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Environmental education as part of geographical education
Bartoš, Jan ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Raška, Pavel (referee) ; Kroufek, Roman (referee)
This dissertation deals with environmental education as part of geographical education.Theenvironmentaleducationisoneofcross-curriculartopic(subject)thatis obligatoryaccordingtovalidcurriculardocumentsandshouldbedevelopedinallareasof education.Theaimofthisthesisistobringthefindingsthatwillbroadentheknowledgeof howteachersfulfilltheobjectivesofenvironmentaleducation,respectivelyofliteracyin Czechschools.Furthermore,itisexaminedwhatroleGeography,respectivelyeducational subjectgeography,playsinfulfillingthesegoals.Thefollowingresearchquestionsarisefrom thechosengoal: Whichareasofenvironmentalliteracyaredevelopedwithstudentsinthelessons? o Howdotheycometrue? Whichsubjects,accordingtotheenvironmentaleducationcoordinators,contribute mosttotheimplementationofthecross-curriculartopic(subject)Environmental Education? o Whatroledoessubjectgeographyplayintheimplementation? Teachersareoneofthe mainsourcesofinformationonthisissue.Therefore,the environmentalliteracyofaselectedgroupofteachersandteacherstudents werealso investigated. Thethesisisdividedintothreeparts.Thefirstpartdiscussesthegeneralbasisof environmentaleducation.Inthissection,theemphasisisoninterconnectionwithgeography. Thistheoreticalpartisfollowedbyresearchprobesthatseekanswerstoresearchquestions....
Software Support of Processes for Microsoft Sharepoint Server
Vala, Lukáš ; Raška, Pavel (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
Thesis "Software Support processes in Microsoft SharePoint Server," discusses the current state of internal communications at the Technical University in Brno, namely the Faculty of Business, Institute of Informatics. Also introduces SharePoint 2010 technology and its application to a given object. The work aims to familiarize users with SharePoint 2010 technologies and introduce basic functionality. Partial goal is to outline effective cooperation at the Institute of Informatics and simplify internal communication. The proposed recommendations include: creation of a central repository of forms, creating a communication node between scientists.
Wine tourism in the Bohemia region
Motlochová, Sandra ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Raška, Pavel (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with a relatively new branch of tourism - wine tourism. It is a gentle form of tourism which is being developed as a follow-up to the trend of sustainability. Wine tourism is discussed in the analysis of literature. In connection with foreign experience it is being studied whether this form of tourism is really as gentle as proclaimed. The practical part of the thesis is devoted to the wine tourism in the Czech Republic, with an emphasis on the wine region of Bohemia. Illustrated with examples of the towns of Mělník, Litoměřice and Most, the present state of this branch and its development potential are evaluated. The emphasis is on the products of the wine tourism which are suitable for these cities (wine harvest, wine-growing events and festivals, shows and competitions, etc.). Finally, the work mentions the increasing demand and need for coordinated management of the region (Destination Management).

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