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Living History on The Czech Television: Holiday in the Olden Days
Halva, Tomáš ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
The living history TV shows (in some cases also referred to as historical reality TV shows) are one of the contemporary trends in the creation of the reality TV genre. The purpose of such programs is to display a certain historical period in a fun and light-hearted form on television. Since they are programs included in the reality TV genre, their aim is also to capture the authentic reactions of those who perform in such programs. With this narrative style, the audience can see how the 21st-century man adapts to the period and how he behaves when confronted with certain historical moments. This kind of program is very popular in foreign media. Two shows created by Czech Television appeared on Czech TV screens. This is a series of Holidays in the Old Times - contains Holidays in the Protectorate and Holidays in the Era of Steam.
Changes in conception of film fairy tales
Drhová, Kateřina ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
The current generation of children consume more medial contents through television and movies than ever before. Many classical literature works are adapted in this way, although they have to correspond with preferences of audience and with socio-cultural values which shows the different view at the same topic subsequently mediated to the youngest audience. This thesis acquaints with history of fairy-tales genre and its various forms. In view of target audience of this production, thesis concentrates with the effect of content and media devices on children audience in theoretical part. Simultaneously the thesis efforts to popularity of cinematized fairy-tales in Czech environment. Practical part analyzes two film adaptations of the same fairy-tale's theme and efforts to point out to the differences in creative conception and values, which these movies represent. The goal of this thesis is to prove the changing views on the classical themes in the course of time the influence of the contemporary ideas and imaginations of the society on the adaptation for children.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
This thesis evaluates the implementation and realization of the "Alternative Dispute Resolution" project in Czech Republic. The concept is based on the assumption of di-ametrical inequality between the consumer and the vendor. The ADR aims to increase enforceability of consumer rights otherwise than in court. The system offers to consu-mer three ways how to solve his problem. It is Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediati-on. Unlike court proceedings, all of these methods are very low cost. This work examines consumer awareness about possibility of resolving their dispute with entre-preneur by ADR form. This was done through the questionnaire survey and the in-depth interview with leader of The Czech Trade Inspection Aut-hority ADR department. The research provides data how to raise awareness about ADR system among consumers.
The selection and deployment of foreign programs of the Western block in hte Czechoslovak Television in 1997 and 1987
Luňáčková, Eliška ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
This thesis The selection and deployment of foreign programs of the Western bloc in the Czechoslovak Television in 1977 and 1987 is concerned with factors that influenced the selection of foreign television programs of the Western bloc in Czechoslovak Television at that time. The political situation in Czechoslovak was very tense under the communist power in 1970s and only after 1985 when Perestrojka was introduced in the Soviet Union that things started to improve in terms of economical and social reforms (Perestrojka started very slowly in Czechoslovak in 1987). One of the main goals of this thesis is to investigate how the political situation in the society affected the Czechoslovak Television in general and the broadcasting of foreign programs in specific. Were there more television shows from the Western bloc in 1987 than in 1977 because of Perestrojka? Or did Perestrojka have no influence on the TV guide at all? This thesis will bring answers to these questions. The Czechoslovak Television was supposed to work according to Ideově tematické plány. These plans showed the main ideology of TV and contained a list of all shows that were supposed be broadcasted during the next year (as the plans were made one year ahead). These plans were very important official documents and all departments were...
Jiří Chalupa and his fairytale world in Czechoslovak and Czech Television
Valová, Nikola ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Růžička, Daniel (referee)
The diploma thesis depicts the personality of Jiří Chalupa and his fairytale work in Czechoslovak and Czech Television. It presents a brief biography of this representative of children's television production and explores his personal style. In addition to the analysis of eight Chalupa's fairy tales, this thesis deals with television fairy tales in general, their transformation and significance. The first part of the study summarizes the theory of the fairy tale from a literary point of view. This is followed by a historical excursion to Czechoslovak and Czech Television with an emphasis on political influence. In a separate chapter, it focuses on television work for children, its representatives, changes and importance. In the next section, attention is shifted to the film and television adapting of fairy tales. The second half of the work is devoted to the life and work of Jiří Chalupa and the analysis of TV fairy tales, made according to his screenplays.
Final machining technology of a special bearing ring using a grinder on the holes
Růžička, Daniel ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Chladil, Josef (advisor)
The main goal of this thesis is to compare 5 chosen grinding wheels, that vary by the material and structure. The testing is done in the company SLB, spol. s r.o., using a grinder on the holes BDU 80, which is set to 6 different settings of the grinding cycle, defined by the letters A´, A, B, C, D and E. These settings vary by the cutting conditions and enable to compare the tested grinding wheels by 8 measured parameters of the surface quality of the grinded bearing orbits of outer rings of the SLB 84-74 bearings, that are described by the drawing documentation.
Network Infrastructure Design for the Family House
Růžička, Daniel ; Štěpánek, Jan (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design house computer network. The default aspects are plans to house and client requirements. In the work described scheme and mode of operation of this network. Further work includes documentation of network elements and calculate the costs of setting up this network.
Business Plan-Lasergame Arena Building
Růžička, Daniel ; Novák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
The thesis contains a business plan to build a Laser Game sports arena. The work itself is divided into three parts. The first part of the theoretical background and knowledge is the base for the second part, an analysis of the current situation. In the final part of the proposal is then prepared whole business plan, which should convince the investor to invest and which should be the basis for the construction of Laser Game arena.
Grinding of Bearing Rings
Růžička, Daniel ; Prokop, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The main objective of this work is to evaluate the surface quality, machined on three different grinders (all three from different age), and to compare those grinders. Comparison is done by the achieved degree of precision of measured geometric tolerances in inner orbits of the outer bearing rings. As the best grinder is expressly marked the newest (type CNC) however, the second in a row (the second youngest) is very close to its quality and finally it is noted that the purchase and operation of this grinder is more convenient.

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