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Transition metal complexes catalyzed synthesis of biologically active estrone derivatives
Prchalová, Eva ; Kotora, Martin (advisor) ; Moravcová, Jitka (referee) ; Hlaváč, Jan (referee)
This thesis relates to the preparation and use of new non-estrogenic ligands selective for certain types of the 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase superfamily (17βHSD). Such nonestrogenic compounds, which selectively regulate the activity of 17βHSD are believed to offer new solutions in endocrine therapy, diagnosis and treatment of estrogen-dependent types of diseases. In recent years in the laboratories of my supervisor prof. Kotora differently substituted steroid derivatives with interesting biological properties were prepared. Based on the gained experiences, it was decided to prepare C-15 estrone derivatives. Such compounds are mostly unexplored, and therefore they might be a new class of interesting biologically active compounds. A method was developed for the preparation of C-15 estrone derivatives. Estrone, the starting material for the synthesis, was first converted to the appropriate intermediate, protected estra-1,3,5(10),15-tetraene-17-one. Conjugate addition of vinylmagnesium bromide to this enone yielded the starting material for further reactions, 15β-vinylestrone. Cross metathesis of 15β-vinylestrone with suitable terminal olefins provided large series of C-15 estrone derivatives with perfluoroalkylated, aliphatic and aromatic side chains. Selected unsaturated derivatives were tested...
The nursing care of a geriatric patient who suffers from chronic pain
Jokschová, Lucie ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee) ; Šauer, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with nursing care of a geriatric patient who suffers from chronic pain and is based on patients' opinions. The theoretical part defines the term "chronic pain" and characterizes its' causes. It also describes various ways of diagnosing chronic pain, ways in which chronic pain can be monitored and how could chronic pain be treated. There is a general nursing plan - according to the model of M.Gordonova - for a geriatric patient with chronic pain treatment worked out at the other part of the thesis. The empiric part of the work deals with patients' opinions. For the research questionnaire was used as the most suitable method for given purpose. 54 geriatric patients suffering from chronic pain, who are hospitalized either in internal department or department for the elderly in Havlíčkův Brod, took part in the research. They were then dividend into 2 groups - men and women - which was also taken into account when evaluating the answers. The questionnaire is focused on character of pain, its' location and intesity with regard to previous week. The target is to find out what patient's preferences in chronic pain treatment are and the level to which daily activities were influenced by pain over the last week. The work results confirmed that the way old people go through and cope with...
The life quality at children with asthma
Vejvodičová, Danuše ; Prchalová, Eva (advisor) ; Rybářová, Marie (referee) ; Stejskalová, Veronika (referee)
The paper deals with problematics of asthma at children. In the theoretical part there is global information about asthma, its ethiology, diagnostics and treatment. There is theoretical information about life quallity included in this part. I wanted laymen to understand it so it's written in the simple way. The practical part is directed on the level of limitation caused by asthma at children. The other goal of the research is to explore their feelings connected with asthma and how are they educated in connection with using inhaler and other medicaments.
HIV awareness and Sexual Behaviour
Zellerová, Kateřina ; Košťálová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Salavec, Miloslav (referee) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee)
Anotation Author: Kateřina Zellerová Institution: Institute of Social Medicine Facultty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Department of nursing Title of a work: HIV awareness and sexual behaviour Supervisor over the work: Jaroslava Košťálová Number of pages: 92 Number of enclosures: 3 The year of advocacy: 2008 The key words: AIDS, HIV, sexual behaviour, prevention, education This bachleor paper deals with actual subject matter HIV/AIDS and sexual behaviour. It focuses on HIV/AIDS basic info, such as brief history of these ailments, virus transmission, disease process and the treatment. It also mentions the prevention of HIV transmission and numbers of HIV reactors abroad as well as within the Czech Republic. It makes references to the role of nursing in prevention and education , to sexual behaviour, its development and risk behaviour in the sexual spere. The experimental part of this bachlaor paper is created by interrorgatory of youth. The pupils of elementary scholl, students of Nursing College and Grammar School were involved in the investigated sample. The research work gathers knowledge of informants in the spere of HIV/AIDS, their experience and opinions of these topics. The research results were partially compared with results of research performed in 2005 in the frame of bachleor paper themed...
Health related quality of life in adult patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Klikarová, Dita ; Prchalová, Eva (advisor) ; Borkovcová, Jitka (referee) ; Skála, Bohumil (referee)
Bachelor these is ranged on the quality of life of patiens with chronic obstruktive pulmonary disease. Theoretical part deals about quality of life itself and simultaneously about disease problems COPD. It deals with its definition, prevalence, symptome, prognosis, prevention, diagnostics, therapy and even possible developped complikations , which this disease could bring. The purpase of empiric part seems to be discovery of subjective quality of life of patiens with COPD. Eack patient feels his disease absolutely individually. Inportant search was realized at quantitative and qualitative research.
Decubital ulcers and possibilities of attending care
Skipalová, Petra ; Prchalová, Eva (advisor) ; Václavíková, Zdena (referee) ; Markusová, Miroslava (referee)
The Bachelor work treats of decubital problems and possibilities of attending care. In this work I describe ways of origin of decubital ulcers, the most frequent localization, classification, methods of reimbursement, treatment and of course prevention of origin (antidecubital medical tools, positioning, sufficient hygienic care, treatment of general health condition,…). By one of main indicators of quality in attending care in the Czech Republic is the regular monitoring of decubital ulcers. The work is specialized on the location of various methods of treatment and attending care in the sort of patients with decubital ulcers. There is described five casuistries in the sort of patients with the different degrees of decubital ulcers in the Clinic of Gerontology and Metabolism in Hradec Králové. The casuistries are obtained from the patients by the interview, which was inspired with The model of functional health according to M. Gordon.
Care about non-curable and dying patients on the intensive care unit by nursis
Jansová, Renáta ; Mareš, Jiří (advisor) ; Filip, Stanislav (referee) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee)
Thema of my Bachelour's Paper is care about non-curable and dying patients at the Intensive Care Units. The reason is that I meet these patients nearly everyday when I enter at the Intensive Care Units of all departments. We find references about paliative and terminal care in literature first of all in the connection with oncologic patients. But it is very important to realize that patients also die for many types of other diseases which are serious , hurt and destroy. These patients also have the right to receive a good supporting therapy which helps them to live them from the life without distress and with honor. My Bachelour's Paper consists of two main parts - teoretical and empiric. Teoretical part - first of all this part solves the problem of care about non-curable and dying patients who are in the meantime of the Intensive Care Unit. There are sorted the terms as phases of non-curable disease, symptoms which occur the most during these conditions, pain and its therahy, etic aspects in care about these dying patients. The second part - empiric is devoted how to value nurse personal care about non- curable and dying patients at the Intensive Care Unit from the sight of nurse who work at selected Intensive Care Units of Faculty Hospital in Hradec Králové - GMK ICU internal, GMK ICU geriatric,...
Communication of patients with artificial lung ventilation
Elisek, Stanislava ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Votroubková, Michaela (referee) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee)
The Bachelor thesis concerns communication with patients having the artificial pulmonary ventilation. The theoretical part is dedicated to problems in the field of communication and artificial pulmonary ventilation. However, its main knowledge domain is mapping the possibilities of different communication methods and techniques with focus on people that are unable to communicate in a usual way. The empirical part of the study discovers awareness and skills in the field of communication among nurses who work with these patients. As a part of my thesis there are also two interviews with patients who communicate untraditionally.
The psychological boundary of nurses separating professional and maternal roles
Laušmanová, Alexandra ; Prchalová, Eva (advisor) ; Rybářová, Marie (referee) ; Štefančíková, Mariana (referee)
Author: Alexandra Laušmanová Institute: Institute of social medicine FM CU in Hradec Králové Nursing department Title: The Psychological Boundary of Nurses separating Professional and Maternal Roles Supervisor: Bc. Eva Prchalová Number of pages: 131 Number of attachments: 4 Year of defense: 2007 Keywords: psychological boundary, social role, family, child needs, psychological strain on nurses, work conditions of nurses, realistic options in compatibility of professional and parent role This bachelor paper deals with the psychological boundaries separating a nurse's professional role and her role as mother. The aim was to discern the psychological boundaries of nurses between their professional and maternal roles. We discuss the conditions under which nurses are still willing to work in a multishift working schedule, the level of motivation that compels them to do such work and determine eventual negative feelings they may have towards the problem of professional and parental role compatibility. The paper refers to the difficulties facing the professional and parental role compatibility in the present working conditions for nurses working in a multishift work schedule. The physical and psychological strain on the nurses is particularly emphasized - a mother's negative feelings that she expresses...
The cooperation of a nurse with family during the care of a patient
Slavíková, Erika ; Hadaš, Lubomír (advisor) ; Prchalová, Eva (referee) ; Pekárková, Hana (referee)
This Bachelor Thesis entitled "The cooperation of a nurse with the family during the care of a patient" consists of two parts. The first part, a theoretical one, defines the subject: the change of a healthy person into a patient, and seeks to define an elderly person as a patient, provides the characteristics of good health condition in comparison to those of an illness and, last but not least, deals with the concept of home care, its evolution and organisation. The second, empirical part, outlines the evaluation of the results of the research intended to identify the way in which an illness of an elderly influences other members of his or her family, and to assess the attitude of the chosen part of the population to the possibility of taking advantage of home care arrangements. The last issue looked at in this empirical part was the public awareness and views of the work of nurses in the home care. For this purpose, a survey form had been set up to target the public in the countryside.Fifty persons interviewed were to answer 21 questions. In the empirical part, the most interesting result was the fact that more than a half of those interviewed do not want / cannot say if they want to get to know in person the nurse from the home care agency who actually looks.

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