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Modeling of potential distribution of beaver in watershed of the river Mže
Procházková, Zuzana ; Romportl, Dušan (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
Diploma thesis is focused on habitat requirements of European beaver (Castor fiber) and conflicts arising thereof in the catchment area of the river Mže. Based on current occurence the potential distribution of this species is predicted. In the introductory part the model species and his habitat requierements are described. Further attention is given to occurence of European beaver in the area of the Czech republic with emphasis on the catchment area of the river Mže. On the basis of know data concerning occurence of European beaver in the area of interest the potentional distribution of beaver is evaluated based on habitat requirements using programmes ArcGIS 10.2 and MAXENT 3.3. These results are supported by terrain mapping in selected areas. Tables, grafs and thematic maps , which clearly represent the results, are part of submitted thesis. Thus, the main aim of the thesis is to describe habibat requirements of European beaver, predict his future spreding in the catchment area of river Mže and identify possible conflict zones. Keywords: the Eurasian beaver, Castor fiber, Mže river, habitat modeling, MaxEnt
Application of the Nambu mechanics formalism in atmospheric dynamics
Procházková, Zuzana ; Šácha, Petr (advisor) ; Badin, Gualtiero (referee)
Nambu mechanics is a generalization of Hamiltonian mechanics that uses multiple conserved quantities as Hamiltonians. In this thesis, we review Nambu mechanics and its application on the equations of incompressible flow and shallow water equations. The Nambu form of the equations of incompressible flow is guessed based on its Hamiltonian form and derived conserved quantities. With the example of the shallow water equations a more general method of Nambu form derivation is illustrated. Based only on the knowledge of the Hamiltonian and the potential enstrophy moments conservation, the shallow water equations are written as a sum of the Nambu brackets and a Poisson bracket. For the classical potential enstrophy, the derived equations are up to constant factors equivalent to the known form of the shallow water equations. The notation by antisymmetric Nambu brackets is convenient for finding conservative schemes and the theory can be also used for example for the study of deviations of flow from stationary flow.
Teaching of orienteering at primary school.
Procházková, Zuzana ; Přibyl, Ivan (advisor) ; Hrabinec, Jiří (referee)
Title: Teaching of orienteering at primary school Author: Bc. Zuzana Procházková Department: Department of Physical Education Supervisor: PaedDr. Ivan Přibyl Objectives: The aim of this study is to present orienteering to pupils of primary school. Examine the effect of orienteering on pupils. Introduce history and the rules of orienteering, the system of competitions and the organization of trainings. Familiarize the reader with the other orienteering sports. Present developmental psychology of children aged 11 to 15. To put orienteering in curriculum for primary school. Methods: The method of questioning was used. We also organized the orienteering race for children. The results were evaluated into spreadsheets, graph and commentary was also used. Results: There are pupils from primary school in this research. Pupils are 11-16 years old. Most of the pupils knew about orienteering before this research. Most pupils ran between 15-20 minutes for one kilometre in the race. Fifteen pupils from 95 didn't find the control point. Pupils felt good after the race. Half from them want to participate orienteering race again. Keywords: Running, map, compass, terrain, orienteering, spare time, puberty
Discrete linear dynamical systems with control
Procházková, Zuzana ; Tůma, Jiří (advisor) ; Růžička, Pavel (referee)
Discrete linear dynamical systems with control Author: Zuzana Procházková Department: Department of Algebra Supervisor: doc. RNDr. Jiří Tůma, DrSc., Department of Algebra Abstract: In this thesis we describe elementary property of discrete linear dyna- mical system. We define discrete linear dynamical system with control and its controllability and then we define descrete linear dynamical system with output and its observability. After that we show the duality of observability and con- trollability with definition of dual system and its description. There are three problems solved in the last chapter. 1
Teaching of orienteering at primary school.
Procházková, Zuzana ; Kašpar, Ladislav (advisor) ; Přibyl, Ivan (referee)
Title: Teaching of orienteering at primary school Author: Bc. Zuzana Procházková Department: Department of Physical Education Supervisor: PhDr. PaedDr. Ladislav Kašpar, Ph.D. Objectives: The aim of this diploma work is to chart the teaching of orienteering at primary schools in Prague and to use a questionnaire-based approach to determine whether orienteering is included within the school curriculum and if so, then how. The secondary objective is to draw up a draft of methods for teaching orienteering. Methods: Data collection was performed using a questionnaire-based approach. The questionnaire was evaluated in the graphs and tables. The method for the secondary objective is a detailed study of the literature and results of the questionnaire. Results: Thirty four physical education teachers participated in the research study. Sixteen teachers include orienteering within their teaching curriculum. The frequency of orienteering teaching is mostly 1-3 times a year. A half of the teachers teach orienteering in PE lessons. More than half of the teachers included orienteering as a part of school trips and courses. Most of them use specialised orienteering maps. All the teachers require that their pupils know how to orientate a map based on the terrain. Keywords: Running, map, compass, terrain,...
Expectations versus hospital reality in women undergoing elective caesarean section
Procházková, Zuzana ; Bláha, Jan (advisor) ; Fanta, Michael (referee)
Each expectant mother comes into the hospital with some idea of how the delivery will proceed, including the c-section. These ideas, created on basis lay and professional opinions, can be dramatically different from the resulting reality. This work deals with the choice of anesthesia for planned c-section from the perspective of expectant mothers. The theoretical part of the work is devoted to current possibilities and trends in obstetric anaesthesia. It describes the types of anesthesia (local vs. total) from the perspective of medicine and from the perspective of mothers in preparation to this operational performance. The aim of the empirical part of the work is the comparison of preoperative expectations of expectant mothers with the resulting hospital reality. It was found out by the quantitative questionnaire method. The questionnaire is divided into two parts- the part before the c-section and the postoperative part. The aim of the work is the detection what information sources influence mothers ideas of the course of the operating, the influences for their decisions of the choice of anesthesia, and how the information is valid and objective. The data are treated in detail in the empirical part. The work also discussion in which the survey results are compared with the stated aims and claims...
A journey through time - prosect implementation in the after - school club by the school education programme
Procházková, Zuzana ; Dotřelová, Hana (advisor) ; Dvořáčková, Hana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with problems of creating of School education programme in after-school club with emphasis on mental, social and physical development of younger school age children. The thesis is divided into two parts. First part deals with function of leisure time relate to its pedagogic aspect. This part is also focused on after-school club and its importance, legislation and history. Last chapters of first part deal with appropriateness of School education programme. The second part of the thesis, the practical part, describes the realisation of the project "A journey through time" in the after-school club. This projects supports and develops natural interest in history of children. The goal of the thesis was finding out if the Project develops children's natural interest in history, improves their work in groups and betters their motoric skills. It results from realised observation that the Project really contributed to children's interest in history, project supported cooperation in groups and motoric skills were improved by use of various activities.
Relationship of doctor and patient, criminal law aspects
Procházková, Zuzana ; Sovová, Olga (advisor) ; Císařová, Dagmar (referee)
RELATIONSHIP OF DOCTOR AND PATIENT, CRIMINAL LAW ASPECTS I have chosen this particular topic regarding the fact, that medical law is a part of law, which attracts general public attention. Relationship of doctor and patient is something that every one of us has experience with. Everyone visits doctor and builds unique relationship with him. I have chosen topic of relationship of doctor and patient, because I want to highlight that this relationship is still not relationship of equal partners in the Czech Republic, which leads to several conclusions. My aim is to analyze this situation regarding criminal law aspects. Aim of this thesis is to analyze relationship of doctor and patient as a result of process of evolution, to describe recent situation in the Czech Republic and to suggest changes for the future. I look at the relationship of doctor and patient on the basis of criminal law and demonstrate some particular aspects with case studies. Thesis is divided into thirteen chapters. First chapter introduces term of medical law and its position in law system and connection to criminal law. Basic terms and its explanation are provided in chapter two. It should not be considered as complete and finished enumeration. Third chapter enumerates important legal documents and laws which cover topic of the...
Tobacco dependence in terms of service to clients dependent on alcohol
Procházková, Zuzana ; Nevoralová, Monika (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the problem of tobacco addiction among clients dependent on alcohol. It surveys the attitudes and needs of service providers to clients addicted to alcohol with regard to the phenomenon of addiction to tobacco. In the first half of the theoretical part I describe general information related to the smoking and to the alcohol, such as history, occurrence in the population, their characteristics and effects, and one chapter is devoted to the specific interaction of tobacco and alcohol. In the second half, I focused on the diagnosis and assessment of the rate dependence, on the description of the dependence on these substances, therapeutic interventions and on the medical care system. In the empirical part this thesis deals with the issue of Tobacco Addiction treatment with simultaneous treatment of alcoholism. How is the practice now and how it would according to the view of workers be involved in the treatment of alcoholism should have to be Tobacco Addiction treatment included in their services. This is a qualitative study, as a data collection method was used individual semi structured interviews with the service providers. For the data creation there were used content analysis methods. In the results I focused on individual topics, as the advantages and disadvantages of the...

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