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Biodegradation of lightweight polyurethanes in soil and subsequent analysis of their degradation products
Pražanová, Kateřina ; Innemanová, Petra (advisor) ; Cajthaml, Tomáš (referee)
According to the Waste Framework Directie 2008/98/ES and the Czech law on waste 185/2001 Sb., waste preienton is the main priority in waste management. Using biodegradable plastcs seems to represent a suitable approach in fulflling the strategy. The subject of this diploma thesis is biodegradable lightweight polyurethanes (PURs), which might represent suitable materials for repellent fences in agricultural landscapes. Biodegradaton processes are assumed to begin in the agricultural soil afer their lifetme. The biodegradability of new lightweight PURs (BIO 8-10), presented as material mineralizaton, was tested in agricultural soil under laboratory conditons according to the ASTM Internatonal standard method D5988-03. Afer the nine-month experiment the material with the highest biodegradability (BIO 10) containing starch (28 wt. %) was mineralized to 42.0 ± 4.2 %. Cellulose (the positie control) was completely mineralized; thus, the ialidity criterion (positie control mineralizaton > 70 %) was accomplished. Afer the biodegradability test, degradaton products (residual PURs) were separated from the soil by a two-step method using fuidisaton and fotaton, according to a modifed procedure described in Nuelle et al. (2014). The procedure enabled a subsequent analysis of PUR residues with Fourier transform...

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3 Pražanová, Kristýna
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