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Spatial aspects of sharing economy in tourism: case of couchsurfing
Lochman, Josef ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
5 Abstract A significance of platforms based on sharing economy principle in tourism has been continuously increasing. Currently, the most significant phenomenon is Airbnb, which allows residents to offer their homes for tourists. Even though Airbnb still works on basic peer to peer principle of sharing economy, due to uncontrolled development, it has been leading to a diversion from values of sharing economy. Unlike Airbnb, couchsurfing still retains values of sharing economy and promotes sustainable tourism. However, there is not enough data about couchsurfing. For example, this platform does not have any public database, which would outline how many people were accommodated through Couchsurfing in particular destinations. The lack of data about couchsurfing is apparent in the academic sphere as well. The vast majority of studies is focused on sociological themes like motivations of people to use couchsurfing or mutual trust among its users. In the meantime, the spatial behaviour of these tourists has been therefore underestimated. Creation of a database of these tourists on international and Czech national scale including an exploration of spatial behaviour in Czechia is the main aim of this research. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was adopted for this research. The quantitative...
3D model of selected object
Ptáček, Pavel ; Vacková, Eva (referee) ; Bartoněk, Dalibor (advisor)
The objective of this diploma thesis is creating digital 3D model of Dolní morový hřbitov in Žďár nad Sázavou. The building is measured primarily by classical geodetic methods. The final appearance of the model is created in AutoCAD 2015. Complementary are presented additional possibilities for creating digital models of building objects and their associated advantages and disadvantages. Much attention is paid to the photogrammetric method based on correlation of images, and work with the program 123D Catch and Cinema 4D.
Emissions from biomass combustion
Ptáček, Pavel ; Lisá, Hana (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with production of gaseous emissions from biomass combustion. It describes how emissions arise and how they affect human health and environment. In experimental part of the thesis emissions were measured and compared for different types of fuel in two combustion devices. Emission classes of combustion devices were also determined.
Analysis of crossborder relations in the Czech-Polish borderland (example of Głubczyce region)
Lukáš, Jan ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
and of the part of the Głu zy e region on the polish side of , Głu
Social environment of transforming Karlín
Korytářová, Jana ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
The main objektive of my thesis is a knowledge of social environment of prague district Karlín, one of the most dynamic part of inner Prague, which is undergoing a transformation of a physical, funcional and social structure. The concept of social environment is used in this work, whereby the social environment is consisted of a social structure and a social climate of a locality. By an analyse of the social, physical and funcional structure and a research of daily rhythms it tries to identify main pacemakers, to deeply learn about proceses and key moments during the day, which structurated the locality, and to capture social groups of users of the locality. The research is focused on three selected basic administrative units: 'Karlín - západ', 'Rohanský ostrov' and 'Za Invalidovnou'. Each of these localities has its own daily rhythm, which is structurated by the resident population and the temporarily present population,and different social environments, which influence each other, are dependent on each other and create the whole character of the prague district Karlín.The work tries to deepen and criticaly evaluate a current metodology. Keywords Karlín, Prague, social environment, social climate, social structure, daily rhythm, pacemaker, locality, mobility, time geography.
Gender inequalities in Kenya
Sehnalová, Klára ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a gender inequality in Kenya. The main goal is to identify a Kenya's position within the East African Community in term sof gender inequality. The position is identified through descriptive comparison of gender indexes and other indicators, and furthermore through their achieved results within the Millennium Development Goals, particularly those focused on gender issues. Another comparison is held among the members states of East African Community on the basis of government's approach towards such issues. Second goal of the thesis is to analyse the gender inequality in Kenya. Specifically the main causes and factors which influence the inequality in Kenya. I tis important as the causes and factors of such inequality have negative effect on the relation between socio-economic growth and decreasing gender inequality. In other words, the thesis analyses the gender inequality on two level - "externalʼʼ (international comparison) and "internalʼʼ (discussion of the conditionality of gender inequality in Kenya). Key words: Kenya, East African Community, gender, gender inequalities, empowerment
Social environment and local communities: city, suburb , countryside
Špačková, Petra ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Kostelecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
Since the 19th century, the processes of modernization, industrialization and urbanization have fundamentally impacted the spatial organization and the actual contents of social ties. In particular, the role of place of residence in everyday life has significantly changed. Compared to the past, the spatial distance is less relevant for maintenance of interpersonal ties and non-local social relations are of growing importance. This process has been recently enhanced by development of communication technologies and the Internet in particular. The Internet has transferred many social ties into virtual communities without any spatial reference. The dissertation deals with the consequences of the above indicated changes for the social environments in urban, suburban and rural localities and it is built on the geographic perspective of social network research. The theoretical framework of the research is based on combination of the concepts of social environment and the concept of local community. Further, the conceptualization of the study of local social environment is presented. In addition, the factors undermining the differentiated social environment and the character of community ties in various types of geographical contexts are discussed. The attention is also paid to the importance of population...
Geocaching as an instrument of local and regional development in the Czech Republic
Formánková, Zuzana ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
The thesis deals with geocaching as a new leisure activity. Within a few years, geocaching gained a great deal of supporters worldwide and their number is rapidly growing. This trend brings the number of side effects, which makes geocaching as a subject of multidisciplinary research. On the thesis geocaching is evaluated especially in relation to tourism and leisure time theory. The thesis provides a qualitative assessment of geocaching and spatial distribution within the Czech Republic. There are also evaluated limits and possibilities of development of this activity and studied the influence of geocaching on the environment. The thesis presents analysis of current practice and attitude of the two actors of regional development in relation to geocaching - Czech regions and representatives of specially protected areas. They are suggested ways, how could be geocaching used in desired development of areas where it is operated.

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