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Problematics of Extraordinary Punishment
Pospíšilová, Nikola ; Vanduchová, Marie (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jiří (referee)
Problematics of extraordinary punishment Abstract In this diploma thesis I deal with the current legal regulation of the extraordinary punishment and its impact on prisoners. Extraordinary pinoshment is the strictest possible punishment of crime in the Czech Republic, that involves many areas of basic human rights and it significantly restricts them, for that reason, in my point of view, is necessary, that this issue has sufficient attention. The thesis is divided into eight chapters, except the last chapter, all of them are thematically divided into subchapters. At the beginning, I deal with the concept of punishment and philosophical grounds for punishment. The second chapter is devoted to the historical development of punishment in the Czech Republic, mainly focusing on the most severe punishment, as the death penalty, life imprisonment and the longest possible prison sentences. The third chapter discussed the most important international documents that significantly influenced our national legislation, both in sentencing and in providing appropriate conditions in prisons. The core parts of the thesis are chapters four and five, which deal with valid legislation. Chapter four deals with the issue of extraordinary punishment, the differences in the course of criminal proceedings, the possibilities of...
Cultural aspects of stormwater management in the environment of Czech cities
Pospíšilová, Nikola ; Kouba, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Lindner, Milan (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on new trends in stormwater management in urbanized areas, as well as on enlightenment which successful implementation of these strategies requires. The thesis describes historical development of drainage systems and introduces the reasons for unsustainability of current state. It also analyzes the implications of stormwater management and the ways of applying this new approach in urbanized areas. It also examines if there are sufficient endeavours to spread awareness and enhance enlightenment about stormwater treatment in the Czech Republic. For this purpose, qualitative method of research was used. The aim of the research was to demonstrate opinions of experts on water management, and also of organizations focused on environmental education.
Inheritance Law in Theory and Practice
Pospíšilová, Nikola ; Spirit, Michal (advisor) ; Neděla, Radek (referee)
The subject of the Bachelor thesis "Inheritance Law in Theory and Practice" deals with the law of succession applicable in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part I pay attention to the principles of inheritance law, after that I describe preconditions of inheritance law and then I deal with fundamental provisions of the new Civil Code. I put the emphasis on provisions that previous legislation did not include or addressed them diferently. In the practical part I concentrate on the calculation of obligatory parts in inheritance by the law when the statutory heir is excluded in the will.
Thesis concentrates on the problem of gambling on the second grade of the basic school. Thesis consists of two parts " theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is target on characterising of the term dependency and characterise causes and conditions of the dependency inception. Thereinafter the thesis target on the diagnostic of dependencies for basic school teachers and their managing of problems with the dependency. The thesis tries to find out possibilities and efficiency of the prevention on the basic school. In more details focus this thesis on the problem of gambling, its murmurs, causations and possibilities of detoxification. At the close of this thesis is situated the actual state evaluation of gambling in the Czech Republic. The practical part attend to actual state of gambling on the second grade of basic schools. The main part theoretical parts concentrates on questionnaire evaluation, shows differences between big town, small town and a village. This practical part contains also statistical calculations.

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