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Processing of glass S-FPL 53
Melich, Radek ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Šípová, Gabriela
The aim of the work is mastering of S-FPL53 material machining with respect to the optical surface shape accuracy and to minimize the surface microroughness.
A Glued Objective Lens of the Steinheil Type
Rail, Zdeněk ; Franců, Helena ; Ulrichová, Iva ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Jareš, Daniel ; Kuryshev, V. ; Vápenka, David
This paper analyses the achromatic dublets with an entrance lens of the flint glass. The objective lens of this construction were devised by German physician Carl August Steinheil in the half of the 19 th century. Several pieces of these dublets were manufactured for astronomical purposes in our workshop in the past. We discuse the mathematical evaluation and the method of manufacture of the glued Steinheil objective with plane exit surface.
The Telescopes of Dall-Kirkham
Rail, Zdeněk ; Ulrichová, Iva ; Kuryshev, V. ; Vápenka, David
The paper deals with the optical aberrations of the two-mirror telescopes composed of the ellipsoidal primary and the spherical secondary mirrors. The system was discovered by Horace Dall and Alan Kirkham at the end of the Twenties of the 20th Century. Its optical elements are easy to manufacture and measure. These telescopes can be equipped by lens correctors and turned into multipurpose devices both for planetary observation and wide field photography. Several telescopes were manufactured in workshop of the Toptec Center in Turnov.
The Repair of an Objective Lens 160/2500 of the Observatory in Turnov
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Kaucká, Iva ; Franců, Helena ; Melich, Radek
This paper brings the information about repair of the achromatic objective lens of diameter 160mm and focal length 2500mm produced by the Development Optical Workshop of the ČSAV in Turnov. The refractor with this dublet has become the main telescope of a local astronomical observatory. The positive lens contained impurities – schlieren and it was necessary to produce a new lens and change it.
The Maksutov´s Systems from Turnov
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Pintr, Pavel ; Vápenka, David
This paper deals of a design and a manufacture of optical systems with the entrance meniscus corrector of Maksutov. Many of these high performance systems have been manufactured in several workshops in Turnov since Seventies. We present our experience with the optical design, manufacture and construction of the meniscus telescopes and cameras in this article.
The Optical Parameters of Famous Refractors
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Pintr, Pavel ; Vápenka, David
In this paper we publish the optical parameters of several historic telescopes, which we have found in scientific literature or web pages. Data were inputed into the optical program ZEMAX, which evaluated their residual aberrations.
The Simulation of Residual Optical Aberrations of the Objective Lens of Merz 124/1477
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk ; Šrajer, Bohdan
This objective lens was renoved in the Institute of Plasma Physics, v.v.i. Center Toptec in Turnov. During the process we got a possibility to measure the objective lens on the optical bench and to evaluate its residual optical aberrations. The objective lens was manufactured in 1860-1870 years
The Optical Parameters of Objective Lens Secrétan Paris 130/1930 of Observatory of Úpice
Rail, Zdeněk ; Melich, Zbyněk
The Optical Parameters of Objective Lens Secrétan Paris 130/1930 of Observatory of Úpice Objective lens of Secrétan Paris 130/1930 of Úpice observatory was cleaned a measured its optical parameters in IPP AS CR, v.v.i. - TOPTEC. In this paper we present results of mathematical simulation of residual aberrations of this lens.
The Construction of the Spectroscope for Observation of the Stellar Spectra
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Pintr, Pavel ; Vápenka, David
This paper presents the construction list of a spectroscope for visual observation of stellar spectra. The device consists of parts easily accessible on market. Assembly of the spectroscope does not require exceptionally equipped workshop and can be made in very spartan conditions.
The Coma Corrector of D.M.Maksutov
Rail, Zdeněk ; Jareš, Daniel ; Vápenka, David
The simpliest coma corrector of the paraboloidal mirror is a singlet-meniscus of Maksutov. This corrector placed into converging beam of a paraboloidal mirror corrects coma and saves stigmatic image of the system on its optical axis. The corrector can be easily to built and enlarges the field of view about three times.

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