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Professional perspectives of pupils and students at secondary and higher school for teachers / teacher's training schools/.
Doksanská, Ivana ; Prokop, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with professional preparation, evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of teaching profession, and professional perspectives. The aim of the work is a comprehensive study describing the professional preparation of future preschool teachers at the level of secondary and higher education, and the interpretation of data obtained by research. The thesis has a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of basic concepts related to professional training, professional perspectives and teaching profession. The practical part is aimed at acquiring and interpreting attitudes, assessing the professional preparation and professional perspectives of pupils and students. A questionnaire was used to analyze the data obtained. Part of the work is also the interpretation of results, recommendations for practical training and overall conclusion. Key words: Minuses of the teaching profession Pluses of the teaching profession Teacher's profession Professional training Professional perspective
Ethical code and education
Dostál, Pavel ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The theoretical part describes modern education and its outcomes. The issue of quality measurement in education on the whole is addressed while mentioning the fact that the concept of quality of education has no exact definition. Further, the basic functions of school are descibed together with their evaluation. The significant aspect of parent-school cooperation is mentioned in the context of coordinated curriculum. This theoretical framework explains the environment in which the pupil`s prosocial behaviour arises and develops further. Followingly, the standards of quality in promoting personal integrity are introduced. The standards include eleven principles which cultivate moral and ethical values in all participants of educational process. The delineation of current educational grounds and goals, along with suitable methods and sociological view of education constitute another part of the work. The sociological view ends with analysis of sustainability of morality and school role in promoting values. The ethical code is described, its definition, formation procedure, outline as well as ethical code sample for education stressing the ballance of all participants in educational process. In the next chapter, problem areas and fundamental ethical issues are defined, their solutions suggested. The...
Ethical code and education
Dostál, Pavel ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
Aim: Ethical code and its application in education, provide it or not? Focus: The consequences of using ethical code. Does it change the student-teacher relationship? What does the current state of this relationship look like? Is this relationship viewed as a mutually agreed contract, or is anyone in this relationship advantaged. Is there sufficient law and specification for this relationship? How is the current student-teacher relationship specified? How has it been viewed recently, how is it viewed currently and how will it progress? Could ethical code and specification of ethical conduct be beneficient or is it to be viewed as another blind bureaucratic meassure? The comparison with other helping professions.
Advance directives. Risks and benefits.
Matějek, Jaromír ; Rethmann, Albert-Peter (advisor) ; Ovečka, Libor (referee) ; Prokop, Jiří Maxmilián (referee)
The thesis deals with the interpretation of "the advance directives". In particular, contexts are identified in which the interpretation is made. The thesis show the significance of the contexts from the interpretation of patients' texts. Their essential feature is a dynamism being independent on the patient's will, their unsteadiness and possibility to develop unexpectedly. These circumstances make a patient's text a hazardous tool.
Education and its perception: Point of view of young Vietnamese
Bednárová, Lenka ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Vzdělává í a jeho atri uty z pohledu ladý h Viet a ů Education and its perception: Point of view of young Vietnamese Zpracovala: Lenka Bednárová Vedou í prá e: do . PhDr. Jiří Prokop, Ph.D. Studij í progra : Učitelství všeo e ě vzděláva í h před ětů pro ZŠ a SŠ Studijní obor: Pedagogika - Výchova ke zdraví Datum odevzdání: 19. 4. 2018 ABSTRACT School achievements of young Vietnamese pupils are also brought to the attention of the Czech public. The cause could be doubled - the impact of the migration process and the influence of cultural values and cultural patterns of Vietnamese society. The main aim of this paper is describe the perception of education and educational system from the perspective of young Vietnamese in the Czech Republic and also in Vietnam. The study is systematically divided into theoretical and empirical part. The first one is focused on the importance of cultural determinants, which have influence of education and nurture, including of image of contemporary Western society. At the same time, this section also provides an overview of the Vietnamese education system, local education ideas, and Vietnamese migration to the Czech Republic. The empirical part is devoted to the introduction of qualitative research in pedagogy and the research carried out with informants in the...
Education system in the Czech republic and in Kingdom of Spain
Vondrouš, Jan ; Prokop, Jiří (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to compare the educational systems of two European states with different state institutions, history and current political-historical situation. The work will be of comparative character and will be based mainly on the work with the studied literature. The work will use both Czech and Spanish literature. The main benchmarking tool will be the International Standard Classification of Education at ISCED 2011. In the practical part, this classification will be applied to both education systems, and at the end of each level of education there will be comparisons. The result will be a simultaneous evaluation and comparison of the education system of the Kingdom of Spain and the Czech Republic. KEYWORDS: ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education by UNESCO), education system, early childhood education, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, post-secondary non-tertiary education, short cycle of tertiary education, bachelor or other equivalent, master or other equivalent).

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