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Public participation in small municipalities of Central Bohemian Region
Pečenka, Samuel ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Stachová, Jana (referee)
This master thesis deals with public participation, as a possible way of decision making in small municipalities of Central Bohemian Region. The study is based on theoretical resources about place conception and public participation in particular. The aim of the thesis is to delineate public participation among municipal mayors, to find whether and how it functions, and to point out specific examples in selected municipalities. The answers to these questions are based on the evaluation and analysis of the results of the Internet questionnaire survey and the analysis of individual interviews in case studies. Research among mayors of municipalities shows a relatively positive attitude towards public participation and a relatively large number of actions, where citizens are called upon to express their views on a particular decision. However, public participation, where people have the opportunity to change things, is rare. Research also shows, that one of the main perceived barriers to public participation is apathy of citizens, who often participate only when they disagree with something they are bothered. Nevertheless some examples demonstrate, that involvement of citizens in a particular decision-making can lead to decisions, which are for citizens more acceptable. Key words: Central Bohemian...
Daily rhythms of municipatilies in Central Bohemian region
Frydrych, Pavel ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Mulíček, Ondřej (referee)
An object of this diploma thesis is a study of daily rhythms of municipalities in the Central Bohemian Region. The aim is to bring new insights into the daily rhythms of the suburban zone of the Prague Metropolitan Area and the Central Bohemian Region. The work has three main objectives. The first objective is to create a typology of the Central Bohemian municipalities according to their daily rhythms. Mobile phone location data is used to create the typology. There was used a method called cluster analysis. The second objective is to evaluate the daily rhythms in selected municipalities (Kněževes, Ořech, Tochovice) in detail with other data (mobile phone location data from Prague Institute of Planning and Development and commuting data from the Census 2011). Using these sources, I want to highlight the obstacles, but also the benefits of using mobile phone location data in studying of daily rhythms. The last objective is to describe in these three municipalities the pacemakers which influent their timing. The results show that in the Central Bohemian region dominate municipalities with a residential type of daily rhythm. Most of these municipalities are located in the suburban zone of Prague, while in other municipalities of the Central Bohemian region is the rhythm often almost balanced. Large...
Gender and everyday mobility of economically active persons: case study of Příbram
Kubalová, Monika ; Horňáková, Marie (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on daily commuting to work demonstrated on an example of the town Příbram. The aim of the thesis is to find out what are the differences in the gender-based daily mobility of economically active people. The theoretical part deals with the discussion of the literature related to the studied problems, especially with literature orientated on the spatial mobility. The data for daily commuting of economically active inhabitants of Příbram are taken over from the 2011 Census and Housing. The results are processed by the basic descriptive statistical methods. The research has found that men have a greater access to a car, which is closely related to the fact that men more often than women commute to work outside the town. On the other side, women more often use public transport or go to workplace on foot. Beside Příbram itself, the most people commute to Prague. The most frequent commuting time is up to 29 minutes, an exception is the category "60-89 minutes", where commuting to Prague is included. Keywords: gender, everyday mobility, commuting to work, economically active population, Příbram
Development of population age structure in Litoměřice in postsocialist period
Jančura, Václav ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (referee)
In the socialist era, the historical centre and the inner city of Litoměřice were neglected. The development of the town was focused on the development of blocks of flats, which provided facilities especially for young families with small children. In 1989, the socialist regime collapsed in Czechoslovakia, which led to the democratization of the Litoměřice society. Socialist blocks of flats lost their attractiveness of housing. The youngest parts of the city became rapidly ageing. On the other hand, the neglected historical centre and also the inner city of Litoměřice underwent the process of revitalization after 1989. Newly reconstructed apartments became places for life of many young people, thus the process of demographic ageing of these parts of the city has been slowed down. The spatially differentiated age structure of the Litoměřice population has changed since 1989 due to the process of the second demographic transition, demographic ageing and new urban processes. The aim of the thesis is therefore to describe and explain the evolution of the age structure of Litoměřice and its spatial differentiation in post-socialist period. Keywords: age structure, second demographic transition, demographic ageing, revitalization, postsocialist period, Litoměřice
Air conditioning in the library
Pospíšilová, Lucie ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Blasinski, Petr (advisor)
Dissertation offers a plan for air – conditioning equipment of library building in Brno and it involves air filter experimental measurement. The proposal is divided into three parts. The first part explains air filter theory with detailed description of atmospheric air filters for separation of particles for general ventilation - filter parameter determination. Theory part ends specifically with pocket air filters and their construction. The second part focuses on experimental pocket air filter measurement execution, which calculates with variable filter cartridges and pocket count. Measurement also evaluates pressure drop and their efficiency. The last part of the dissertation looks at air – conditioning equipment design for specified building, concretely library building. The project solves fresh air traffic into interior of selected library rooms and it counts with thermal heat gain in summer season, heat loss in winter season and air humidity modification.
The role of ICT in everyday life and mobility of young people
Vojtěchovská, Klára ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Šveda, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the role of ICT in everyday life and mobility of young people. The main goal of this thesis is to find out how the physical and virtual space mingle in the everyday life and mobility of young people who have been selected for the research, using diaries as a qualitative method. The aim was to point out some specifics of everyday activities in the physical and virtual space of the deliberately selected sample of young people that may be present in the whole population. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part deals with the virtual space, Time geography in relation to ICT and some studies concerning different perspectives of the influence of ICT on everyday life of people. The empirical part focuses on the use of ICT by selected socio- demographical groups of Czech inhabitants and some time aspects of the use of ICT and other activities performed by young people and other age groups. Then, the key part is about the description of the mingling of virtual and physical space in the everyday life of 10 communication partners. Their mobility patterns are based on the mingling of two basic types of movements, virtual and physical. The mingling of virtual and physical space is also based on the time mingling of all activities, including the social...
Active seniors, their everyday activities and mobility: the example of City District Prague 12
Kotlínová, Lucie ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (advisor) ; Chodounská, Helena (referee)
Active seniors, their everyday activities and mobility: the example of City District Prague 12 Abstract Regarding to ageing of the Czech population the daily mobility of seniors is becoming still more current topic. The aim of the thesis is to describe daily motion and implemented activities of seniors that are moving into the territory of the City District Prague 12. The first part of empirical research is based on the findings of the questionnaire survey. The second part uses information detected in semi-structured interviews. It was found, that the respondents are quite satisfied with their mobility and other aspects of daily life. The most common activities are motion activities and small purchases. Though the respondents have to deal with several difficulties during their day-to-day travel, a variety of strategies have been identified to help them overcome these complications. Research reveals that measures which might encourage seniors in daily motion should involve great spectrum of actions realized by many different participants. Key words: daily mobility, active seniors, daily activities, City District Prague 12

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