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Marketing research of selected tennis Brand Value
Soumar, David ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Title: Marketing Research of Brand Value of Selected Tennis Brand Objectives: The aim of this work is to identify and interpret present perception of the Pacific brand value by its most common users - tennis players of any skill level, focusing on professional players, using the marketing research. Try to find possible improvements of the brand value. Methods: The method of quantitative electronic survey was used in this thesis. Data from respondents were collected with use of electronic questionnaire. The research sample consisted of respondents interested in tennis. Those who were familiar with the brand's products were also able to evaluate their quality. Results: Based on the research data we can state, that Pacific's brand awareness is still relatively small among tennis players. On the other hand, positive founding consequent from the research is that quality of the products was perceived as slightly above average. Respondents also informed, that after trying a product they remained faithful to the brand. Keywords: tennis, branding, goodwill, corporate image, brand management
Tracking and tracing technology on the tobacco market
Rosová, Lýdia ; Rathouský, Bedřich (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
This master thesis focuses on application of tracking and tracing technologies in the tobacco industry. As per Directive 2014/40/EU, overall trackability and traceability will be an obligation for all unit packs of tobacco products. The reason for this is the fight against the black market. The thesis analyses the current track and trace technologies, evaluates the important points of the Directive and describes tobacco market specifications. The core is to propose a specific technology for this objective and to summarise essential features of the system. In addition, a technology called Codentify is described in detail, as it has the potential to fulfil the legislative demands.
Tool for creating executable processes Flowly
Procházka, Jan ; Svatoš, Oleg (advisor) ; Dzurenko, Miroslav (referee)
Flowly is a tool for iBPMS packages, as are these intelligent suites for process management nicknamed by Gartner. These are technologies that make it possible to create and execute processes. Development of processes for these platforms goes through standard IT delivery cycle even for trivial and routine processes. Goal of this thesis is to create a tool for creating runnable business processes based on IBM Business Process Manager platform. The tool will allow creation of executable processes without programming or deep technical knowledge. Processes are created using a wizard like configurator in which processes can be drawn, users have ability to add data to the process, notifications, define SLAs and use other features. Tool created within this thesis is a workflow tool, which is a subset of iBPMS suites. The goal of this thesis is achieved by defining general functionalities of workflow tools which lay down basis of functionalities Flowly should contain. Following chapters describe in detail the creation of the tool, from initial analysis and design to technical details of implementation and user documentation. Benefits of the tool lie in simplicity of creating processes in iBPMS suites, increased agility of the company, when the creation and deployment of new process is shifted into the order of days and in massive reduction of cost of routine processes and agendas due to reduced IT involvement.
The role of transcriptional factor Tcf7l1 and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway during differentiation of the head ectoderm.
Mašek, Jan ; Kozmík, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Černý, Robert (referee) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Differentiation of the head ectoderm is crucial for the evolutionary diversification of vertebrates. Expression of the genes responsible for this process is orchestrated troughout complex gene regulatory networks that are induced and modulated by Wnt, FGF and BMP signaling pathways. In addition, Wnt/β-catenin signaling, in combination with expression of the Wnt antagonists from the rostral-most part of the head ectoderm, represent a key source of information for the regionalization of the tissue along the antero-posterior axis. This allows the differentiation of the anterior ectoderm that gives rise to the anterior neural fold (ANF) and anterior part of the presumptive placodal region (PPR), and more posterior ectoderm where higher levels of active Wnt/β-catenin signaling promote differentiation into the neural crest (NC) and posterior PPR. Although the requirement of Wnt/β-catenin signalling for ANF, PPR and NC development has been intensively studied in non-mammalian vertebrate model organisms, we lack a clear picture about the situation in mammals. Furthermore, current knowledge in mammals has been gathered via experiments on the level of β-catenin and very little is known about the individual roles of the Tcf/Lef transcription factors. Thereby, we decided to manipulate the Tcf7l1, member of the...
The Role of China in the United Nations' Peacekeeping Operations
Procházka, Jan ; Klimeš, Ondřej (advisor) ; Hudeček, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis looks into the topic of China and United Nations peacekeeping operations. The aim is to show China's changing role with respect to its ideological policies and principles, as well as to its interests and capabilities. A special attention will be paid to major shifts in China's attitude and the reasons for them, as demonstrated on chosen peacekeeping operations.
Analysis of Jan Ryba's Selected Musical Works for Choir
Křivková, Ludmila ; Stříteská, Leona (advisor) ; Procházka, Karel Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis called "The analysis of selected choral compositions by Jakub Jan Ryba" deals primarily with his religious works. The introductory chapter briefly describes Ryba's journey to music and the activity of a composer and the text is also based on Ryba's own biography published in 2005 titled My Life and Music. The thesis concerns an extant autographic list of his works dated to 1801 and an autographic fragment of an incipit catalogue of compositions dated from 1774 to 1796 including an incipit of Czech Christmas Mass "Hey, Master!" dated back to 1795. Both lists were compared with two electronic music databases: the catalogue of the department of music history, National Museum - the Czech Museum of Music and the musical incipit catalogue of the National Library of the Czech Republic. The electronic databases were further compared with the thematic catalogue which is a part of the monography titled Jakub Jan Ryba published in 1963. The object of interest was also the quantity of autographs and transcripts and the prints of the works by Jakub Jan Ryba which have been issued from the beginning of the 19th century till present. Regarding the results of the research, it was proved that only a part of Ryba's work has survived up till now since Ryba himself presents 1083 compositions, both...
Comparison of sports financing systems in selected European countries
Bříza, Matouš ; Štědroň, Bohumír (advisor) ; Procházka, Jan (referee)
Objectives: The main aim of this work is to evaluate the current system of sports financing from public sources in the Czech Republic. Based on this analysis, analysis of sports funding system from public budgets in selected EU countries try to create a new system of financing sport that is stable, systematic, transparent, efficient, and sustainable development. Methods: The work used the method of analysis and comparative. Analysis method was applied when examining the current financing system in the Czech Republic and in selected foreign countries. The method of comparison was then used to compare the information gathered from various funding schemes. Results: The results suggest that the sports sector in the Czech Republic is deeply underfunded, despite what economic and social benefits of each sport brings. In order to improve the current system are proposed partial measures, aimed at long-term support for the concept of the sport in the country. Partial proposals based on an analysis of the financing of sport in the Czech Republic and the subsequent comparison with selected systems in selected EU countries. Key words: public expenditures, financing of sport, institucionalizace, system of funding
The use of sponsorship of FK Dukla Praha in sponsor's marketing
Bittengel, Günter ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Čáslavová, Eva (referee)
THE USE OF SPONSORSHIP OF FK DUKLA PRAHA IN SPONSOR'S MARKETING Objectives: The aim of this paper is to reveal shortcomings resulting from sponsorship. The outcome of this paper is to provide recommendations on marketing and promotion. Methods: A case study was used to investigate sources of evidence such as analysis of documents, interview with marketing agency representative, marketing audit and media monitoring. Results: Paper revealed that the way how partners are presented by club and mainly by themselves is insufficient. Also publicity of Gambrinus league was found as inadequate. Keywords: partner, club, sponsorship fulfilment, media, hospitality

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