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Traditional working and quality of timber during repairs of timber structures
Kloiber, Michal ; Růžička, Petr
Extensive field experience with repairing timber structures shows two main limiting factors for the quality of work that are often circumvented or simplified. First, it is the quality of the timber for the repairs (replacements, additions) and the resulting problem when the recommended criteria for the selection of suitable material are not met, with regard to the long-term coexistence of the new timber with the original material. Second, a critical factor is the way in which the timber is worked - the preferred traditional working is for various reasons replaced by counterfeits. Due to the limited scope of this paper, we can only pay attention to the most blatant case, which is working of logs by hewing.
Survey report: Construction and technical assessment of the state of timber, trace analysis and surveying of a timbered barn in Skalička 3
Kloiber, Michal ; Růžička, Petr ; Buzek, Jaroslav ; Hrivnák, Jaroslav ; Bláha, Jiří
Surveys whose aggregate output is this survey report included the determination of the extent of damage to the timber, surveying, and trace analysis of the original craftsman working of a timbered barn belonging to house no. 3 in the village of Skalička u Hranic, which is located in the Přerov district in the Moravian region called Pobečví. The report has been drawn in response to the demand by the Wallachian Open Air Museum located in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which contained a request to diagnose the timber elements using NDT devices and carry out their trace analysis. The findings will contribute to a qualified assessment and proposal of a harmless transfer of this unique timbered building.
Survey Report: Detection of the extent of timber damage and traceological analysis of craftsman working Čistá u Litomyšle no. 97 - barn
Kloiber, Michal ; Bláha, Jiří ; Frankl, Jiří ; Růžička, Petr ; Buzek, Jaroslav
The surveys, whose combined output is this survey report, covered the detection the extent of timber damage and traceological analysis of the original craftsman’s woodworking of selected elements of a dismantled polygonal barn, formerly belonging to house no. 97 in Čistá u Litomyšle. The impulse for the report was an order by the Wallachian Open Air Museum with headquarters in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which included the request for the diagnosis of selected timber elements using NDT devices and their traceological analysis. The knowledge gained can contribute to a qualified assessment and a proposal of gentle transfer of this unique log building.
The Evaluation of an Investment Plan
Široká, Pavlína ; Růžička, Petr (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
The intention of this diploma work is based on an assessment of the present state of the company Industrial Engineering Ltd. to economically evaluate the effectiveness of planned investment. The last state of the company is evaluated by using financial analysis. For evaluating of the effectiveness are used static and dynamic methods. The conclusion of the diploma work evaluates investments and recommendations based on these facts and after assessing the risks of investments.
Possibilities of provincial Tourism Development in the Czech Republic with using foreign Experience
Růžička, Petr ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Luštický, Martin (referee)
The Connection of concepts cooperative and village be in being since time immemorial and contribute to stability of cultural and social life in the country.
Preparation of constructs for overexpression and crystallisation of prohibitin complex from \kur{T.brucei}
Aim of this work was to prepare plasmids for overexpression of prohibitin complex from T. brucei. To overexpress this protein complex full and truncated versions of two prohibitin genes were cloned into RSFDuet-1. These constructs will be used to overexpress prohibitin complex and subsequently to resolve its crystal structure

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