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Medical Doctors' Language Humour
Položijová, Jana ; Bozděchová, Ivana (advisor) ; Mareš, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the language humour in medical practice. In its first part, a general characterization of humour and comicality is analysed, based mainly on models by Henri Bergson, Bohuslav Brouk and Ladislav Dvorský. The work then focuses on the medical humour, particularly on humorous stories and jokes with medical setting. A basic typology of medical humour was created based on selected examples by comparing similar signs and elements occurring in the analysed material. The main established typological categories were: homonymy and polysemy, metaphor, metonymy, puns or slang. The diploma thesis also contains a short survey, summarizing the experience of doctors with medical humour directly in medical practice.
Novel adaptations for youths
Položijová, Jana ; Špirit, Michael (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
The thesis focuses on literary adaptations and their relations to the originals. First the adaptation as a literary genre is introduced, together with the history of clasical works adaptations for children in Czech literature. The main body of the thesis compares three novels written by Jules Verne, namely: Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island, and their adaptations by Ondřej Neff. In case of the Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen Ondřej Neff mostly preserves the original story line, whereas there are changes related to the ending of the story, in which new involutions and conclusions are introduced. The novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is the most modified of the compared novels. Ondřej Neff comes up with new story lines changing the backbone of the novel. Even personalities of some main characters are distinctively changed, including captain Nemo. The novel The Mysterious Island is the least changed; Ondřej Neff altered mainly the descriptive scenes, which were shortened or completely ommited to make the text more dynamic. In the end of the thesis results of a short questionary are reported; the attitude of young readers to adaptations and their purpose and functionality are assesed.

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