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Analysis of the GlobeImposter ransomware
Procházka, Ivo ; Komosný, Dan (referee) ; Martinásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyze an instance of the GlobeImposter ransomware extracted from an affected device. The first part outlines various types of malware and ransomware and includes a description of encryption mechanisms and key distribution systems. It also discusses possible approaches of static and dynamic analysis of malware samples and requirements for test environments. The practical part describes the source of the malware sample, the physical and virtual test environment and the results of the static and dynamic analysis of the GlobeImposter ransomware. The final part discusses the results and the possibility of implementing a decryptor for the analyzed GlobeImposter ransomware.
Sexual and psychological aspects of the lives of male sex workers in Prague
Bar - Johnson, Michael ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Pastor, Zlatko (referee) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee)
Prague, the Czech Republic is a popular sex tourism destination where sex work is decriminalized and young men offer sexual services at low prices relative to countries in Western Europe. This quantitative survey aims to identify some of the demographic and personality characteristic of these young men in the sex industry. Internet escorts (N=20) and sex workers in bars and clubs (N=20) completed the survey anonymously in the Spring of 2011. The results show that while sex workers in clubs often have troubled pasts and were forced into sex work in order to survive, the larger groups of sex workers in Prague is made up of internet escorts who have backgrounds which are not atypical for the average Czech youth. Personality test results however revealed both groups to have strong asocial characteristics in comparison to other Czech youth. The results of the measures of mental health (anxiety and depression) indicate that simply working as a male sex worker per se has little relationship to the healthy psychological functioning of these young men, but only in the case where they identify as homosexual. Identifying as a heterosexual is associated with a higher level of substance use. Those identifying as bisexual however reported suffering significantly levels of anxiety within the clinical range and...
Laboratory task demonstrates application firewall
Procházka, Ivo ; Malina, Lukáš (referee) ; Martinásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design a laboratory exercise presenting an application firewall. The first part describes various types of firewalls from both the historical and technical points of view. The second section presents five vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10 list, five vulnerabilities from OWASP Top 10 list are presented including a guide on how prevent these types of attacks using the F5 BIG-IP platform. The thesis also includes a presentation of load balancing and Denial of Service protection on the F5 platform.
Influence of homogamy and complementarity on partner choice in homosexual individuals.
Bártová, Klára ; Varella Valentova, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee)
Recent studies show that both physical and personality characteristics influence mate choice. Two theories explaining particular mechanisms of mate choice were proposed. Theory of homogamy suggests that individuals prefer partners with similar personality traits as they have. In contrast, theory of complementarity states that people choose mates with opposite personality traits. Main aim of the current study was to test homogamy and complementarity of personality traits in long-term same-sex male couples. The research sample consisted of 40 male homosexuals (mean age 24.2, SD = 4.6) and their long-term partners (mean age 27.4, SD = 5.2). All participants completed anonymous set of questionnaires (NEO-FFI, Spanier's test of dyadic adjustment, questionnaire focused on gender diagnosticy and revised sociosexuality orientation inventory) Each questionnaire was evaluated separately. The individual scores of participants and his partner was compared by correlational analyses. Then, we using a correlation and ANOVA analyses between couples similarity and results of Dyadic Adjustment Scale was tested. Findings showed that greater couple similarity in BMI and weight indicates higher satisfaction in the partnership. The results also showed that homosexual couples were similar in age, occupation, level of...
The influence of oral hormonal contraceptive use on female sexuality: the evolutionary perspective
Klapilová, Kateřina ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee) ; Blažek, Vladimír (referee)
The proposed thesis is comprised of eleven papers connected by the employment of the evolutionary psychological approach in research on various aspects of human sexuality. The aim of the first monothematic part is to demonstrate the evolutionary-psychological approach to one recent phenomenon in female sexuality - the use of oral contraceptives (OC). OC use has been shown to suppress psychological mechanisms that are considered to be adaptive in the fertile period of the natural menstrual cycle. In particular, OC users' ratings of male stimuli that provide the cues of genetic quality and compatibility are lower in comparison with normally cycling women. Moreover, the increase in sexual desire and in the prevalence of proceptive behaviour observed during mid-cycle in normally cycling women is diminished. However, the impact of this phenomenon on mate-choice and relationship dynamics in an ecological context has not been studied. In the first study, we have analyzed the data of Czech women obtained via representative sampling within the Czech National Survey of Sexual Behavior. Results indicated that normally cycling women had a significantly higher number of one-night stands during the last year in comparison to OC users even when living in a long-term relationship. OC usage was also shown to have...
Factors afecting compliance and adherence to treatment in patients with HIV
Braun, Richard ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee)
The thesis examines factors that influence, directly or indirectly, the adherence and compliance to treatment among HIV/AIDS patients. HAART ensures long-term therapeutic effects and high quality of life, as long as the patients comply with the recommendations of their physicians and adhere to the prescribed medication regimens. In case of suboptimal adherence, the patients are under risk of developing resistance to the particular medication or even an entire class of ARV drugs. Still, there is a substantial number of patients who fail to adhere and to take their medication consistently, risking thereby not only drug resistance but a severe deterioration in their health status as well. The thesis uses qualitative methodology to explore both barriers and facilitators of adherence among HIV/AIDS patients in the Czech Republic. Such a research on Czech population has not been carried out as yet. The results are compared with the outcomes of foreign studies. Mills meta-analysis (2006) of 84 published research papers dealing with the subject of adherence among HIV/AIDS patients served as the basis for comparison. Key words: adherence, compliance, HAART, resistence, barriers to adherence, facilitators to adherence
Child sexual abuse: findings of the representative study on sexual behaviour of the Czech population
Sakař, Petr ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis addresses the issue of child sexual abuse. It analyses and evaluates findings of the representative research on "Sexual behaviour of the Czech population". It offers a substantial extension of present knowledge about child sexual abuse. The aim of the research: The objective of the study consists in ascertaining the prevalence and basic characteristic of the child sexual abuse (CSA) among Czech men and women; comparing of a group of sexually abused persons with a group of non-abused persons on the grounds of their demographic characteristics, psychosexual development, relational and sexual adaptation, risk sexual behaviour, violent sexual experience and attitude toward sexuality, and finally in registering the trends in the field of child sexual abuse in the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. Research method: The quantitative research project is a part of the longitudinal research into sexual behaviour and attitudes of the Czech population. Child sexual abuse issue is one of the areas considered by original research. Data were collected by a questionnaire at the end of the year 2003. Anonymously administrated questionnaire has two versions, one for men and one for women. Each version consists of 37 items considering sexual experience, sexual behaviour, difficulties connected to sexual activity,...
Parent's coping mechanisms with the descendant's transsexualism
Gregorová, Pavlína ; Procházka, Ivo (referee) ; Weiss, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with parental coping with the transsexualism of their offspring. A questionnaire containing 66 items was created for this purpose. 16 parents of transsexual offspring participated in the research (12 mothers, 4 fathers). Just two offsprings were MtF, the others were FtM. 11 parents were contacted via their transsexual offspring, four parents were addressed at while attending a psychotherapeutic group for parents of transsexual offsprings and one parent filled in the questionnaire placed on the Internet. We found out that the most difficult situation for the parents was the moment their transsexual offsprings announced their transsexualism. A majority of the parents were in the state of shock and a majority also felt sorry. After that, the relation between the parents and their transsexual offspring improved. The parents evaluated the current relation between them and their transsexual offspring as sufficiently good. The person who helped the parents most to cope with the transsexuality of their offspring was his or her spouse, however in most of the cases nobody actually helped the parent. The majority of the parents managed to cope with the transsexuality of their offspring within one month. Data analysis showed that almost all parents, who participated in this research, have already...

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