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Metody ochrany karoserií vozidel proti korozi
Procházka, Vít
The purpose of this bachelor’s thesis is to investigate the topic of a corrosion of metal parts included in a car bodywork and also to provide an overview of several anti-corrosion protection methods. First part of this thesis is dedicated to the topic of a metal degradation due to a corrosion when its particular kinds are listed and described. Following part shows the possible methods of a car bodywork protection against corrosion. Those include reasonable material and surface treatment selections. Last part is focused on a testing of the anti-corrosive layers quality. There were suitable testing methods selected and used on a real product - measuring of layers thickness, cupping and bending test.
Faktory ovlivňující vzcházení plantáží rychle rostoucích dřevin
Procházka, Vít
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of fast-growing wood plantations with particular focus on Japanese poplars grown in the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis presents an overview of various tree species that can be grown in the Czech Republic. It also includes factors influencing new emergence and growth of these plantations. The following section describes ways of growing these woods, or choosing suitable places for their planting. The second part of the thesis is devoted to productive, energetic, or economic (yield) parameters of these fast-growing woods. The last part of the thesis focuses on influential factors of plantations in specific areas.
Unfavourable biological prognostic factors in Multiple Myeloma
Painuly, Utkarsh ; Smolej, Lukáš (advisor) ; Pour, Luděk (referee) ; Procházka, Vít (referee)
Title I: Aurora kinase and FGFR3 inhibition results in significant apoptosis in molecular subgroups of multiple myeloma In our pre-clinical study we examined the role of Aurora kinase and FGFR3 inhibition in MM using a small molecule inhibitor A1014907 which induced aneuploidy in MM cell lines at low nanomolar doses. However, A1014907 induced more pronounced and dose dependent apoptosis in cell lines with t(4;14) translocation. Translocation t(4;14) is observed in about 15% of patients with MM leading to constitutive activation of FGFR3 in two-thirds of these patients. Further investigation of the mechanism of action of A1014907 revealed potent FGFR3 pathway inhibition only in the sensitive cell lines. Thus, our results show that aurora kinase inhibition causes cell cycle arrest and aneuploidy with minimal apoptosis whereas inhibiting both aurora kinase and FGFR3 activity induced potent apoptosis in MM cells. This study evaluates the role of simultaneous inhibition of Aurora Kinases and FGFR3 pathway which are both important deregulated pathways in MM patients; inducing potent apoptosis. Title II: Natural history of multiple myeloma with de novo del(17p) Our clinical study involved comparing the outcomes of 310 newly diagnosed MM patients with del(17p) detected by FISH to patients with high-risk...
Study of Cobaltites and Manganites by NMR and EXAFS
Procházka, Vít ; Štěpánková, Helena (advisor) ; Novák, Pavel (referee) ; Figiel, Henryk (referee)
This Thesis is devoted to a study of physical properties of manganites and cobaltites with perovskite structure. Combination of macroscopic (magnetization measurements and X-ray powder diraction) and microscopic (NMR and EXAFS) methods was applied in order to get a complex and detailed view on the charge and magnetic ordering of transition metals ions in the LaMn1xCoxO3 solid solutions. The Thesis presents new results which were published in international journals. The main result is the determination of details of Mn and Co local environments and the spin arrangement of their individual oxidation states in the ferrimagnetic structure of the compounds studied.
Information System Selection
Hanák, Petr ; Procházka, Vít (referee) ; Neuwirth, Bernard (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the selection of the information system for the selected copany. The work includes regular processes of the company and analysis of the status of the company. There are also explored business requirements and from requirement chosen an appropriate information system. For optimum solution were exploited consultation with the entire staff of the company and tutor.
Advanced Optimization Models in Waste Management
Procházka, Vít ; Roupec, Jan (referee) ; Popela, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with an optimization of waste collection in a mid-sized town. The model is formulated based on requirements from a real process. To deal with this problem, the original memetic algorithm was developed and implemented in C++.
Modulations in PLC systems
Procházka, Vít ; Kouřil, Jiří (referee) ; Krajsa, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor thesis describes principles and methods of Powerline Communications, practical usage possibilities both in industrial applications but mainly in broadband systems that may represent promising competition to conventional broadband access, e. g. xDSL connections without the need of new wiring, WIFI etc. The thesis also focuses on problems that can occur in the communication channel from the view of electromagnetic compatibility and assorted interferences. The 50 Hz frequency electric network (60 Hz in the USA) was not designed for data signal transmission, problems may arise mainly at higher frequencies and broadband communication. It is necessary to implement methods which enable transfer of information signal through a communication channel with minimalization of problems such as interference, cable attenuation, electromagnetic compatibility, bit error rate (BER), etc. Furthermore, currently used modulation principles and their characteristics are described, such as spread spectrum modulation DSSS, FHSS, traditional OFDM, alternative modulations FMT and DWMT with filter banks. The last chapter of the bachelor thesis features models of particular modulations created in the Matlab-Simulink program and the conclusion presents advantages and disadvantages of their implementation in PLC systems.
Modelling of PLC system to ensure the reliability of communication
Procházka, Vít ; Mišurec, Jiří (referee) ; Mlýnek, Petr (advisor)
The master´s thesis is focussed on principles and characteristics of Powerline Communications (PLC), practical usage possibilities and advantages and disadvantage of it. There are described mudulations and a channel encoding which are in PLC used. The main part of the thesis deals with a design of a channel as transfer function through the use of two methods, an echo model and the ABCD matrix. After finishing of the design of transfer function the model of communication was created in the Matlab-Simulink program. There were used the narrowband modulations in the model and analyzed the bit error rate of the tranfer data. In the end all results were treated graphically and evaluated.
Mathematical model for Transportation Problem in Waste Management
Procházka, Vít ; Touš, Michal (referee) ; Pavlas, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of the mathematical model of transportation problem in waste management, which is used for analysis of current issue of mixed municipal waste treatment in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of thesis aims to introduce basic terms of graph theory and optimization with the focus on linear programming. The second part aims to development of the model and its implementation to GAMS. And next, the post-processing of results is shown, vizualization in ArcGIS included.

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