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Design of Electrical Machine 6 kW, 120 000 rpm for Helium Turbo-Circulator
Bárta, Jan ; Rafajdus,, Pavol (referee) ; Dušek,, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
The induction machine with a squirrel cage is a workhorse of the industry. The main advantage of an induction machine is the low manufacturing price, simple and robust construction, low maintenance requirements. However, for high-speed applications, induction machine with a squirrel cage requires design modification due to the mechanical restrictions. The objective of this thesis is to show design process, methodology and assembly of the induction machine for high-speed applications. In this thesis, the rotor dimensioning data are presented. The results are demonstrated on the design of the 6 kW, 120 000 rpm solid rotor squirrel cage induction machine. This thesis also contains calculation and design of three different electrical machine topologies for a turbo circulator application. The electrical machines are designed with 6 kW output power at 120 000 rpm. The machines are estimated by using electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical calculations. The drawbacks and advantages of each topology under study are described. For other high-speed applications, a comparative method helps in choosing the suitable electrical machine topology by examinations of discussed criteria. Rotor design effect on the electromagnetic performance of the induction machine is shown. Mechanical stresses are calculated with Finite Element Method analysis. Various assembly technologies to produce solid rotor with squirrel cage are discuss and compare. Describe approach enables high electromagnetic performance and durable construction of the high-speed induction machine. Work is confirmed by measurement on the manufactured prototype.
Optimization of Cooling Synchronous Machine
Makki, Zbyněk ; Rafajdus,, Pavol (referee) ; Kačor,, Pavol (referee) ; Janda, Marcel (advisor)
The main goal of doctoral thesis is optimization cooling of the synchronous machine. Problem is solved based on the finite element method with use of ANSYS software. Work is built up from theoretical part where is comparison of base equations for heat transfer and simulations for several models. Next part shows us two methods how simulate free and force convection. Depends on the better method from the previous two methods is used for next calculations with several algorithm which are used for find of best parameters for synchronous machine. Our control parameter is mass flow rate.

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