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Study on polishing of CaF2 plane-parallel elements
Procháska, František ; Thoř, Tomáš ; Šípová, Gabriela
Determination of technological procedure for processing of plane-parallel and plano-convex CaF2 optical elements. That includes optical polishing as well as preparation of samples for polishing, i.e. cementing and grinding.
Aspheric lenses test report
Lédl, Vít ; Melich, Radek ; Procháska, František ; Steiger, Lukáš ; Chiarini, M. ; Cibin, L.
The scope of the document is to report the results of the tests on each of the 16 Aspheric Lenses + the 4 spare Aspheric Lens. \nIn particular, the tests performed on each lens are: reflectance of the coating on both the Aspheric Lens faces, interferometric profile of the Aspherical face and of the Spherical face of the Aspherical Lens.
Study on polishing of ZnSe with diamond suspension
Procháska, František ; Thoř, Tomáš
Observe the effect of diamond slurries as polishing element on ZnSe, i.e. observe the change of surface of ZnSe as consequence to the series of polishing with the use of mentioned diamond slurries.
Control of system models
Procháska, František ; Richter, Miloslav (referee) ; Macho, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis is focused on design and implementation of dynamic system models and their controlling by PSD, Beta PSD and on-off algorithms.
P3-TOP-TN-15001 Achievable microroughness of ASPIICS optical glass elements
Bartoníček, Jiří ; Budasz, Jiří ; Hadincová, Ivana ; Horodyská, Petra ; Kaucká, Iva ; Kovačičinová, Jana ; Lédl, Vít ; Melich, Radek ; Pleštil, Jan ; Poláková, Ivana ; Procháska, František ; Psota, Pavel ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Šípová, Gabriela ; Šrajer, Bohdan ; Ulrichová, Iva ; Václavík, Jan ; Vápenka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
The scope of this document is describe a test that investigates an achievable micro-roughness realized on different types of optical glasses [R1] that are planned to be employed for realization of PROBA3 coronagraph telescope. The test is realized with respect to the technological manufacturing possibilities of optical elements at TOPTEC facility.
Microroughness of the superpolished coated sample
Melich, Radek ; Kovačičinová, Jana ; Lédl, Vít ; Matoušek, Ondřej ; Pintr, Pavel ; Pleštil, Jan ; Polák, Jaroslav ; Possolt, Martin ; Procháska, František ; Psota, Pavel ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Tomka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
This document describes a test of microroughness change after coating of the representative sample of the METIS mirror surface with respect to microroughness.
Process development and prototype realization of non-symmetrical aspherical lenses
Melich, Radek ; Pintr, Pavel ; Pleštil, Jan ; Poláková, Ivana ; Procháska, František ; Rail, Zdeněk ; Václavík, Jan ; Vápenka, David ; Vít, Tomáš
The aim of the study is to develop a process chain and realize prototype lenses of non-symmetrical apherical lenses of given tolerances.
Using FEM technology for optical surfaces polishing
Procháska, František ; Polák, Jaroslav ; Tomka, David ; Šubert, E.
The aim of this article is optical surfaces polishing on the 6-axis computer-controlled (CCM) machine Optotech MCP 250 CNC using FEM technology, which is suitable for aspheric elements polishing. The main attention is dedicated to the choice and to the precise adjustment of major process parameters. The possibility of usage the multi wave interferometer Luphoscan as a data source for the2D surface correction is solved too.

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