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Dance medicine and other techniques for healthy movement
Miencilová, Markéta ; PUCHOWSKA, Sara Maria (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
Bachelor thesis discusses the topic dance medicine and other techniques for healthy movement. It deals with research of three techniques or methods with which the autor had opportunity to meet and also describes dance medicine as a necessary knowledge of the dancer.
The movement system of Countertechnique
Benková, Andrea ; OVSOVÁ, Libuše (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the structure of Countertechnique movement system. The thesis itself is divided into three chapters. The first chapter describes personality of Anouk van Dijk, her interpretational and mainly choreographic experience. As the Countertechnique movement system is tightly connected with creative process of Anouk van Dijk, it is crucial not to omit her influence and contribution to it. The second chapter is fully dedicated to the description of the Countertechnique system. I try to look at the formational process of this method in a complex way and consider all influences that had some impact on its current form. I also analyze the methodology and conception of Countertechnique and add my own practical experience with the technique. In the third chapter, I compare Countertechnique with other movement systems and methods. In the end of the thesis, I attach interviews with Countertechnique teachers Nina Wollny and Elita Cannata and Czech dancer Anna Jirmanová, who got into contact with this method during her work abroad.
New York City as a dance phenomenon
Seidlerová, Nicole ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
This diploma thesis describes the origin and development of dance in New York, its culture and the possibilities of dancing in one of the most artistic cities of the United States. The aim of my study was to find out what forms of dance appeared in the New York environment and how they influenced the development of dance in this area. The diploma thesis deals with historical events and personalities who participated in the development of dance art. The content of the thesis includes the current dance scene and the possibilities of studying dance in New York. The fact that there is no comprehensive study in the Czech Republic on this issue has become a stimulus for the creation this thesis.
Street dance - battles, events, lifestyle
Stejskalová, Natálie ; STAVĚLOVÁ, Daniela (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
In my diploma thesis I would like to focus on dance battles events and on the street dance life style as it's the topic of my diploma thesis. I have been very close of the street dance world, as a dancer and an observer, since I witnessed countless dance battles, concerts, camps, workshops and so on - which gave me the knowledge to express myself on this topic and gave my perspective in both ways: from up to the stage and audience. I was always very curios and wanted to share with, such as: how does the street dance events looks like, what's happening there, what kind people attending it, what is the motivation for dancers, djs, choreographers, producers etc…? Where those events are happening and how often is them happening? My curiosity crossed the Czech Republic border, I wanted to know more from outside of my country. I believe that having the knowledge of what's going on abroad gives you power of discuss and compare things with confidence and comfortability. Mainly my research methods were observing and interviewing, then field diaries, video documentation, collecting as much information as possible from people that lives in this world nonstop, which gave me so much knowledge from inside, how they behave, how they communicate, their attitude etc. This scenario always fascinated me and after attending to many events, battles, meetings and jam sessions (as a dancer and observer), I was able to collect different point of views from another dancers, choreographers and guests and compare it with my own thoughts regarding to it, using my countless notes and hours of recording interviews, those tools combined gave me so much information.
Musical in the Czech Republic and his educational institutions
Grabcová, Eliška ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (advisor) ; HANUŠOVÁ, Jana (referee)
The master thesis is focused at musical in the Czech Republic, his educational institutions and methodology of classical dance for musical actor. The aim is to inform about the level of musical and educational institutions dedicated to preparing the musical actor in our country in the 21st century. Another aim is to create a curriculum of classical dance for four years studying classical dance at secondary schools and colleges to study musical acting.
Dance and ritual
Seidlerová, Nicole ; STAVĚLOVÁ, Daniela (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with the topic of rituals, including accompanying and operational forces, which are the subject of dance and appear in today's society. The aim of my study was to determine what forms of dance rituals appeared and created from traditional ritual associated with life events, what forms to survive in today's society and what role is played by dance. The content of work includes information based on scientific literature, websites, conversation, but also about my own experience.
Müllerová, Kristýna ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (advisor) ; OVSOVÁ, Libuše (referee)
This thesis summarizes the history of colonization of the United States of America, that was the main cause of its current diverse ethnic composition. It reveals political, social and cultural environment, in which afro-american dance style has been developed. One direction of this development searched for means of expression for stage performances. These concepts were influenced by Katherine Dunham, who has discovered the principles and roots of afroamerican dancing patterns by combining her interests in anthropology, ethnology and dancing. She identified herself with these principles a based her own art work upon them. At the same time, she found new sources of inspiration by examination of human nature and human origins, which can be used in modern pedagogical practices.
What is Street dance, it´s genesis and development in the world and also in the Czech Republic.
Stejskalová, Natálie ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (advisor) ; OVSOVÁ, Libuše (referee)
ABSTRACT The aim of my bachelor thesis called "What is street dance, his genesis and development in the world and in the Czech republic", was to put together all information and personal experience from field called Street dance and to summarize it into one thesis. I wanted to describe individual dance styles which are included in street dance and to write about where and under which circumstances they were created. I introduced legendary dancers, choreographers and teachers without whom some dances would not exist. I wanted to show how rich Street dance is. And to speak about it´s presentation. Very important fact is that street dance has it´s own history and i tis not only dance but it is a life style as well. My aim is to introduce Street dance and it´s culture to the academic community, to speak about it´s style in history and at present. In my bachelor thesis I also describe our two Street dance camps "Street dance camp" and "Groove Days " - the biggest and the best camps in the Czech Republic. I also mention other camps in our republic and the dance studious in Prague where we can meet with this dance style and with teachers who teach it. Street dance is nowadays very popular. We can see it in the most music-videos, TV shows and at the concerts of performing artist - singers, musicians, dancers dance this street dance. It should not disparage value and quality or difficulty of the performance from a view of professional dancers or teachers of classical ballet, modern dance and other sort of contemporary arts. All dances and other types of art have already penetrated with street dance and this is good.
Dance and Percussions
Stehlík, Miroslav ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (advisor) ; VÍT, Martin (referee)
The goal of this project is to shed light on the development of rhythmic thinking and its relation to dance and to define influence of non-European culture areas on contemporary form of dance and pop music. The aim is to demonstrate the connection of dance and percussion instruments and put it in the context of contemporary drumming and dance practices throughout the world. Much of the thesis is devoted to playing the drum kit, percussion patterns in dance music, biomechanical issues of playing a drum kit, its health effects and how modern dance techniques can prevent drummer from health problems. This work also discusses the music accompaniment of modern dance classes using percussion instruments and communication between accompanist and dance teacher.
Merce Cunningham and his Technique
Turková, Hana ; KUBICOVÁ, Ivanka (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
This thesis approaches the personal life, artistic creation and dance technique of American dancer and choreographer Mercier Philip Cunningham. The first part focuses on the artist?s life stages during his evolution in dance from the beginnings of his choreographic work, and seeks the origins for the establishment of his own dance company ? Merce Cunningham Dance Company. A chronological overview of his extensive repertoire is also incorporated. The second part deals with collaboration, connection and interaction among the dance, music, design and film fields during the artistic work of Merce Cunningham. Following the author?s experience with Cunningham technique, the final part is directed to an understanding of this dance technique, its principles and specific elements used in contemporary dance world.

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