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Existentialism and its conception of man
The diploma thesis examines the specific work of Albert Camus and Gabriel Marcel, focusing on the question of human values. The aim is to show two forms of existential philosophy concerning human existence in their chosen dramas. The work is divided into chapters. In the first chapter we can find the basic characteristics of existentialism and its development. The second and third chapter deals with Camus' and Marcel's conception of philosophy. In these chapters will present the Camus' problem of suicide, revolt, absurd and sense of being. In the case of Marcel will be dealt with the issue of duality of being and have, relationship I-You, love, hope, death, freedom and faith. Diploma thesis results in subsequent chapters where you can find comparison existential themes in the works of authors.
Assertiveness against mobbing in the state sector.
This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of mobbing occurring in the public sector and defense capabilities in the form of assertive behavior. The theoretical part is devoted to the basic terminology. There are also explained in the form of a negative style conflicting behavior, aggression, passivity, manipulation, conflict, and others. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the survey, where the aim was to map the occurrence of mobbing in an environment of government and various mechanisms of behavior, defense, and while the efficient use of tools assertiveness at work in the state sector. In conclusion, this work was designed prevention program called "assertiveness against mobbing".

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