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Web Content Archiving Service
Matuš, Adam ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Serečun, Viliam (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the design of web microservices for web archiving, mainly focused on deep web pages. The HTTP and HTTPS protocols will be explained in detail as well as web services design and architecture. The reader will learn about web archiving frameworks, especially the Lemmiwinks framework. This framework will be used as a basis for web services designed for archiving into the MAFF archive.
Productivity Tool for Web Application Testing
Kalous, Filip ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Pluskal, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create a tool for testing graphical user interface of web applications. The tool will focus on web applications implemented by open-source framework DotVVM. The main purpose of the tool is to automatically generate program description of a user interface which will then be used as a helper class to implement UI tests and for static type check of those tests at compile-time. The thesis is defining requirements for such a tool and describing its design with implementation in C# language. The created solution provides to its users a tool which will ease their work with tests creation. Also, it will bring detection of failing tests of the user interface at compile-time which will speed up testing and development.
JavaScript Restricting Web Extension
Timko, Martin ; Matoušek, Petr (referee) ; Polčák, Libor (advisor)
The purpose of this thesis is to functionally expand the browser extension prototype created by Ing. Zbyněk Červinka, focused on the privacy protection of the user during his web browsing. Acquired facts about the function of existing tools for safety and privacy protection, such as technology JavaScript Zero, were used in the solution, which was created by employing a technique of encapsulating JavaScript objects and functions. This allows greater anonymity and safety for users during web browsing. The extension was tested and published under the title JavaScript Restrictor. The main benefit of this thesis is the increase of safety from attacks and increase of anonymity linked to the user data harvesting.
Enhancement of Probabilistic Methods for Password Cracking
Lištiak, Filip ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Hranický, Radek (advisor)
This thesis describes passwords cracking using probabilistic context-free grammars, specifically PCFG Cracker tool. The aim of the thesis is to design and implement enhancements to this tool, which reduce the size of output dictionaries while maintaining acceptable success rate. This work also solves critical parts in the tool that slow down the overall duration of the program. Another goal of the thesis is to analyze and implement targeted attack dictionaries that increase the scope and success rate of generated passwords.
Web Application Penetration Testing Automation
Dušek, Daniel ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Pluskal, Jan (advisor)
Tato práce má dva cíle - navrhnout obecně aplikovatelný přístup k penetračnímu testování webových aplikací, který bude využívat pouze nedestruktivních interakcí, a dále pak implementovat nástroj, který se tímto postupem bude řídit. Navrhovaný přístup má tři fáze - v první fázi tester posbírá požadavky pro testovací sezení (včetně požadavků na nedestruktivnost) a připraví si nástroje a postupy, kterých při testování využije, následně začne s průzkumem. V druhé fázi využije dodatečných nástrojů pro zpracování informací z předchozí fáze a pro ověření a odhalení zranitelností. Ve třetí fázi jsou všechny informace překovány ve zprávu o penetračním testování. Implementovaný nástroj je postavený na modulech, které jsou schopny odhalení reflektovaného XSS, serverových miskonfigurací, skrytých adresních parametrů a skrytých zajímavých souborů. V porovnání s komerčním nástrojem Acunetix je implementovaný nástroj srovnatelný v detekci reflektovaného XSS a lepší v detekci skrytých zajímavých souborů. Práce také originálně představuje nástroj pro sledování postranního kanálu s cílem detekce utíkajících informací.
Single-Page Application Generator for Improving Maintainabilty
Ďurčanský, Norbert ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Polčák, Libor (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with developing generator for single-page applications. Before developing the application it was necessary to identify problem areas that prevent the development and describe tools that make it easy to create, test, maintain, and deploy single-page applications. Based on the obtained information, the generator Create Sbspa is designed and implemented to efficiently create single-page applications and help to eliminate development problems. It generates configuration and code from semantic templates. The generator is available through a user interface that splits the templates into the groups by applicability. The generator was designed with the need for simplicity and clarity to enable efficient integration with new features. This work also includes design and implementation of the example app which shows features and benefits of the generator.
Automated Web Analysis and Archivation
Kocman, Tomáš ; Veselý, Vladimír (referee) ; Polčák, Libor (advisor)
This thesis is focused on cybercrime, acquisition of evidence and development of a platform for retrieval, analysis and archiving web site data. The goal is to satisfy the investigators and security experts of the Czech police. The aim is to provide an open source platform that will be freely disseminable and in compliance with the requirements of legal institutions. The output of the thesis is two platform versions - full-fledged, fulfilling all the requirements set out in the diploma thesis and a light version for the police investigators of the Czech Republic.
Tor Network Consensus Data Stored in OLAP Database
Chomo, Michal ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Polčák, Libor (advisor)
Tor is a distributed network providing privacy and anonymity on the Internet. Information about Tor is publicly available in a form of consensus documents. Existing tools that are able to display this information do not provide both historical and detailed view of it. A tool named Consensus Parser that provides a detailed, historical view of this information and extends it with geolocation and DNS information, was created as a part of TARZAN research project at Brno University of Technology. It stores the information in regular files on disk and makes it accessible via REST API. This thesis extends Consensus Parser with MariaDB ColumnStore database with a schema designed to conform to OLAP needs. The searching capabilities of Consensus Parser were enhanced by adding 109 new endpoints to 12 existing ones and adding the ability to limit the retrieved information to certain fields only. Disk space needed for storing the information was reduced by a factor of five.
Web Browser Automation
Bastl, Vojtěch ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
This work deals with the automation of a web browser - the tools that allow programmatic control of the program for browsing the web pages. First, it discusses the existing solutions with focus on the tools from the Selenium Suite family and PhantomJS. Further, the internal representation of the web pages in the Gecko and WebKit browser engines is discussed. The work then focuses on the web browser application interface available for client-side scripting. The relevant standards are discussed as well. The core part of the thesis is dedicated to the design and implementation of a tool that allows to control a browser using the Selenium WebDriver tool and to extract data about the targert web page. The work presents an internal architecture, configuration files and the application interface of the designed tool. The topic of extracting detailed data about the page and its transformation to a unified structured description is covered as well. Finally, the performed unit tests and tests on real web pages are described.
Modern Web Application Architectures
Malík, Pavol ; Polčák, Libor (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
This thesis informs reader about main ways of client-server application design and technologies for building an Application Programming Interface (API). It compares mainly modern approaches - REST and GraphQL, which became recently popular. The final product of thesis is a web application for self-improvement of employees in software company. Application provides features like self-improvement activities management or planning of meetings. Employees management, user registration and log in are obvious. Application uses GraphQL technology as an application interface, Java programming language together with Spring Boot for server implementation and Angular for client implementation. Spring Security framework is used for authentication and authorization, MySQL was chosen for database part.

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