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Pathogenic Effect of Avian Leukosis Viruses in Chicken
Průková, Dana ; Geryk, Josef (advisor) ; Němečková, Šárka (referee) ; Grubhoffer, Libor (referee)
comparativestudyof pďhomorphologicalchangesin lymphoidtissuesinducedby ALVs of different subgroupspecificity, hasnot beenperformed.Usingthe chicken model we aimed at clarification of additional features,especially pathomorphologicaland immunological chara- cteristics of the wasting diseaseinducedby different strainsof ALV{. In orderto achievea propercompďison,alsoadditionalALV subgroup(A'B'D) wereincluded. on the otlrerhand, several retroviruseshave been found to induce kidney fumoÍs. MAv2 (N) is an avian nonacuteoncogenicÍetrovirusof subgroupB ALv. In chickens infec- ted in ovo or early afrerhatchingit induces,with high efÍrciency'multip|eclonal embryonic- type tumorsof kidney - nephnoblastomas(Wattsand Smith, 1980).The model of MAV2 (N)- induced chicken nephroblastomais basedon the assumedabiliý of MAV2(N) retrovirusto transformcells by insertionalmutagenesis,thatis, by a deregulationof expressionof geneshit by the proviral integration.This avian model ofnephroblastomarepresentsa valuabletool for identi$ing genesinvolved in themaligrant transformationof cells. It is assumedthatmacro- scopic nepfuoblastomasarise by clonal expansion of blastema cells in which MAV2 (N) provirus has deregulatedspecific genescontroling differenciation and proliferation @ajer et ď.' 2003). Summary ALVs have a large potential to...

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