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Design of a low power internal voltage regulator for automotive applications
Šojdr, Marek ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the design of integrated voltage regulator. Topologies of linear voltage regulators and their stability are discussed. Part of the thesis deals with description and simulation of blocks of selected regulator topology. The thesis describes the difficulties of integrated circuit design in the automotive industry. The electrical scheme of the designed regulator is explained. The work also focuses on the stability of designed regulator. Then presents simulations. It discusses the layout of integrated circuits and the designed voltage regulator.
Design of low-voltage supply and reference block based on the bandgap reference
Mudroch, Michal ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
In this diploma thesis there is elaborated design of low-voltage power supply block using I3T25 technology. The theoretical part describes the basic structures used in the design, using CMOS and bipolar devices. Furthermore, the properties and the analysis used in the evaluation are described. In the design part there is an elaborated design of individual parts, including voltage references, current references, DAC converter, operational amplifier. In the last part, the power supply block is subjected to simulations for verification of temperature compensated output variables and analyzed circuit functionality.
Integrated temperature sensor bipolar core
Fránek, Jakub ; Prokop, Roman (referee) ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (advisor)
Cílem této práce je popsat možné způsoby realizace teplotního senzoru na křemíkovém čipu v běžných CMOS výrobních technologiích a představit konkrétní implementaci analogového jádra teplotního senzoru využívajícího bipolární tranzistory ve výrobní technologii TSMC 110. Techniky jako chopping, dynamic element matching nebo trimování byly použity k navržení obvodů, jejichž simulovaná 3 přesnost měření je ±3.5 °C bez trimování nebo ±0.6 °C s po jedné trimovací operaci napříč vojenským teplotním rozsahem. Navržené obvody zabírají pouze 0.012 mm čtverečních plochy čipu a jejich celkové parametry jsou srovnatelné s výsledky současných publikovaných prací.
Deasign and development of programable notch filter for audio circuits
Dohnal, Jaroslav ; Prokop, Roman (referee) ; Háze, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis discusses harmonic distortion and its measurement in the audio bandwidth using notch and tracking notch filters. The first chapter defines harmonic distortion and ways how harmonic distortion can be measured. The second chapter describes different notch filter topologies and their realizations for use in an audio band. It also describes the tracking part of a tracking notch filter. The third chapter shows a design of a notch filter using the state-variable topology, board layout and a control module for this programmable notch filter. It also describes A/D converter with USB interface used for making measurements in chapter four.
Backup AC Power Supply
Szabó, Andor ; Musil, Vladislav (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design a step-up DC/AC converter, an inverter from 12 V to 120 Vrms, with a sinus output signal. The converter should deliver a continuous performance of 300 W and a double peak power output of 600 W. The supposed usage of this inverter would be as a back-up power source for the circulatory pump of the central heating in the case of power outage. The inverter is consisting of a T-type power section.
Universal Emulation Platform for Checking the Designs of the Integrated Circuits
Podzemný, Jakub ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
This work deals with verification possibilities of integrated circuits, especially with hardware emulation. The first part of the text briefly describes designing process of an integrated circuit, which includes emulation using emulation platforms. The main part of this work deals with the innovation of the emulation platform, which is used by SCG Czech Design Center s. r. o. Possible ways to improve the current emulation platform are explored and further taken into account when designing a universal emulation platform. Last part of this work deals with functional verification of the proposed universal emulation platform. Functionality will be verified by emulation of the basic control functions of the NCP1246 circuit.
Design of voltage references in BiCMOS ONC18 process
Dušek, Samuel ; Prokop, Roman (referee) ; Šotner, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with design of voltage references in 180 nm technology of the ON Semiconductor company with main focus on the lowest value of power supply. First part presents theoretical knowledge concerning voltage references. The next part introduces chosen topologies, describes their function and methods of initial design. In this part there are also shown results which were achieved after initial design and after optimization of all references. The last part appraises the best replacement for bandgap etalon in area of power supply, where bandgap reference can not work properly.
Control system of the camera scanner for monitoring of plant growth
Zapletal, Ladislav ; Prokop, Roman (referee) ; Musil, Vladislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design and realization of robotic drive of the camera scanner system of plants together with the control unit. This device serves as the carrier system of various camera sensors. The sensors will monitor both the growth and the physiological status of the cultivated plants in the growth chambers. The thesis describes the choice of electronic and mechanical components from which the device is built. The text describes a design of the PCB that will control the device. Part of the thesis is also a demonstration of the realization of the systém together with the illustration of the real form of the system and its testing.
Design and parameters optimization of latched comparator in 250 nm CMOS process
Matěj, Jan ; Kledrowetz, Vilém (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design methods and optimization techniques of dynamic latched comparators. It compares latched and continuous comparators and describes their principle. Then it analyses three popular latched comparator structures with respect to offset, speed and kickback noise. It shows practical comparator design focused on offset precision.
Design of an internal voltage regulator for automotive applications
Bryndza, Ivan ; Šotner, Roman (referee) ; Prokop, Roman (advisor)
This work contains topology and circuit design of a linear voltage regulator with respect to suppression of disturbances coming from supplied circuit into the input of the regulator. The converter is designed for integration in automotive sensor applications.

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