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Tissue Characterisation In Spectral Ct Data
Poláková, Veronika
This article deals with tissue characterisation in virtual monoenergetic images (VMI). It presents that with growing energy of VMI the median of CT number increases or decreases with different steepness depending on a type of tissue. As a consequence, some VMI enable better soft tissue distinction and therefore their better classification. To determine which VMI are best suited, Cohen d was used. After that, Random Forest classification algorithm was applied to these images. If median of pixels is considered in addition to pixels themselves, the tissues can be clasiffied correctly.
Tissue characterisation in spectral CT data
Poláková, Veronika ; Jan, Jiří (referee) ; Jakubíček, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with tissue characterisation in virtual monoenergetic images (VMI). Firstly, literature survey presents spectral CT which allows reconstructing VMI. Secondly, statistical evaluation of tissue CT numbers was made for all energies of VMI which were reconstructed. It was found that with growing energy of VMI CT number increases or decreases with different steepness depending on a type of tissue. As a consequence, the suitable VMI offer better contrast resolution between selected pairs of tissues, which enables better tissue segmentation and classification in these images.
Psychosomatics in Connection with the Corresponding Biblical Stories
Poláková, Veronika ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
The work deals with psychosomatic in connection with the corresponding biblical stories and is divided into several parts. First, the reader is introduce to the general issue of psychosomatics from which is transition to the specific examples of psychosomatic diseases and along with a sample of places which deal with them. The work also continues to the spiritual dimension of a person, where is explain what it is and whether everybody has it. This chapter also includes the topic of spirituality and specifically Christian spirituality. Furthermore, there is an of three ways from a Christian point of view how to take care of own spiritual component, which includes the preoccupation with the Bible. Thus it is move towards a bridging subject between psychosomatics and biblical stories of healing, which is Hagiotherapy. In Hagiotherapy there is clarify the term, describe to how Hagiotherapy session look like, how people work with the Bible there and how the Bible can help a person as a whole. The penultimate circuit are illness and healing in the Bible, where I point to how the disease was understood in biblical times. However, there is refer to the last and crucial part which is an effort of the disassembly of selected biblical stories of healing and an offer how they can help contemporary people to have their...
Cribra orbitalia - prevalence and coincidence with another signs of diseases on skeleton. Medieval findings from the Czech Republic territory.
Poláková, Veronika ; Brůžek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Likovský, Jakub (advisor)
Cribra orbitalia represents one of the most frequent bone pathologies in skeletal remains of past populations. This lesion is characterised by porous, furrowed even trabecular disruption on the outer table of the compact bone on the orbital roof. Although the origin of cribra orbitalia is linked to marrow hyperplasia as a consequence of iron deficiency anemia, even other causes are not ruled out. Both occurences cribra orbitalia alone and coincidence with other signs of diseases have been recorded. Research of this study applies to cribra orbitalia as a long- term stress indicator on the skeleton and a symptom of specific diseases or anemic syndroms. Skeletal remains from Czech medieval sites with presence of cribra orbitalia as well as whole graveyard from Oškobrh were analysed. Macroscopical investigation did not demonstrate periodic coincidence of cribra orbitalia and specific bone signs of the diseases. However, the following bone changes have been observed: hyperostosis porotica, increased vascularization, supranasal porosity, inflammatory- hemorrhagic reaction on the endocranium which can in terms of differential diagnosis help to clarify the nature and/or cause of the origin of cribra orbitalia. Comparison of the population from Oškobrh with other medieval graveyards showed that frequency of...
Genetic profile of genes involved in cell cycle control and the risk of sporadic colorectal cancer in the Czech Republic
Poláková, Veronika ; Vodička, Pavel (advisor) ; Kozubík, Alois (referee) ; Vítek, Libor (referee) ; Försti, Asta (referee)
The Czech Republic has one of the highest incidence rates of colorectal cancer (CRC) worldwide. The vast majority of the CRC cases arises sporadically, with susceptibility determined by genetic factors in interaction with an environment. Cell cycle and DNA repair genes play a fundamental role in CRC development and presents many common variants. In the present study, we genotyped common variants in cell cycle and DNA repair genes to assess the influence of genetic variation on the CRC risk, in 614 hospital-based CRC cases and 614 matched controls.
Strategické marketingové plánování
Poláková, Veronika ; Vokáčová, Lucie (advisor)
Cílem diplomové práce je vytvořit návrh marketingového mixu pro nejvhodnější strategii vedoucí ke zvýšení počtu zákazníků společnosti MND neboli Moravské naftové doly. Společnost MND prodává a dodává zákazníkům plyn a elektrickou energii. Práce bude obsahovat dvě části. V první části bude obsažena literární rešerše, která bude popsána pomocí prostudování odborné literatury z oblasti marketingu. Praktická část bude zaměřena na společnost Moravské naftové doly, kde bude charakterizována a posuzována pomocí vědních metod například analýza sekundárních dat, dedukční metoda a také pomocí metody empirického poznání. Praktická část bude také obsahovat Porterův model pěti sil, STEP analýzu a SWOT analýzu, která hodnotí příležitosti a ohrožení. SWOT analýza bude vycházet z analýzy konkurenceschopnosti pro zjištění silných a slabých stránek společnosti.
Human resources in development and stabilization of rural area
POLÁKOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of this thesis is the specification and analysis of aspects of human resources and their culture, and the impact on quality of life and stabilization in selected municipality with the suggests possible improvement the current state. The theoretical part deals with rural development and population stabilization. In the practical part is the current state of the village Dunajovice in South Bohemia being analyzed. Data source is a questionnaire survey, consisting of two questionnaires and one test, also interview with the mayor of the municipality and my own observation of the current state. In the conclusion there are formulated recommendations for changes to improve the quality of life in this municipality.
Financing of Projects by the Help of EU Funds
Bureš, Ondřej ; Poláková, Veronika (referee) ; Boušková, Štěpánka (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with with the EU funds. The theoretical part describes the programs which enable to obtain the necessary finance to partial or full covering of cost of the project. Another part of the thesis describes significant facts for the receiver of dotation especially explaining the phase of cashing.The practical part mainly focuses on common mistakes and recommends ways of solving frequently made mistakes during running of the project.
Analysis of Waste Management chosen municipalities
POLÁKOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to evaluate a waste management and activities in the municipality Dunajovice and to suggest possible improvement and savings. The theoretical part summarizes the basic definitions of waste, briefly describes the situation of waste in the Czech Republic... In the practical part there is the waste situation in the municipality being analyzed. The primary source is a questionnaire survey, interview with the mayor and my own observation of waste management. In the conclusion there are formulated recommendations for improving the waste situation in the village.

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