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Political Talk Show as a construction of "regime of truth" in authoritative society
Semenova, Maiia ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
In this diploma thesis I study the meaning-making discourse practices of the media in the post- modern time. Current social transformations, influenced by the questioning of the categorical certainty of the modern way capturing the world, inevitably raise questions about the effect of emerging forms of reality's representation on the formation of mediated public space. Whereas, the critical perspective, developed in the context of scientific research, considers the enhancement of the entertainment component in communication space as a failure of media institutions to fulfill the ideal of the public sphere, the second stream of thinking evaluates current transformations quite optimistically, because it regards television formats overflowing with emotional expressions as an emancipatory space that is open to marginal voices in society. Exactly the media genre of talk shows, as a very controversial format, necessarily attracts much attention in the outlined debate. However, it is developed primarily by liberal democratic societies, while the focus of the research is the analysis of the talk show from a Russian society based on authoritarian tradition. The post-Soviet transformation in the 1990s caused a loss of the previous foundations for the self-concept of the individual, which is why I am trying...
Transformation of feminist discourse in the mainstream superhero comic books using the example of Ms. Marvel
Kratochvílová, Eliška ; Hrdina, Matouš (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the transformation of feminist discourse in mainstream superhero comics, specifically in the titles Ms. Marvel published in the years 1977 and 2014. These two comic book titles are published under the same name, but with two different main heroines. The theoretical part of this thesis briefly defines the term "comic book" and then maps the historical development of female characters in comics, with emphasis on their roles in the narrative and visual representation. Further, are explained the theoretical backgrounds of gender stereotyping, feminist waves, intersectionality and male gaze. Critical discourse analysis is described in the chapter dealing with methodology, with a focus on the historical-discourse approach to the analysis according to Ruth Wodak. The analytical part of this thesis examines the selected sample based on the set researched questions. The results are interpreted in the context of different feminist waves and both common and different features of feminist discourse are identified.
Attractiveness in online dating
Tichá, Kateřina ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
The main point will be to describe and explain the peculiarities of on-line dating in practice that arise from the use of digital platforms in dating. The main goal will be to find out cross- platform dating, whether participants use chat in dating applications and servers, or choose their counterparts to move to different type of communications. The following procedure will be chosen to search the work and fulfill the research questions. First of all we are going to make literary research. The reader will be acquainted you to expect your author to work out the goals of the work. Subsequently, societal values will be believed with a possible impact on our cultural environment and habits. We are going to solve issue of "singles", which is particularly important for exploring the field of dating portals, will be mentioned. Next step are parasocial and technological relationships will be examined. So there are relationships, for which establishing and maintaining communication technology is needed. The main method used in this work will be netnography. That's method which looking at world of the internet people and groups which are active in web pages and social medias where they leave their footprints. Using these methods, four fictitious profiles will be available on the Badoo and Tinder web lists....
Instagram influencers as new opinion leaders and their role in the life of teenage girls in the Czech republic
Ščamburová, Jana ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This thesis discusses the role of Instagram influencers in the lives of Czech teenage girls aged 15-18. The aim of the thesis is to understand how girls perceive these online creators, what kind of relationship they have with them and what role they play in their lives. Emphasis is placed on real experience girls have with Instagram and with the creation of influencers. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes relevant theories, literature and research on selected issues. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the evaluation of the research, which was carried out with the help of a qualitative research method. In total, seven semi-structured in- depth interviews were carried out with teenage girls actively using Instagram. The main finding is that Instagram influencers are a natural part of these girls' lives. Relationships between followers and online creators can be described as parasocial. In order to succeed on Instagram, an influencer must be authentic, while the degree of proximity in the influencer-follower relationship is also important. The research pointed to a possible online platform migration of both influencers and followers, where Instagram is the target platform for users to operate. Instagram influencers play a social role in girls' relationships with their peers. The...
Media representation of current female political readers and gender discourse in online enviroment
Blažiová, Lucia ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
The quantitative and qualitative analysis of the media representation of political leaders in the articles published on the Facebook pages and of the form of discussion under the articles creates fairly comprehensive picture of the discourse on the issue of women at the top political positions in the online environment. Although gender does not appear to be one of the most important factors influencing the tone of the analyzed texts, it is possible to identify several tendencies that are related to gender in both articles and comments. Except for positive tone when evaluating political actions and opinions of female politician, which highlighted the stereotypical characteristics of women (patience, compromise, etc.), articles and comments are negative. Other identified forms of media representation of female politicians were usage of images of power and weaknesses (female too strong is associated with negative tone); associating women with emotions (both extremes - absence of emotions and over-emotionality  are associated with negative tone); and using privacy-related topics such as family, fashion, hobbies (a woman who is not interested in these areas, and thus does not fall into the stereotypical image of a woman, is again depicted negatively). Analysis of the comments in the online discussion...
Advertising impact of influencers as perceived by the young online users
Kadeřábková, Tereza ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Reifová, Irena (referee)
This work titled Advertising impact of influencers as perceived by the young online users defines the term influencer in its theoretical part, offering several perspectives through which this phenomen can be viewed. For example, the number of followers on influencers' profiles, the interaction between these two sides, or the characteristic features of influential figures, such as their behaviour on the Internet. Furthermore, this work deals with influencer marketing, some types of collaboration between influencers and companies within social media, and the issue of tagging the sponsored commercial content. Also, one of the chapters summarizes some of the findings from several relevant studies, creating an initial insight into the topic. The research part of this work explores the issue as perceived by the young online users, using the research sample comprising 179 respondents in the range of 16-26 years old. The data collected through the electronic standardized questionnaire revealed, for example, that respondents require tagging sponsored posts on influencers' profiles, even though they trust these commercial posts less. Also, the pattern of behaviour hinting some verifying information before immediate tasting influencers' recommendations was indicated. The analyzed answers also point to the...

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