French composer Gérard Grisey, to which is trying to find parallels in the context of the sound dramaturgy of the film work. The last part deals with time relations arising from the relationship between film image and sound. It is trying to question and then generalize specific formal relationships within the audiovisual work, influencing the subjective perception of time.
Defining characters with sound
Hilčanský, Peter ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; REJHOLEC, Pavel (referee)
The purpose of this study is to show specific methods of feature film sound dramaturgy: defining characters with sound. Specifically, how can sound help to create stronger, more memorable characters, reveal their weaknesses, psychological states or create qualities that would not be possible to create some other way. It is specific technique not use in every film. However there is lot of different kinds of films that can strongly benefit from using it. Our aim will be to find interesting films and analyze principles of sound dramaturgy and film language used. Emphasis will be given on the fact, that it is important to incorporate these ideas into the script and think about them in preparation phase of movie making, because in post-production it is often too late.
Allen, Malick, Coens and their voice-over narration
Klouzová, Sandra ; ČENĚK, Jan (advisor) ; REJHOLEC, Pavel (referee)
The goal of this MA thesis is to point out the legitimacy and specificity of voice-over narration as an expressive device in film. Although it is generally underestimated a priori, voice-over has peculiar qualities which, when put to good use, contribute to establish the intended tone of the film. I document the distinctiveness of this narrative device on analyses of films by Woody Allen, Terrence Malick, and the Coen brothers, who are well-known for incorporating voice-over in their narrative styles.

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