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La Lozana andaluza and the Literary Canon
Holub, Jiří ; Sánchez Fernández, Juan Antonio (advisor) ; Bellón Aguilera, José Luis (referee) ; Prokop, Josef (referee)
The theme of the dissertation is the important piece of 16th century Spanish prose, Retrato de la Lozana andaluza (Portrait of Lozana: The Lusty Andalusian Woman) by Francisco Delicado. Published anonymously in Venice around the year 1530, it fell into obscurity for the next three hundred years. The only known copy was discovered in the middle of the 19th century in Vienna. Over the next hundred and fifty years this literary curiosity gradually became recognized as an integral part of the Spanish literary canon. Still, the research of La Lozano andaluza continues to feature blank spaces and unresolved issues, and is at the same time characterized by its conflicting nature and the absence of a generally accepted consensus. The introduction of the thesis summarizes and evaluates the state and condition of present-day research and outlines the general problems of the literary canon and its exploration through the concept of a philological field. The aim of the first part of the thesis is to present all verified editing data and to focus on those aspects of the work that have been neglected. These include the typography and iconography of the original publication, the narrative structure and the overview and nature of the general meaning-making principles. Delicado's peculiar use of language, his...
Reception of Czech literature in Spain considering the mediating role of German
Vavroušová, Petra ; Králová, Jana (advisor) ; Prokop, Josef (referee) ; Martino Alba, Pilar (referee)
The objective of the present doctoral thesis is to describe the reception of Czech literature in Spain between 1900 and 2015 with a special emphasis on German as a mediating language for translation between Czech and Spanish, placing Czech research of this phenomenon into a broad international context of investigating the role of languages and cultures in multilingual communities. The thesis further explores issues partially covered by previous research (Uličný 2005, Špirk 2011, 2014, Cuenca 2013). The theoretical part first provides a short historical context of both countries, commenting on their bilateral relations during the 20th century, analysing the publishing sector and describing the official censorship. It then provides a detailed investigation of indirect translations and introduces diverse methods in which they can be explored, highlighting the importance of paratextual material, that is paratexts (Genette 1982, 1987) and metatexts (Popovič 1975, 1983), and the influence of censorship and dominant ideology (Abellán 1980, 1982, 1987; Neuschäfer 1994). Methodologically, the present work relies on Czech and Slovak translation studies (Levý, Popovič) and the Spanish TRACE project (Rabadán, Merino). The empirical part uses the methodological tools of critical discourse analysis, author's...
Revitalization of the Regional Language in Provence by the Medium of Calandreta Schools
Vacula, Richard ; Zavadil, Bohumil (advisor) ; Valeš, Miroslav (referee) ; Prokop, Josef (referee)
Revitalization of the Regional Language in Provence by the Medium of Calandreta Schools Richard Vacula (Abstract) This thesis focuses on the role of bilingual Calandreta schools in the process of maintenance and revitalisation of the regional language in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, France. It is based on empirical research undertaken in form of questionnaires and directed interviews in the place of two existing Provençal Calandretas, Gap and Orange. A sample of the local population and respondents from the area of the two schools has been included in the research. We have studied linguistic behaviour, attitudes towards regional education, and the picture of the schools and the language in question. The results suggest that the public is inclined towards the essentials of the language being taught, however, less so towards bilingual education. The results also show that the potential of the schools observed lies rather in their pedagogical methods. The strong pressure of French is noticeable even on the grounds of the schools. The use of Occitan in everyday communication situations is then somewhat rare. The regional language is noticeably associated with the school environment and is connected with specific contexts. Hence, it is necessary to rate the influence of the Calandreta schools on the real...
Technical Testing in modern Quality management
Prokop, Josef ; Toul, Jiří (referee) ; Fiala, Alois (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the role of the technical kontrol in a firm. In the first part there are described the tools of statistical process kontrol with an emphasis on flowchart, dot and kontrol diagrams, Ishikawa diagram, histograms and Pareto analysis. In the second part there is analyzed the position and the dutin of the technical kontrol in a firm. Possible progres in the field of the technical kontrol is gauged.

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