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Migration politics of Australia: shift or continuity in this policy?
Blažková, Jiřina ; Cihelková, Eva (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The primary goal of this paper is to analyse the development of Australian migration politics from its creation to the present. By fundamentally examining the migration legislation and the structure of Department of Immigration and Citizenship, this paper analyses global migration flow in comparison to Australia. After dissecting the influential periods in Australian immigration from the: gold rush; White Australia; and, multicultural eras of Australian immigration, this paper charts the creation and examines the development of Australian immigration policy. This document then draws attention to the contemporary immigration policy and migration flows in Australia. Highlighted at the end is the correlation between: population and economic growth with immigrant intake and, Australian political changes at the beginning of the 21st century.
The Czech Republic in the European Union: Priorities of the Czech Presidency
Nekovářová, Lenka ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The thesis deals with the position of the Czech Republic in the European Union in the context of the priorities of the Czech presidency. Czech Republic chaired the EU in the first half of 2009. Before starting the Czech Presidency, the Czech Republic chose its main priorities as the 3E's -- Economy, Energy and the European Union in the world, in which all the efforts were aimed. First chapter focuses on the solution of the global economic crisis in the EU and in the Czech Republic and also on the current economic situation in selected EU countries. Second chapter is dedicated to the gas crisis that hit Europe in early 2009 and to the way how the European countries dealt with it. The latest changes in the EU energy policy are also described. The final part deals mainly with the Lisbon Treaty and its impact on the position of the EU on the international scene.
Environmental Protection and the EU Competitiveness
Ježová, Zdeňka ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a mutual relation between the competitiveness and environmental protection in the European Union. At the beginning, there is mentioned, why environmental protection has become an important priority. The main task of this bachelor thesis is to characterize a mutual interaction between environmental and economic objectives in the EU. There is described the EU environmental policy and its impact on the EU competitiveness. The EU strategy to strengthen its competitiveness is characterised as well.
Macroeconomical Competitiveness of European Union after 10 years of Lisbon Process Implementation (macroeconomical insight)
Strážnický, Matúš ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The competitiveness of countries and regional integrations is nowadays an idea that may be hard to define. Many times we don't know what lies behind the idea of competitiveness. Bachelor thesis tries to characterize European competitiveness, identify the processes that lead to it's increase and tries to connect the idea of competitiveness with the macroeconomical layer. The thesis identifies parameters that influence competitiveness and compares them with other countries. In the end it evaluates in what expense was the enhancing of competitiveness successful and tries to introduce new trends for the European competitiveness.
The Perspective of EU Common Immigration Policy
Kuzmič, Michal ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis The Perspective of EU Common Immigration Policy is primarily focused on economic and in particular work immigration to EU from third countries. The thesis lays out two questions. First question is in what way the differences between supranational and intergovernmental (or national) approach towards legal work immigration are demonstrated among the EU members and institutions. Second question seeks to determine the will of states to liberalize the entry and residence of immigrants on their labour markets. In order to answer the outlined questions I conducted an analysis of the reactions of states and European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to the questions presented by European Commission in its Green Paper on an EU Approach to Managing Economic Migration. The findings of the analysis show that majority of states (11 of 13) prefer lower degree of harmonization whereas only 2 states along with EESC support more comprehensive harmonization. Also, 10 out of 13 states have "restrictive" or "rather restrictive" preferences towards further liberalization of immigration policy whereas the other three countries and EESC are considered to be "liberal" and "rather liberal". This outcome supports the realist theory of migration policies, which stresses the dominant role of states and their unwillingness to give up their competences to supranational institutions.
Investment environment and regional development: Moravian-Silesian Region
Urbánek, Adam ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
This diploma theses addresses the issue of investment environment and regional development in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The first chapter describes theoretical inputs, namely competitivness and foreign direct investments. The general factors influencing competitivness are applied on example of the Czech Republic. Second chapter analyse the investment environment in the Region. This concerns namely socio-economic situation, business environment and completed restructuring. Included is also SWOT analysis and resulting recommendations. Third chapter evaluates the current state of investments in the Region and describes two significant development projects. These are namely Danish producer of luxury electrotechnics and South Korean car producer. The text describes the investors, industrial zones they are placed in, process and current status of the investment and overall impact upon the Region.
Comparison of approaches to immigration policy in selected European countries
Šubířová, Radka ; Jiránková, Martina (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this work is to evaluate approaches to immigration policy in the three selected European countries (particularly in Great Britain, Switzerland and Czech Republic) and also try to predict future development regarding this issue. The first part of this work is devoted to the history of immigration in Europe, the second part deals with theoretical models of immigration and integration policies and the third part describes concrete situation in above mentioned countries.
Current institutional reforms and their influence on decision-making process of the EU
Půlkrábková, Petra ; Bič, Josef (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The present work deals with institutional reforms executed in the context of the eastern enlargement of the European Union and their impact on decision-making process of the EU. The first part of the work outlines the evolution of the European integration process after the Second World War and contains also brief description of the basic institutional framework of decision-making process of the EU. The second part of the present work mentions particular institutional reforms executed within the context of the eastern enlargement of the EU. The emphasis here is put on the most recent change of the primary law of the EU -- the Treaty of Lisbon. The third part of the work focuses on the impacts that arise from accepting the abovementioned Treaty, especially on the impact on decision-making process in the EU, influence of the voting potencial of the Czech Republic, and on newly established capacities in the EU and their powers. This last part also deals briefly with the demographic shortage and Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
Iceland and the European Union in the context of economic crisis
Sýkora, Martin ; Hnát, Pavel (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
In this bachelor thesis is discused current relationship between Iceland and the European Union, which is at the moment affected by the economic crisis. The main objective of my thesis is to outline causes, process and impact of economic crisis to the economic and political situation of Iceland and analyze how the current crisis has affected the attitudes and the possibilities of Iceland to join the European Union and the eurozone. Emphasis is also placed on the assessment of feasibility, preparedness, convenience and the potential consequences of such action from the perspective of the pros and cons
Realization of the EU Internal Market
Črep, Ivan ; Adámková, Vlasta (advisor) ; Popovová, Marie (referee)
The aim of the work is to explain integration activities in the western Europe, describe steps heading to creation of a Common Market and then an Internal Market being the core part of the European economic integration. The work deals with realization of the EU Internal Market after 1993 according to official documents of the EU that can be divided into separate complex strategies of the EU, strategies and action plans for the Internal Market and the reports evaluating the success made and remaining imperfections. Consequently, the work assesses the current situation in the Internal Market and analyses its objectives according to published EU documents.

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