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Partners in business, home and life
Pospíšilová, Marie ; Křížková, Alena (advisor) ; Piscová, Magdaléna (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (referee)
This PhD thesis builds on the current trends in the research on entrepreneurship and gender, which pay attention to the fact that women are being excluded from or ignored by the entrepreneurship research and that female entrepreneurship is studied and assessed from a male perspective and no attention is paid to important contexts which affect the situation of entrepreneurs. With regard to this criticism, the focus is on the embeddedness of entrepreneurship in various contexts. In order to approach this issue I use the institutional perspective and I look for relations with formal and informal institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The research deals with entrepreneurial couples as it is possible to look into their entrepreneurial embeddedness in the domestic context. The aim of the thesis is to provide a micro-insight into the construction of role distribution in the domestic and work area and show how these constructions are justified by cultural repertoires. I look into the negotiation of roles in heterosexual couples by the method of qualitative interviews which I carried out with each of the partners individually. Thanks to his method it is also possible to study the suppressed voices in the couple (more often female than male). I analysed the data using the social constructivist...
Methodology for assessing social effectiveness of institutions executing public policies
Bohatá, Marie ; Putnová, A. ; Rašticová, M. ; Bédiová, M. ; Cebáková, A.
The methodology certified by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) is based on an original concept of social effectiveness of public administration reflecting modern trends in governance supporting the trustworthiness of the public service and emphasising the public interest, openness, participation, and integrity. The self-assessing methodology aimed at creating a self-learning organisation is developed for the internal needs of public administration. It has a modular character and encompasses such building blocks as strategic management and coordination, operational management and performance, external communication, ethics and integrity, and HR policy and social climate. It can be used at different organisational levels within the state administration and the self-government. It is user-friendly providing the user with an immediate feedback as well as a guidance in generating improvement actions. Simultaneously, the methodology is of inspiring nature, as it serves as a repository of good practices.
Multicultural Environment and Organizational Culture in Selected Company
Šimeček, Oto ; Navrátilová, Ludmila (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare influence of local cultural environment on corporate culture in Turkey and Czech Republic in REHAU AG. The research was held in branches of REHAU AG in Moravska Trebova, Czech Republic, and Osmaneli/Bilecik, Turkey. The research is based on VSM08 method by Geert Hofstede. The output should be summary of differences of corporate culture and recommendations about the possibility of offshore outsourcing to Turkey by Czech companies with consideration to differences in management.
Business Plan – Physical Activities for Seniors
Smoleňová, Markéta ; Rašticová, Martina (referee) ; Engelová, Lucie (advisor)
In this thesis I focused on creating a bussines plan for physical activity for seniors. My main intention was to create and to ensure appropriate condition for the physical activity of the elderly people.Partial aims at establishing new relationships, facilitate the transition from work to retirement, fill their free time and their subesquent training.
Evaluation and Development of Employees in Organisation
Korčeková, Adéla ; Palát,, Milan (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
The content of thesis is to analyze the process of evalution and development of employees in the organization. Education of employees is an important constituent part of efficiently functioning business. Theoretical part provides information about education, evaluation, care for employees and about performance management. Analytic part was focused on an organization in which the education of its employees is integral as it is very much influenced by the develpoment of technological process. Research, which was executed within the organization, is to reveal deficiencies that occur in process of evalution and education of employees in the organization. The last part was devoted to summary and suggests how to eliminate deficiencies.
The Motivation of Employees in High-tech Company
Šmedek, Martin ; Obhlídal, Karel (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor thesis is to analyze the values of the selected group of employees in high-tech company. The other partial aims were to analyze motivation preferences of employees and also analyze employee’s attitude towards the company. The analysis was based on two question-forms, Hofsteda VSM 94 and question-form asking about motivation preferences. I have found out from these analyses that the environment is quite stressful, employees are big individualists and long-term orientation is dominating there. The most valuable benefits for employees are: paid holiday, education and health care contribution. The work, this selected group was doing was rated as well paid and their work satisfies them. As a suggestion it could be recommended to offer more days of holiday, education contribution and expansion of team cooperation on their work place. This could help to the company to achieve increased efficiency of employee’s performance
The Proposal for Optimalisation of HR Management of a Company
Skácelová, Naděžda ; MBA, Michal Bartoň, (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is dealing with personal management optimalization in the firm. It contains theory, current situation analysis in the company and suggestions for improvement. The main part is created by suggestions for improvement, whose aim is efficiency increasing of implemented personal activities. The outputs of this thesis will help the staff department facilitate the work and improve the overall human resources management.
The Proposal of Age Management Application in Selected Company
Chalupa, Pavel ; Bédiová,, Monika (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
This thesis deals with proposal of measures that may lead to risk mitigation associated with employees´aging under the terms of the Age Management application in the chosen company. The theoretical part explains the concepts of human resources management and current demographic trends are not omited either. The analytical part presents the analysis of external and internal business environment. The quantitative and qualitative research was conducted as well. Based on the obtained data initial proposals are made for the introduction of age management in the chosen company.

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