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RF Unit for Portable Monitoring Station
Rokos, Lukáš ; Urbanec, Tomáš (referee) ; Záplata, Filip (advisor)
The thesis describes methods for spectrum monitoring, which are used by the Czech telecommunication office. The thesis describes a design of an RF unit for a portable monitoring station and its potential use. The RF unit consists of several devices, which are connected. Devices like an antenna, a rotator, a rotator control unit, coaxial switches, an amplifier and attenuator were chosen as commercially available devices. It is also described, why were these devices chosen. Other devices such as filters, a control unit for the RF unit and a power supply were designed. The RF unit is controlled by a computer. A software for spectrum monitoring contains a graphical user interface for the RF unit control.
The level of pupils' knowledge about acute conditions and diseases caused by animals
Leierová, Kristýna ; Sedlářová, Petra (advisor) ; Rokos, Lukáš (referee)
This Bachelor work is written on the topic: "The level of pupil's knowledge about acute conditions and diseases caused by animals". I have chosen this topic, because I think that it is interesting and very various. Diversity of chapters includes treats and damage of many body systems, for example musculoskeletal, nervous, immune, respiratory and cardiovascular system. In the theoretical part of the work there are following chapters: injuries caused by the dog (characteristics of injury, first aid in pre-hospital care and related diseases such as rabies and tetanus). The next chapter is about insect bites (wasp, bee). allergic reaction to insect poison and anaphylaxis. Also I write about injuries caused by snakes. Next I write about diseases caused by animals, their diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prevention of them. These diseases are: Lyme borreliosis, tick-borne encephalitis, and tularemia called rabbit disease or plague. The end of the theoretical part is about the knowledge that pupils of the 6th grade should have on this topic. In the practical part, I developed a questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of sixteen questions and was created for the students of the fifth class of primary school. The second part of the practical part was the creation of board game. This game could serve as an...
Assessment of inquiry based teaching in biology
ROKOS, Lukáš
The aim of this doctoral thesis is to appraise the efficiency of inquiry-based education in biology (IBSE, inquiry-based science education) and to compare this efficiency with the efficiency of the tuition that uses traditional teaching methods, during the schooling of chosen themes from the human physiology, on different educational levels in the Czech Republic. For the purpose of monitoring the efficiency of both educational attitudes, there were drawn up pretests and posttests. Thanks to them, the level of involved pupils' and students' knowledge of contents and skills, was measured before and subsequently after the application of inquiry based tasks to the laboratory classes. The variety of inquiry based tasks that met the requirements of IBSE, that focused on chosen topics from the human physiology and that complied with the knowledge and age of the given group, was made for the research purpose. The research was realized with elementary school pupils, grammar school pupils and university students. In the lump, there were 145 pupils from the elementary school and grammar school and 168 university students. Pupils and students were divided into the experimental groups, where they solved task with the elements of IBSE, and to the groups with traditional teaching. Conclusions of the researches that were based on the comparing of pupils and students success rate in pretests and posttest showed, the IBSE led to the better knowledge acquirement. But in the comparison with the results of pupils and students from the traditional teaching groups, the improvement was not statistically significant. It was discovered that IBSE leads to the significantly more effective acquirement of science skills (e.g. assessment and suggestion of the science research, design of the scientific and research questions, data interpretation and making of appropriate conclusions). The efficiency was influenced by the educational level (i.e. by the age of involved pupils and students and by the type of school) this approach was the most effective in grammar schools. Given research proves that the application of the IBSE to the teaching of human physiology presents felicitous innovation in the science education. In view of the fact that it leads to the identical or better knowledge adoption and it also significantly develops pupils' and students' scientific skills.
Harvesting of emelctromagnetic energy in 24 GHz band
Rokos, Lukáš ; Pokorný, Michal (referee) ; Raida, Zbyněk (advisor)
The thesis describes basic principles of an electromagnetic energy harvesting and its potential use. To gain the energy, a rectenna (rectifying antenna) is selected. The rectenna consists of a patch antenna, a matching circuit and a rectifier circuit. The thesis describes a design of the patch antenna operating at 24 GHz and its matching to the microstrip line with the characteristic impedance 50 . Then, the circuit for matching the rectified is designed using an open-ended stub. The last part of the thesis describes several types of rectifier circuits to be used potentially. Functionality of the designed rectenna has been verified in ANSYS Designer.
Use exhibition Třeboňsko - landscape and people in teaching vertebrate zoology
ROKOS, Lukáš
The aim of the diploma thesis was to create didactic materials with motivation components that would use area of exhibition ?Třeboňsko ? landscape and people? in teaching vertebrate zoology. These materials are intended for pupils of basic and secondary schools, mainly in surrounding the town Třeboň. Diploma thesis includes the conceptual and structural analysis of vertebrate topic in biology schoolbooks. The materials are divided into two groups. First group are information worksheets and worksheets which are usable in the exhibition. Second group are proposals of excursions. Materials have own tasks and questions. Some of tasks were practically tested. Diploma thesis was solved in the project GA JU 065/2010/S.

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