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Speech therapy for Parkinson's disease
Procházková, Eva ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kopečný, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis presents an analysis of speech impairments accompanying Parkinson's disease. This paper is divided into two sections - theoretical and practical. The first section gives a brief overview of available Czech and foreign literature and articles about this neurodegenerative disease. The section examines the questions of its aetiology, symptomatology, diagnostics and treatment. There can be found also a description of speech impairment connected with this disease, which is mainly hypokinetic and hyperkinetic dysarthria and dysphagia. It also deals with the problem of other limitations in communication such as facial bradykinesia or speech intelligibility. In the last chapter of theoretical part is described speech therapy and intervention with the emphasis on therapy, diagnostics and the effects of pharmacology an non-pharmacological treatment such as deep brain stimulation on speech performance in Parkinson's disease. The research part analyses speech impairment of people with Parkinson's disease. The aim of this diploma thesis was examination of this speech impairment using the Test 3F: Dysarthria profile and patient's own perception of this specific speech disorder. In this paper are presented eight case studies focusing on speech of clients with Parkinson's disease. The results...
Termination of Employment in Czech and English Legal System
Vochtová, Tereza ; Procházková, Eva (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
Termination of employment in Czech and English law This final thesis deals with the subject of termination of employment in the Czech Republic and England. The comparison is of interest for two main reasons. The first reason is a difference in the level of regulation of the labour market in England and the Czech Republic. England has the least regulated labour market in the European Union and the third least regulated labour market in the world. The Czech Republic on the other hand has one of the most tightly regulated labour markets in the world. The second reason of interest is that there is a fundamental difference in the legal culture in both countries. England is the birthplace of the Anglo-American legal culture, and the Czech Republic is the perfect example of the continental legal culture. These reasons are a reflection of the fundamentally different ways in which the English and Czech employment law and its instruments evolved. There are three main parts of the thesis. The first part of the thesis describes the legal ways in which the employment relationship may be terminated in the Czech Republic. Every single way of terminating the employment relationship is enshrined in the Czech Labour Code. These include legal acts, legal facts and official decisions. Much of the first part of the final thesis...
Candida albicans: Regulace genové exprese - funkce CEK 1
Procházková, Eva ; Jílek, Petr (advisor) ; Buchta, Vladimír (referee)
5 Abstract Eva Procházková Candida albicans: Regulation of gene expression - function of CEK1 Degree paper Charles university in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy Hradci Králové Farmacie Background This work is is aimed on CEK1 gene in C. albicans and its regulation related to the promotor of this gene and the influence of sterile vegetative growth pathway on gene expression of this mitogen - activated protein kinase. Methods Common methods of genetic manipulation with biological material and immunoblot assays with different antibodies were used for constructinon of C.albicans mutants and their detection. Luciferase assay, the luminescence method, was used for gene expression measuring. Results CEK1 expression seems to be a key element during the filament growth of C. albicans, the most invasive form of this organism. This research is based on construction of C.albicans mutants containing area of Cek1 expression. Mutants containing deletion of different genes involved in MAPK cascade were exposed to various stress factors like tunicamycine or temperatrure. The effect of those mutations on CEK1 expression was observed. Conclusions Used CEK1 promotors allow the expression of the gene and the mutations used in the work cause differences in intensity of gene expression according to the time.
Human resources management in a small enterprise
Vaňkátová, Věra ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Procházková, Eva (referee)
Resumé Human resources management in a small enterprise In my work I deal with the topic of human resources management in a small enterprise. In the first chapter I deal with the definition of the concept and historical development of this area. The second chapter is devoted to circumstances regarding the origin and termination of the employment. Human resources management in this stage begins with planning. Planning means determining the needs of the organization, especially in planning the required number of suitable, adequately trained and properly motivated employees at the right time. The planning is continued by recruitment. This phase ensures that the vacancies will attract sufficient number of suitable candidates. To identify which of the candidates is best suited to fill the job, you need to invite suitable candidates to the selection interview. The aim of the selection process is to find a suitable candidate with whom the contract will be concluded. An important area is the protection of personal data. The end of this chapter deals with the circumstances of termination of employment as defined in § 48-73 LC. The last chapter covers the main areas of human resources management in a small business. In the subsection "Performance management and evaluation" is devoted to the importance of implementing...
The position of senior employees in employment relations
Krautwurmová, Jana ; Procházková, Eva (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
The Summary The Status of Senior Employees in Employment Relationships The aim of this work is to map out the legal status of senior employees and to draw attention to interpretation and application problems. For this purpose, I compared the old and the new legislation, and also took into account the historical development of various legislative changes as well as forthcoming changes and their potential impact in practice. The thesis is divided into four chapters, each of which discusses separately various factors relating to the employment of senior employees. The first chapter defines the basic concepts of labour law, for example: "employer", "employee" and "employment relationship". It also deals with the relationship between civil and labour law. It is further subdivided into three parts, in which those concepts are discussed in detail. The last section is devoted to the definition of the senior employee. The concept of the senior employee was evaluated from the point of the old Labour Code in comparison with the new Labour Code and with Swiss law as well as and views of the proposed legislative changes. The second chapter is devoted to the creation, alteration and termination of employment of senior employees. It separately addresses the creation and the termination. The law of the creation of...
Welfare in unemployment and its legal regulation in the CR and selected countries
Ptáčková, Leona ; Štefko, Martin (advisor) ; Procházková, Eva (referee)
LEGAL REGULATIONS OF UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS IN CZECH REPUBLIC AND IN SELECTED COUNTRIES This graduation thesis describes and analyzes legal regulations of unemployment benefits in Czech Republic and in Sweden. Main reason why I have chosen that topic could be seen in the fact that in both countries exist two different systems. In Czech Republic we have compulsory state system of unemployment benefits but Sweden is one of four European countries where we can find so-called Ghent system. Sweden is also known as typical example of welfare state, so I came to conclusion it could be interesting to focus attention also to this matter and its influence to the topic. The aim of the thesis is to compare both systems, individual institutes of this problematic, focus on main differences and also point out common rules and principles. The thesis involves an introduction, main part and conclusion. The main part is divided into seven chapters. The first one presents explanation of unemployment, its different types and consequences. Following two chapters concern development of legal regulations of this problematic both in Czech Republic (also in Czechoslovakia) and in Sweden. Because some of the mentioned acts are very extensive, I focused only on legal rules concerning the unemployment benefits. The main part of...
Flexible forms of working hours
Kuncová, Gabriela ; Procházková, Eva (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
66 Abstract - Flexible forms of working hours This diploma thesis deals with the flexible forms of working hours and its goal is to describe this issue in intelligible and comprehensive way. It is being very interesting and current theme which is to a great extent not subject to direct legal regulations and provides its contracting parties with a big amount of freedom of contract. This fact assists in bigger flexibilization of labour market and represents a significant instrument in the fight against unemployment and economic crisis. This thesis is composed of six chapters. Chapter One introduces the term flexible forms of working hours and briefly describes the content of following chapters. Chapter Two delimits the area of labour law in relation to other branches of law and describes law principles relating to labour law. The following Chapter Three deals with legal regulations of working hours, its length, ways of allotment and international legal regulations. Chapter Four represents an introduction to the flexible forms of working hours. The basic methods of division of flexibility in the relation to the labour market are mentioned here as well as flexible forms of work are divided on the basis of typology which is used in this diploma thesis. This chapter is followed by Chapter Five, which is the most...
Security of Electricity Supplies in the EU
Mandátová, Pavla ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Procházková, Eva (referee)
The aim of the thesis 'Security of electricity supplies in the EU' is to verify validity of the argument that three objective of EU energy policy which the European Council officially agreed upon in 2007 might be conflicting in their practical implementation. Those objectives involve: increasing the competitiveness of European economies and the availability of affordable energy, combating climate change and increasing security of supply. In order to verify relevance of this hypothesis, security of supply is narrowed down to the case of electricity as a specific commodity. With regard to the other two goals, the paper identifies main challenges to security of electricity supplies. Subsequently, the analysis of policy and legislative measures adopted at the EU level which should tackle these challenges is performed and their adequacy evaluated. Inadequate network infrastructure investment and absence of coordinated grid development as well as coordinated system operation are perceived as main concerns. Last but not least, the thesis analyzes interpretations of identified deficiencies provided by four theoretical approaches to European integration - neofunctionalism, liberal intergovernmentalism, new institutionalism and multi-level governance

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