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Crossroad I/52 and II/152 near Želešice - Study
Polanský, Štěpán ; Jakl, Tomáš (referee) ; Radimský, Michal (advisor)
The subject of Master’s thesis is the variant redevelopment of cover crossroad, which is part of over-level junction of roads I/52 and II/152 near the village Želešice. The existing junctions are unsatisfactory in terms of capacity and long queues arise. The thesis contains a proposal of 3 variants, which are looking for different solutions to increase the capacityy of level crossings. Part of the thesis is a traffic survey, determination of traffic intensity, capacity analysis of current state and designed variants.
Public Transport Node Brno-Černovice
Polanský, Štěpán ; Novák, Martin (referee) ; Všetečka, Martin (advisor)
The public transport node Brno-Černovice is construction caused by a development of new main rail station in the city of Brno. With the creation of new rail station of the city part of Černovice i tis necessary to develop a continuous conection with the public transport systém. This thesis deals with these problems and creates solutions in the areas of existing public transport stop of Tržní and Životského.
Signal Processing Using Sound Card with ASIO System
Polanský, Štěpán ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Rumánek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work is introduction of professional system ASIO which serves signal processing. It contains list of functions and applications. It clears up important theory of signal processing by personal comuputer and considerable conceptions. Work is engaged in possibilities of real time signal processing. Work contains procedure of realization the application interface for sound processing via language c++, basic methods for programing with ASIO driver and analyse of sound effects.
Processing of electroencephalograms
Polanský, Štěpán ; Janoušek, Oto (referee) ; Kolářová, Jana (advisor)
This work describes basics of electroencaphalography, measuring electroencaphalography signals, their processing and evaluation. There is discussed method of topography mapping of brain activity called brainmapping. The practical part contains description of design aplication in Matlab.

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