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House arrest, its execution and control
Procházková, Aneta ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (advisor) ; Galovcová, Ingrid (referee)
House arrest, its execution and control This thesis focuses on the punishment of house arrest and its position as an alternative punishment. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive view of this institute in a broader context, to reveal its advantages and disadvantages and to evaluate its development so far. Given one of the functions of house arrest as a substitute for imprisonment in particular, the work goes in this direction and evaluates this aspect from several possible perspectives. The assessment is then based on a comparison of the theoretical assumptions and results of the practice, which offers a comparison of the actual use of punishment and its likely development in the coming years, including de lege ferenda. The first part of the thesis is conceived as a general introduction which aims to introduce the concept of punishment, including its purpose, meaning and function. The following section than narrows the broad subject of punishment to alternative punishments, among which house arrest is included. One subchapter is also devoted to the concept of restorative justice as the cornerstone of alternative sanctioning. The second part of the thesis deals with the main topic and analyzes all the requirements of the house arrest. These chapters describe its development, meaning, purpose and...
Proposal of Communication Mix in the Selected Company
Procházková, Aneta ; Velecký, Pavel (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
Bachelor thesis proposes changes in communications mix of selected firm based on analysis of current communication mix. Thesis is divided on theoretical, analytical and proposal part. Theoretical part defines theoretical concepts in marketing focusing on communications mix and several analytical methods used for firm analysis. Analytical part consists of firm characterization and analysis execution. Proposal part is focused on proposing changes in communication mix of the selected company.
Contact between children in temporary foster care with their birth family
Procházková, Aneta ; Pazlarová, Hana (advisor) ; Matoušek, Oldřich (referee)
The aim of the master thesis is described the issue of contact of children in temporary foster care. The theoretical part describes temporary foster care and other forms of foster care. The theoretical part is focused on the status of birth family, foster parents and their support services. There are mentioned reasons for placing the child to the foster family. The master thesis contains current facts from this area in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. In the practical part there are used qualitative methods, namely semi-structured interviews and case reports. The purpose of these methods is to show the possibilities, advantages and limitations and recommendations regarding the contact of children in temporary foster care with their birth family.
Senior tourism in the Region of Vyškov
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to evaluate the currect conditions of senior travelling in Vyškov district due to the analysis of the offers of the destination and se-nior citizens' needs and wishes. As emerged from the analysis, the tourism industry product was suggested to improve the situation. The primary and secondary data were used for the analysis. The questionnaire survey helped to obtain the primary data. These were described in detail in charts with the comments below. The structured interviews were made with experts in tourism in-dustry in Vyškov district and with senior citizens who travelled around. The results were also reported in the chapter about research. In the chapter about the synthesis, the results and knowledge of the reasearch were compared. Four hypothesis were defined. Three of them were confirmed and one of them were confirmed partially. According to the results of the analyses, the tourism industry products were crea-ted to increase the tourism in Vyškov district. Three types of excursion tour for three types of senior citizen were designed. The first one is for senior citizens who like sightseeing tours. This tour takes place in the historical centre of Vyškov city and other historic sights. The second one is for active senior citizens who like enjoying nature. And the third tour is for the senior citi-zens with grandchildren. This tour includes the visit to the DinoPark and Vyškov fun-fair.
Refund of VAT to entrepreneurs from European Communities and from the third countries
Procházková, Aneta ; Svátková, Slavomíra (advisor) ; Hladíková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with refund of VAT to entrepreneurs from European Communities and from the third countries. The first part makes the reader familiar with the legislative conditions which are set by the EC guideline and by the Value added tax law. The process of filling in the VAT refund application and the tax administrator process of considering an application are analysed in the second chapter. The third chapter compares legislative conditions and the VAT refund processes to entrepreneurs from European Communities and from the third countries. Also there is mentioned an evaluation of the identical and the different elements.
Provozovna v zákoněn o DPH
Procházková, Aneta ; Svátková, Slavomíra (advisor)
Tato práce je zaměřena na problematiku provozovny v zákoně o DPH. Nejdříve jsou v práci vymezeny parametry provozovny na základě českého zákona o DPH, legislativy EU 6. směrnice a judikaturou ESD. V práci jsou také určena pravidla pro registraci provozovny. Další část práce se zabývá analýzou poskytovaných plnění mezi zřizovatelem a provozovnou. Tato analýza je doplněna analýzou plnění poskytovaných zřizovatelem jiným subjektům, které mají sídlo v tuzemsku, kde je umístěna provozovna zřizovatele. V závěru práce jsou stanoveny daňové dopady vznikající v důsledku poskytovaných plnění. V průběhu práce jsou vytyčeny hlavní změny, se kterými přichází novela zákona o DPH v roce 2009, jež souvisí s tématem této bakalářské práce.

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