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The methodology for bit-level preservation of digital data
Růžička, M. ; Miranda, Andrea ; Hejtmánek, L. ; Vašek, Zdeněk ; Krejčíř, V. ; Bartošek, M.
The aim of the digital data bit-level protection methodology is to provide recommendations for implementing Long Term Preservation (LTP) storage. The methodology provides guidance on how to address the problem of bit protection of digital data in the environment of Czech libraries on the basis of good practice in this area available in the Czech Republic and worldwide. At the same time, this methodology is connected to project ARCLib , which aim is to develop open source LTP system. For wide availability to the libraries of the Czech Republic and elsewhere, the whole recommendation is based on freely available technologies with open source text and licenses allowing further development and adaptation to the needs of the user.
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Legal protection of domain names in relation to rights of designation
Řehounek, Dominik ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee)
Legal protection of domain names in relation to rights of designation Abstract The diploma thesis focusing on the legal protection of domains in relation to the rights of designation has an ambition to offer its readers a comprehensive view of this issue. The work is divided into two basic parts, namely technical and legal parts. In the technical part, attention is paid to both the technical background of the domains, the functioning of the domain name system as well as the individual concepts such as the difference between the domain and the domain name. Legal part is divided into two chapters. The first chapter seeks, in particular, to anchor domains within the legal order, while the other deals with their differences with respect to the rights to designations and possible collisions with them. In the first chapter, apart from a bit of history, the technical functioning of domains within the domain name system is described. Emphasis is placed on the hierarchical structure and explanation of the basic principles. The explanation also deals with different types of domains and their differences. The space is also dedicated to the registration process. In the second chapter it deals with the status of domains, respectively domain names within the legal order. It polemize the existence of absolute rights and...
The relationship between trademark protection and copyright protection
Crháková, Blanka ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (referee)
 The name of the thesis: The relationship between trademark protection and copyright protection This diploma thesis deals in a complex way with the system of relationship between trademark protection and copyright protection within Czech law. The diploma thesis is based mainly on two acts - Act No. 121/2000 Coll., On copyright protection, and Act No. 441/2003 Coll., On trademark protection. It also reflects European law including actual case-law. The main goal of the thesis is to show how both protections work, their mutual relation, eventually how and in which situations their convergence happens and what can be the consequences of it from the protection point of view. In the first chapter of my thesis we find introduction that brings the subject to the topic, including aim of the thesis. After that comes seven main chapters and a final conclusion. Initially in chapter two and three of my thesis, I define the basic concepts dealing with Intellectual property and law related to intangible property. Subsequently description of the simultaneous operation of both protections is discussed and based on that their similarities and differences are highlighted. The focus is on analysis of both protections, subjects of both protections, their beneficiaries, formation, duration, means and international...
Private law aspects of trademark protection
Beňasová, Kateřina ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Císařová, Zuzana (referee)
Název rigorózní práce v anglickém jazyce, abstrakt v anglickém jazyce a 3 klíčová slova v anglickém jazyce Private law aspects of trademark protection Abstract This thesis focuses on law of designations in a form of trademarks. Historically, trademark law could be classified as public law rather than private law, however recently the perception has changed as legal doctrine observes developing private law aspects. This thesis centres on private law aspects of trademark law, in particular private law aspects of trademark protection. Its aim is to provide complex overview of means of trademark protection from private law point of view. Relevant provisions include exclusive private rights of trademark's owner and their protection. The owner can protect their rights in various means. First of all, as detailed in the second chapter, the owner of a trademark can prevent future trademark from registration with the trademark registry through filing an objection to opposition proceedings held before Industrial Property Office, provided the future trademark contradicts the older one. Through such objection the owner usually protects their older trademark before registration of new trademark (which would harm their trademark's distinctive character or which would unfairly exploit it) with the trademark registry....
Modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reactions in chemical reactors
Orava, Vít ; Hron, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Pavelka, Michal (referee) ; Růžička, Marek (referee)
This thesis consists of two parts discussing modelling of heterogeneous catalytic reactors. In the first one, an industrial prototype of a fluidized bed reactor serving as a hydrogen generator based on endothermic decomposition of formic acid is studied. After initial determination of the main reactor characteristics a system of nine con- stituents is derived and, consequently, reduced to a three phase flow. The solid and bubble particles immersed in a liquid are modelled by the Basset-Boussinesq- Ossen equation. Furthermore, an averaging technique is used to derive a three phase Euler-Euler model. Finally, numerical computations with a verification towards the measurements and a CFD analysis are proceeded. The second part discusses interfacial transport phenomena between a bulk and catalytic surfaces of a reactor mediated via the boundary conditions. The constitu- tive relations, that by construction comply with the second law of thermodynamics, follow from the specification of suitable thermodynamic potentials together with an identification of the bulk and surface entropy productions. The derived model is suitable for further analysis providing clear guidelines for the incorporation of the Langmuir-type adsorption model as well as other sorption models. Keywords: Heterogeneous catalysis, multi-phase...
Study of (bio)molecular interactions and enzymatic reactions by capillary electrophoretic methods
Růžička, Martin ; Hudeček, Jiří (advisor) ; Mikšík, Ivan (referee) ; Křížek, Tomáš (referee)
Non-covalent interactions participate in majority of processes in living organisms. The strength of interaction between (bio)molecules can be characterized by binding constants of respective complexes, which can be determined by variety of physico-chemical methods. From these methods, capillary electrophoresis features several advantages: (1) interactions takes place in aqueous solutions between free molecules without necessity of their immobilization, (2) short analysis time, (3) small consumption of analyzed compounds, and (4) easy automation of analyses. Within this dissertation thesis, methods of partial-filling affinity capillary electrophoresis (PF-ACE) were developed for study of interactions between double-strand DNA oligonucleotides and well characterized intercalator ethidium bromide as a model compound. Subsequently, binding constants of oligophenylene derivatives complexes with DNA oligonucleotides were determined. The PF-ACE method was optimized for study of enantioselective interactions between helquats and selected chiral acidic aromatic analytes. Several compounds whose enantiomers were separated using helquats as chiral selectors were identified. Capillary electrophoresis was applied as a separation analytical method for monitoring of peptide substrate cleavage by rhomboid...
Etnography of diet and cathering at home for elderly people
Žůrková, Jaroslava ; Novotná, Hedvika (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of catering in the home for elderly people in Prague. The topic is reviewed from a socio-cultural point of view. The main objective is to penetrate the world of diet and catering of seniors living in a total institution, which is characterized by specific features affecting the rights and personal freedoms of its clients. The home for elderly people is committed to comply with the statutory regulations of the Social Services Act as well as its own internal guidelines, while the compliance with legislation and various aspects of catering, including dining, eating, the environment in which food is consumed, as well as those participating in preparation and serving of meals is negotiated at a committee. The relationship between the layers above is captured by an ethnographic study that gives an overall picture of the catering process with all its specifics. Research has revealed that the catering process is becoming an individualized activity at many levels, enabling clients to make autonomous decisions about the process. Nevertheless, staff and clients are aware of limits that prevent individualisation. Key words: diet - meal - catering - senior - total institution - ethnographic study - individualization
Specific cooperation of hearing and deaf employees in the organization Tichy svet, o. p. s.
Petrušková, Gabriela ; Furmaníková, Lada (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
The dissertation deals with the particularities of a mutual cooperation of hearing and deaf employees of the institution Tichý svět, o.p.s. The dissertation is divided into the theoretical and the application part. The theoretical part is dedicated for the theme of the culture in the general concept, the culture of the organisation, and culture of the deafs. The thesis also deals with diversity management and communication in organizational management, focusing on communication in the intercultural team and description of the deaf communication systems. The theoretical part focuses, in its conclusion, on the team and teamwork, on conflicts and their solutions in the cotext of diversity management. The objective of the application part was to analyze situations where there is a misunderstanding between the hearing and the deaf employees of the organization and to describe the specifics of this cooperation. At the end of the thesis the finding are discussed and recommendations made for the organization, which are aimed to avoid misunderstanding. Key words: culture of organization, intercultural communication, deaf, Czech sign language, diversity, team, conflicts.
Marketing of perinatal care centres
Taberyová, Markéta ; Růžička, Michal (advisor) ; Šedivý, Marek (referee)
The main topic of the presented thesis is Marketing in Obstetrics. Principal goals were set as follows: To describe how does marketing works in an environment of maternity hospitals. What demands have their clients and what clients consider most important during childbirth and after a delivery. The theoretical part focuses on a development of care in maternity hospitals throughout history, legal aspects of this specific care and current trends in society that affect clients' demands. Additionally I depict the specific of marketing in Obstetrics and I present it in a perspective of the 4C mix with emphasis on a communication and a convenience. The empirical part unravels the subject from the point of view of health service providers as well as health service consumers. Data sources used to describe in detail marketing of five maternity hospitals were: interviews, information form internet sites and clients personal experience. Furthermore I led investigation using questionnaire filled by hospitals' clients and I preformed ten in-depth structured interviews, upon which I formulated basic ideas of what clients want and what are the basic shortcomings in obstetric health service. The result of my investigation brought up the fact, that fulfillment of clients' expectations is substantial. The choice of...
Approaches to public health in the selected countries and their comparison
Bačkorová, Tereza ; Hrešanová, Ema (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
This thesis investigates approaches to public health in the Czech Republic and compares them to approaches in Norway. The theoretical part outlines key concepts in the field of health, public health, health policy and prevention and explores their diverse interpretation on the level of professional discourse. The empirical part provides a comparative analysis of the development and current state of health systems in both countries, health status of their populations, a general comparison of the approaches to prevention and health policy, as well as an analysis of a concrete example - fight against smoking as a major health risk factor. The aim of the thesis is not only to compare approaches to public health in both countries, but also to understand the complex relationships between the compared cases and the context. Based on this analysis, examples of good practice are identified, and recommendations are formulated which could stimulate further research or serve as a basis for the development of new health policies, prevention programs and campaigns. key words: health, public health, prevention, health policy, health system, health literacy, comparative analysis

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